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Submitted: April 20, 2007

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Submitted: April 20, 2007



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How strange it is to look into your own fears and consumptions through another pair of entrancing eyes.

I wonder which of us is ultimately the devil in disguise?

Maybe we were angels who had lost their wings

Never to know either of these things


I had lost my way as if I were blind

Thanks to you now I can once again see

You were ever so kind

Showing me that it is glorious just to be me


There is no blame here, only my own

So blame me not for your own demise

Embrace my memory for you had to be shown

Remember my eyes and be mesmerized


Your being is forever etched in my mind

Laughter so deep that it has strengthend my heart

I finally know where to seek what I needed to find

Deeply in pain because it will always keep us apart


Each day I miss the beam that shines through your eyes

Remember the girl who lives trapped inside me

She really exists and refuses to die

I believe we have finally together set ourself free


Achieve and become what you were born to be

If only you could see what I see



Farewell my new friend it was too short lived

Every day I will smile with just one thought of you

I hope you will think the same of me


A different kind of love


Dawn M Albin

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