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I am a survivor of years of physical and emotional violence

Submitted: January 16, 2007

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Submitted: January 16, 2007





All the years I have lost while you kept me imprisoned

Not just in my home but my mind and my soul

My heart you had shattered and left me with no vision

To serve you became my only role


Your disregard for my life

I had no reason to strive

So many beatings

I am amazed I am still alive


You once tried to leave me for dead

Does anything conscious exist in your head?

You left me to die on a cold basement floor

I could somehow hear your son say no more


Now you are the imprisoned, you think just for a while

No, your prison is for eternity

You are never once more to see my beautiful smile

I consign you to exile


My heart once again becoming whole

Just as my mind and my soul

I now have a purpose

I have found my forgotten role


Holding on to my anger waiting for revenge

Was consuming my life and the loved ones whom surround me

I have made my amends

Through accepting forgiveness I have set myself free


I am the controller of my new found destiny

Life is a gift I will savor in it till the end of my days

I am a complete person not just an entity

Life will open up for me now in infinite ways

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