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It's prose (poems without a rythemical way of words) written in chronological order forming a resemblence of a short story.It tells of my life and what I think of it to this day. After you read the name and what the person means to me (ex. Amy Patton Mother) they are the ones telling the story until the next charcter following the same pattern to the finish. I wrote it for school and I was asked to read it to the entire student body. It's one of my honors I tell to peers.

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



Amy Patton


I came from the trailors

and met a man named Cody.

He was 16 at the time,

and got me knocked up.

He freaked out.

We didn't know what to do.

I waited until I graduated

to get him back.

I kept him for four years,

but didn't know how to take

care of him.

So to this day,

I can't see


I made a mistake that I can't

take back.

Cody Newberry


I thought

I was having fun


I realized

that I got

a 13-year old pregnant.

I didn't beleive it

at first.


her appearance and body changed.

Nine months slowly passed,

and no word from Amy,

until my friend

told me

I had a son

three days ago.

Shawn Newberry


I heard about my brother

in jail.

I knew he was stupid enough.

By the time

his kid was due,

I'd still have

three years left.

They came to visit

with the kid.

His name was


I held him

and then realized,

that I have

a nephew.

Cheryl Newberry


I wanted to kick

Cody's butt.

He's done more

than we can handle.

I'm surprised

his addiction of drugs

and alcohol

hasn't killed him.

He started talking

to me

about this girl

and how she's known as the

"Town Whore".

I knew it when

he said that.

I said "I...


beleive you!"

Scott Newberry


"I hate you!"

I said to Cody.

I didn't mean it,

but I was angry.

Thank my father for

my anger issues.

I started to yell

and took him outside

to whoop him

with my belt.

I heard Amy yelling stop

from the garage.

I stopped

and walked inside

leaving Cody outside.

Becky Sawmiller

Family Friend A.K.A Aunt

Well my sister called


She was crying

and I couldn't understand

what she was saying,

She started

to calm down.

So I asked her

to say it again.

She sighed,

took a breath,

and said

"My son is having

a baby,"


was speechless.

Elizabeth Sawmiller

Family Friend A.K.A Cousin

I'm playing with

my lawnmower.

And mommy looked upset.

I frowned because of

the look on her face.

She hung up the phone

and came to me;

a tear rolled down

her face.

But she started

to smile.

She said "E.B.?

You're going to have

a girl for a cousin,"

She came to visit

but even at 2

I realized

she's a he

and his name is Jaden.

Reuben Patton


I met Amy

at WrightState University.

We started to talk

and she told me about

her 9-year old son.

I was shocked at

her age and his age.

But nobody is perfect.

I met Jaden

and we didn't get along.

We always butted heads,

even before I married

his mom.

I wanted him gone,

after four years passed.

And I got

what I wanted.

Rick Patton

Grandfather in Law

My son came home

one day,

talking about this girl.

He loved her

and we could tell.

But then he said

she has a son.

I thought about it,

and gave him permission

to marry her.

I met Jaden Newberry

and the first day

he was break dancing

in my basement.

After a while though

Reuben was talking crap

about him.

Next thing you know

He's gone.

Jaden Newberry


I have a history

of memories,

and mistakes.


and grief.

I try to take it,

but it's hard sometimes.

I think of



and people

who need help.

But sometimes,

I waste my breath.

I wish I could just

be alone for a year,

and do nothing but cry.

But then

I think,

not everyone is cruel.

© Copyright 2018 Jaden Newberry. All rights reserved.

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