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give me a title in the comments

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Genre: Travel



Status: Finished

Genre: Travel



two people get lost after there car crash finally find a rode and get knocked out and token to mexico can they get out with out the cops finding them
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two people get lost after there car crash finally find a rode and get knocked out and token to mexico can they get out with out the cops finding them

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two people get lost after there car crash finally find a rode and get knocked out and token to mexico can they get out with out the cops finding them

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Submitted: February 25, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2012



I can drive to school myself mom I say.

I know Jane but it is a new school and you have to drive up a mountain my mom says. My mom is so worried about me because I have to drive up a mountain to our new school. We just moved here and my mom thinks that I don’t drive nice enough.  I run outside before my mom can talk me out of it and drive to school. I drive to school with no more fuss until winter.  You should let me drive you my mom says.

No mom I can do it myself

Jane you better be careful then and watch out for black ice

Of course I will

Drive slowly watch out for black ice someone else went off the roads last weekend.

I go outside and hop in the car. I drive slowly up the mountain. I get half way up the mountain. When out of no where’s a car comes skidding down the cliff. It’s on my lane. I swerve and go off the cliff. The last thing I remember is seeing the other car skid off the cliff to. When I wake up I am in the middle of a forest I don’t know where my car went. I hear a groaning a little ways away. I try to get up but it hurts my head so I crawl to the groaning. When I get there I found out I have a broken leg and arm the hard way. When I get to the groaning I find out it is a teen like me. It is a man and he does not look that hurt. When I look more closely I see that he must have sprained his wrists. I wondered why he was skidding down the cliff in the first place. His car is a bit further away. The driver side of his car is on top of my passenger side. His car is crushing mine no wonder I broke my leg. I get close to him to keep him warm. I don’t want to fall asleep. What would he think of a girl covered in blood beside him when he woke up? But with my luck I fall asleep. When I wake up he is already up and pacing. I try to close my eyes before he sees me. I saw that he says

Maybe I didn’t want you to see it

So I did now answer my question

Why should I. you made us go of the cliff in the first place

Ok well let’s get this over with.

Um you mean climb that cliff I mumble. He looks up at the cliff as though he just saw it.

Um no I mean the questions.

Ok throw them at me.

Your name is?


Ok mine is Jake.


Next is did you take survival courses?

No did you?

No but my mom taught me a bit.

My turn to ask a question.

What is it?

Why were you speeding down a cliff on my lane?

Long story short. I glare at him and he looks back at me. It does not look like he tried to knock me off a cliff. He starts the story. Well I was driving home from my new college and I had not driven down a mountain before. So I was driving really slowly when a black car comes out of a turn and I have to speed to dodge it. Then I hit some black ice and go skidding off my side of the road. Of course when I see you coming I swerve and we both go of a cliff. Just as he finishes I feel a raindrop on my head. You cursed us I yell lying on the ground. We both start laughing but soon things get serious again. We need shelter he says.

Of course but don’t think I will be that big of a help with my leg.

Oh yeah well we still need shelter.

We can go find a cave or some wood to make shelter with.

Ok he says as he starts to walk towards me and help me up. I put my arm around his shoulder and we walk away. We could use the cars he says and he looks behind us.

No my car is crushed and your car is um shattered.

Good point. We walk away and he sets me down by a dead tree. Jane I am going to go and get some branches. I nod shivering. He comes back later and carries me to the end of the tree and he starts to make a shelter. He crawls in and falls asleep beside me. When I wake up Jake is gone. Where the heck is he I think. Probably got a helicopter to lift him away and leave me here. But I guess that would be alright I could die alone then. Just as I finish thinking of what I should do Jake walks in with a bloody fish in his hand. What the I say as he walks in.

I got some fish could you make the fire.

Of course I can after my arms heal 

Ha-ha very funny I will do it when my wrists heal.

Then I dare you to eat raw fish.

I shall defeat any dare he says. We both start laughing but suddenly he looks at the fish.

Oh just do it I say. He looks at me and rips open the fish and throws away the guts and bones. Then he takes a bite out of the fish. By the look on his face I can tell he is disgusted. I laugh as he swallows the fish. Your turn he says.

No you not make me I yell. I go as far back as I can.

Just eat it will help then we can wash up your arm and leg.

Ok I say and I grab the fish. By the look on his face when I bite it tells me he wants to laugh. It taste like dirty water mixed with blood and flies.  I swallow and start to laugh but the pain in my leg is unbearable. I try to walk with my arm around him but it still hurts. I lie back down. Leave me to die I say. I close my eyes.

No chance of that happing he says. He picks me up like a groom would a bride. He carries me to a little lake. I see a stick with a pointy rock on it. It is covered in blood he must have used it to catch the fish. Let me go I yell. Ok he says and holds me over the crystal clear water. No I scream. He laughs and goes down to the water’s edge. I hate you I say as he set’s me down. I am not taking my pants and shirt off with you here I say. You can’t get yourself clean without me. He rolls up my pants ouch I say. He pours cold water on my leg. He rolls up my shirt arm and puts water on it. I look around what a great place to build a cottage I say.

Yeah. He carries me back to camp. When he set’s me down he lies down and falls asleep. When I wake up he is still asleep. My leg feels better. I lie there until he wakes up. We should go and try to find help.


Let’s go I say and I wrap my arm around him. Of course he has to pick me up and carry me. We walk and walk till we get to a highway. He starts to spin me around as we laugh and cheer. Soon we get a truck to stop. He comes out with a baseball bat in his hand. He smells of whisky. He hits me and Jake in the head. The pain shots trough me as I pass out. He throws us in the back of the truck. When I wake up I am in a small cage. Jake I yell. Right here he mumbles. I look behind me. Jake is in a small cage beside me.

We got to get out I whisper. I am suddenly out of energy.

I know we got to get out so help me find away.

I look at the lock on the cage. Do you have a belt on I can use it.

Of course I do I all ways do it is in style. I can see him smiling. He takes off the belt and gives it to me.  I rip it up and take to metal buckle. I put it around the lock and turn it till I hear a click then the other way and then the other. I pull down and it unlocks. I limp out and unlock jakes and we crawl away. It’s dark but we are not in the forest. Why is it so sunny I say as we crawl a bit further?

Let’s see if we can find someone and ask.

Soon we come to a sidewalk. We walk down it until we find an old man sitting on a bench. Would you be kind enough to tell us where we are?

Mexico of course.

MEXICO we yell.

Well you are in Mexico but you are close to the border of the U.S.A. I can’t talk I am so stunned. I realize that we need passports we could be arrested. By the look on jakes face he knows that to. We better get going I say.

Yes we have a busy day. We walk away quickly.

We can’t be here or across the border I whisper harshly.

I know let’s go to that library and I will show you a thing that can help us. We walk to the library and I do my best to not look like I am hurt. We go into the library and get onto the computer. Jake types in helpmeoutoflife.  Jake I whisper I don’t want to die.

He lets out a quiet laugh it is not that it has a way to hide it from the cops.

Oh I say feeling kind of stupid. I look at the website it says call 675-491-1903 to talk about losing your life. Jake logs off and walks out. We walk to a pay phone and he fumbles for a quarter. He pulls out to and inserts them. It spits it back out. Well he keeps trying I grab a quarter from my pocket and walk up to a bench, there is a women and a man. I suspect the woman would be nicer so I go up to her. Hello there I say I have a Canadian quarter and I want a Mexican.

Oh let me see. I hand her over the quarter. It’s a deal she says and gives me a Mexican quarter. I walk back to Jake and tap him on the shoulder. What is it he mumbles probably mad at the quarter mess up? Here I say and hand him my Mexican quarter try this.

It will not work we need a Mexican.

It is a Mexican

Oh he says as he puts it in the slot where did you get it.

I traded it for a Canadian one. He dials the number and waits.



Hi I am Joe and my friend lily would like a first class trip.

What would your luggage be?

 One pair of shoes and one bow tie.

Thank you where should I pick up your luggage.

Southern town library please

I will be there in half an hour

I need a spot to get more pets where can I do that

Beside the library nock three times they will say password you will answer we need some plum rum.

Ok good bye

Bye you got 30 minutes.

He hangs up and I just stare at him confused. How do you know all that I say?

My dad started the company.

Oh my name is not lily and you are not Joe.

Those are names for girl boy.

We don’t have any luggage

Just another way to say girl and boy.

And I can’t afford a pet. He laughs at that one.

A pet is some new clothes now follow me. I follow him to a house beside the library. He knocks three times. Password says a voice inside the house. We need plum rum Jake answers.

Come in. me and Jake walk into the house.

How long do you have she asks.

30 minutes.

Ok well here is a hundred dollar bill for both of you.

I can’t take that I say.

Of course you can she says you need it to fit in.

Thanks I say as I take the money. Jake grabs the other hundred dollar bill.

Boy you should wear shorts and a t shirt don’t try to look like a gang member.

What about me I ask

Wear a long skirt and a nice shirt.

Is that all

No you to must act as a couple because there is a boy and girl who are not a couple

So I blurt out sorry

Well they have caused a lot of trouble and they are also from Canada so you must act as a couple.

Ok we will I say like a kid when the parents made them share their candy.  Me and Jake walk out don’t think I like this I hiss. He lets out a little chuckle as we walk to a clothing store. Ooow I say and I run to the skirt section. Jake laughs again he is always laughing but his laugh is nice. I see this really pretty dress it is black with white swirls and pale pink flowers. I grab that 60 buck 40 left. I see a pair of high heel sandals that are black so I grab them. 20 dollars left I will use that later. Suddenly I realize that I won’t be comfy in this if I am traveling. I look at Jake he has a tux. I think maybe we can pretend it is our first year together. He walks over. My tux will be comfy to travel in but your dress won’t take me money.

Wow everybody wants to gives me money I chuckle as I take the money.

I buy a pair of tight jogging pants and a short sleeve shirt.  I spent 140 dollars on clothes and I still have ten dollars left. Let’s change I say as we pay.

Ok. We walk back to the lady’s house and quickly change. Wow you look great Jake says.

Thanks you to. Now let’s go. We walk to the library and have a seat on the steps. I will be right back I say and run off. I go to a grocery store and buy some biscuits and some water. When I get back out Jake is talking to a man in a car. I walk over to him. The car drives into a small dark ally and Jake walks up to me. Lily we are going to get in the back of his car and he is going to drive us over the border.

In the back

Yes now hurry up and call me Joe

Ok Joe. Me and Jake go into the ally and the man opens the trunk. It is not too roomy but it has a light and some books. Suddenly me leg starts to hurt again and I remember that I broke it. Joe I say my leg hurts again I did not think of it till now.

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