the ship that set off to sink

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when 22 year old octavie murphy sets off on the titanic with her brother john, she shortly realizes her life is at risk.

Submitted: March 28, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



“The Ship That Set Off To Sink”

I was surrounded by bodies, all beneath the darkness of the waves. The screams still echoed in my ears, never letting me forget those who were lost. Those who I lost. I will never forget, I will never be able to forget. It all started when I stumbled out of the door with my suitcases in hand. The lights of the Titanic blazed through the glass windows, illuminating the areas within. The sight of the ship made me smile ear to ear.

“Come on John!” I said while tugging my brothers arm.

“Octavie, slow down!” he told me as I almost slipped right off the dock. We shared a laugh and continued forwards. I watched as others boarded, eager to set sail. I saw the icy blue waves crashing against the giant boat below me. I waved goodbye to Ireland, as I set off for a new life.

After I said my goodbyes to home,  I began to head to the stairs to get to my room. My room was just beneath the sun deck, with John’s right next to mine. My room had a bed, a vanity, a small closet and a few other decorations. I can’t believe that I’m on The Titanic! My mind screamed. I set down my heavy bags and took it all in. The small lamp on my nightstand was turned on with a little note resting beneath it. The paper read,


Hello Octavie Murphy, welcome to the Titanic! We are happy to have you as one of our many guests! We have given you a map of our many wonderful features, so you can explore everything while you’re here on the Titanic! We hope you enjoy your ride on the Titanic, the ship that’s unsinkable.  

Captain Edward J. Smith


I lifted the small, scribbled map, the black ink seeping through the paper. I rolled it up and set it back down. I smiled and jumped onto my bed, feeling the soft fluff of feathers beneath me. I was parched, and actually quite hungry as well. I got back up again, reached for my small silver room key, and headed out of the door to John’s room.

I knocked on the white wooden door right before John’s head peaked out from behind it, and as if he knew I was coming, he said, “It’s brilliant isn’t it Octavie? We haven’t even seen half of it!” he said excitedly. “Have you seen the map, John?” I asked him. He nodded and I said, “John, we don’t have enough time to see it all! The ship’s huge!” While gesturing to the small paper. He laughed and answered with, “Octavie, we have plenty of time.” I shook my head, “I want to start now John. This ship is better than going to school itself! We just have to see all of it!” He laughed, but didn’t reply. “Plus, I’m hungry!” I added. He finally broke and agreed to come with.

For this reason, I went back to my room and slipped my long coat over my shoulders, it was so long, that it almost reached the bottom of my dress. I fixed my long brown hair so it didn’t cover my face, and then put on my new navy blue hat - which matched perfectly with my blue and white dress and white coat -  that my father gave me as a goodbye present. When I walked out of my room, John was all ready to go. He took me by the arm and we headed to the dining hall. It was larger than I expected, the tables were long and deep brown, with matching chairs. The room was overflowing with people! Dancing and laughing, eating and talking, and just enjoying each other. There were people in gowns and suits, and maids laughed as if they were with their family and not at work. I laughed and twirled along with the music. When I came back around to John, I said, “Mother would have loved this.” His face then twisted into a sad and sour look, and I could tell he was thinking about our mother, she died when I was just 13, and John was 16. “Yes, she would’ve indeed.” he responded, staring through my green eyes.

I was seated at one of the tables with my brother, eating off of china plates. I was still breathless at the sight of the ship. Every room that we walked into had my mind spiralling into billions of directions. After the rest of the day, I slept. The next morning my head was throbbing and I still felt tired, so I slept once again.

When I awoke, someone was knocking at my door. I opened and there stood John. He told me good morning and I told him that I was going to go swim, but he was going to unpack his things, so I headed off alone. The pool wasn’t too hard to find, and when I got there, a few families were splashing around in the water. I looked down at the glistening waves, lapping over one another. I was suddenly very excited to get in the water, but I didn’t know how much I would regret it. I set my towel down over by a corner of the room, so no one would mistake it as theirs. I stepped into the water. It felt cool against my bare feet. I started floating and splashing around and laughing with the others families. That’s when things became strange. The water was all going to one end of the pool, and it felt as if I was tilting back. I got out of the water and headed to my towel. I wrapped up in it and waved goodbye to the other people in the pool.

I started going back to my room, and my heart was pounding in my chest. I had an uneasy feeling about something, so I decided to go find Joh. I changed into my evening dress. It was black and had a little bit of red on it aswell. I sat down on my bed, and then water started coming out of my sink, not only the faucet, but also the drain. I stood up, alarmed, and headed to John’s room. I knocked on the door, but no one answered. Oh John, where could you be? I thought to myself. I decided against my gut, and started heading down towards the bottom of the ship. I never took a careful look at the map, so I had no clue where most of the things were.

After going down a few levels of stairs, there was water flooding the corridors. The ice cold liquid was rising, and I couldn’t feel my knees down. It was extremely difficult to maneuver myself through the water, but I was so close that I pushed through it. “John! John!” I yelled down to a room that read Boiler Room 5.  There was water flooding the whole room and men were shouting orders and pushing buttons. I panicked. I felt so bad to leave them there, so I told myself I’d come back for them.

I went up a set of stairs over to boiler room 6. There was a few men in there and the water was above their waists, but not quite reaching their shoulders. I repeated myself, but still, no one answered. I looked around, searching the room through squinted eyes. Then I saw him. He was standing next to two of the men, asking what was going on. “John!” I screamed to him. He looked up to me and I hustled down the stairs. I ran up to him and hugged him. “Octavie, you need to get out of here, immediately.” he shouted over the other voices. “John, I won’t leave you down here!” I demanded. He looked torn. I knew that he wanted to come with me desperately, but he knew he wouldn’t be able too. “John, please please come with me. I won’t let you stay down here.” I added. He looked up at a thick metal like door that was slowly coming down. It was nearing the floor and John pushed me out of the way. I stumbled back in the water as John was pulled under the metal.

“JOHN!” I screamed.

Hot tears blistered my eyes. I rushed through the water over to him. The top of his legs were stuck under the door. He struggled to get air, as for the water was exceedingly high. He took my hand in his.

“John, no, please no.” I whispered.

“I love you Octavie. Never forget that, never forget me.” he said with pain in his voice. “

I can’t leave you here, I can’t John. You’re all I have.” I trembled. I bent down and hugged him. I squeezed him as hard as I could. I let go and grabbed onto his arms. My whole body was shaking and my heart was beating out of my chest.

“Octavie, get somewhere safe. Please.” he said to me again. The water got to the point where it was over his head, and he could no longer breath.

I held his head in my arms and said, “You’re going to be ok, John. You’ll finally be with her, you’ll finally be with mom.” He stopped moving and his eyes stared through the water, seeing nothing. I reached down and shut them, knowing that this would be the last time I’d ever see his bright blue eyes.

“I’m so sorry John, I’m so sorry.” I weeped as I choked on tears. The water was now up to my head, and I needed to leave. I took his watch off of his arm and clasped it onto mine.

“Goodbye John.” I said quietly. I struggled through the water to the stairs. I ran up them, my body numb. I thought about going back to the other boiler room, but doubt and danger filled my head.

I struggled up the corridors, as for they were overflowing with third-class passengers. I pushed my way through them up to the deck. Tears were still streaming down my face. A worker grabbed me by the arm and said, “Madam, you need to get in a boat, now.” I shook my head but let him take me there. John’s words kept ringing through my head. Get somewhere safe. But then I realized that I’ll never be safe. He was my safe. I looked around and saw people yelling at workers, women and their children being ushered around, people jumping off of the ship, and a worker putting me in a boat. I turned around to take a last look at the ship before I slipped over the edge. I inhaled a sharp breath as the waves took me under.

I opened my eyes in the water, and moved my stiff muscles upwards. I gasped as my head pushed through the crisp waves. A few strokes away was a lifeboat. I urged my chilled bones towards it. I reached the boat, extremely weak, and people pulled me up. I thanked them and closed my eyes. Everything ran throughout my head. John’s death, the screams, the water, the dancing, everything. I barely had enough strength left in me to stand, but I did. I looked at the sinking ship. People wailing on and off of the large vessel. I released a yell along with the others. I collapsed onto the cold, hard bottom of the boat, tears stinging my face. My eyes stayed open long enough to watch the rest of the ship go under. Then, there was silence, dead, pure, silence. My head spun and I blacked out.

I awoke in a ship, but not the Titanic or the life boat. A small sign read R.M.S. Carpathia. A woman I recognized from on the lifeboat said, “We’ll be to New York soon.” I nodded and thought, Did you hear that John? We’ll be there soon.

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