The Man in the Gray Sweater

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This is a short story I wrote a few months back. It creeps myself out from time to time. This story is my own idea and is NOT a copy off of Stephen king's The Man in the Black Suit. One will find the context similar but I will have you know I did not hear of King's story until well after this was written.

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013



It was a cold day. Freezing cold actually. It was mid December and all the upcoming grads of Plainview High School were out drinking, smoking pot, having a good time. They were outside in a place they liked to call “The Dugout”. Every high school had a place like this. A place where young adults could be young adults and not have to worry about getting caught doing things they shouldn’t.

When Bobby Williams entered the outdoor party, all the girls turned their heads and all wished they were with him. For some reason they didn’t have a fuck to give about the guy they were there with. Bobby was the captain of the hockey team and if that wasn’t enough, the captain of the football team too. He screwed more girls in the school than all the other guys put together and he was single. At least that’s what he called it. For Bobby, getting girls was easy. He just had to smile and if that didn’t work he just took out his dick. He wasn’t afraid of anything because he had nothing to lose. Of course, though, the guys hated him with a burning passion. What guy wouldn’t? But they all pretended they did to be his friend. Yes, Bobby loved his life. Popularity was key in high school. 

Bobby took Catie Ashby to the party, the female version of him. Captain of the cheerleading team, screwed all the guys, just your everyday whore who pretended she was sweet around adults. As soon as they walked in the flat circle in the woods where trees and bushes used to be but were dug out, hence the name, they took out their alcohol. For Bobby, a case of twelve beer and half a point of vodka, for Catie, a pack of high percentage alcohol coolers. They were planning on having a good time. They started to drink and take some puffs from the joints being passed around. They hadn’t a care in the world.

The smell of weed and cigarette smoke filled the entire forest. If there was a cop in the area, he or she wouldn’t dare go to the party because there would be way too many people to have to bust. The Plainview police were horrible. They were the equivalent of a bunch of monkeys trying to solve a crime. Although monkeys are smart animals, they would make a pretty fucked up cop. Anyway, every time the cops took weed from somebody in Plainview, they just smoked it later. Hell, it was cheaper that way.

After a little bit, when Bobby and Catie were buzzed and baked, they decided that going in the woods to have a quick fuck was a fantastic idea. So they did. Bobby didn’t wear a condom, “condoms are pussy as shit”, he would say and Catie wasn’t on birth control, “bc pills are fuckin’ lame as shit”, she would say. They just enjoyed it without any worry. But when you were drunk, you had to be extra careful. The last thing these two needed were kids. A quick fuck ended up taking a good hour. Foreplay, intercourse and the release were all included. “Thanks bitch”, said Bobby. “No problem”, Catie answered.

As the two headed back to the party, they could see something in the woods. A person. But they didn’t seem to care. When you’re high, who would? Plus, there were people going to and from the party all night. But alone in the woods without anybody? “There’s a brave ass”, said Catie.

When they re-entered “The Dugout”, everybody was laughing, drinking, smoking, having as much fun as ever. Just finishing up a point of vodka, Jillian Sanders walked up to Bobby and Catie. “For two whores, you guys sure are sticking together”, she said. “But I came over ‘cus I wanted to ask you who that strange fucker is over there”, she added. When they looked over it was the person from the woods. He was wearing a gray sweater with the hood up. “Probably just some guy who wishes he had a party to go to”, said Catie. Another half hour passed and Bobby and Catie were grinding each other. They always got sexual when they drank, even after having sex. Catie decided to turn around for a second to take a puff of a freshly lit joint, and when she turned back Bobby was gone. She walked around for a bit trying to find him but just figured he was gone hooking up with someone else, so she did the same.

Danny James was her new man, also good looking and also a hockey and football player. The two picked up where Catie and Bobby left off. Suddenly, a shocked look came upon Danny’s face. Catie was extremely dizzy and didn’t bother asking what the look was for but when she reached down to touch his package, she felt something wet. “Oh my God, did you fucking piss yourself”, she yelled. But when Catie took her hands up, they were covered in blood. Just as she realized what it was, Danny collapsed and she started to scream as loud as she could. Just after she did, there was another scream. Another girl was bleeding too and collapsed. They were stabbed by something, a knife? No, the cuts were too jagged to be a knife. They realized this when a crowd formed around the bodies and examined them. They also noticed scratches on their backs. But how could this have happened while they were together. Somebody did this while these two people were with someone, but how?

The crowd was shocked, people crying, people so high they were laughing, but, for the most part, shocked. As everyone kept looking at the bodies and trying to find service on their cell phones to call the cops, there was another scream. It was Jillian. Catie and Jillian were actually best friends and Catie couldn’t run to her fast enough. “What’s the matter Jill”, Catie said. But when Catie looked in the direction Jill was looking, she froze. She realized what she was screaming at. There, in front of the two girls, in the path to get to and from “The Dugout” was the man in the gray sweater, dragging a body bag on the ground. They looked down and were astounded to find hooves as the man’s feet. Their eyes moved up to find long, scraggy fingernails with extremely sharp ends and then up one more time to see the man pull off his hood, revealing horns. In a flash, the man was gone, without a trace. The two girls looked at each other and were absolutely speechless.

To this day, twenty years later, Catie and Jillian swear that what they saw was real. It was. They’ve taken psychiatry programs together and have tried to cope with insomnia and the horror they experienced on that cold December night. They will never be the same again. And maybe it was better not to be popular. It looked good for Bobby but he was never seen again. The strange man certainly changed their lives forever. They swear it was the Devil himself. A forerunner sent from the depths of Hell. The two girls agreed that they would never go close to those woods again. But they would never in their life forget about the man in the gray sweater.

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