The Shadows

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Submitted: February 25, 2018

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Submitted: February 25, 2018



The Shadows


  I've got to go!

  The toilet bricks reeks of shit and piss, and fetid body odour.

Scatological post modernist verse is published in faeces, 

across the dark brown, and dirty yellow walls. I can barely

read it as the dim light flickers.

  My bladder is busting!

  A full set of dentures float on bloody stools in a toilet

bowl. Someone's sprinkled glitter onto them. The teeth begin

to eat the faeces, competing with the cockroaches.

  Shadows copulate with gay abandon, as blowflys buzz

around them. A substance has been smeared on their lips

which I swear isn't chocolate. They suck and kiss, and spit 

large globs of green phlegm, onto the urine soaked floor.

  I can't go with them watching me!

  Another shadow sits alone on a toilet, condemned to

constipation. He looks like the painting of the screaming pope.

  The shadows like latex robots grope and mount eachother,

as bloated spiders spin rainbow cowls around their faces.

  My bladder's full, I've gotta go!

- Would you like some sandwiches, you must be hungry?

  The nurse asks as I surface from the anaesthetic.

- Not really.

- Well your surgeon Dr. Bacon will be in to see you shortly,

to discuss your colonoscopy.

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