Squirrel Monkey

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The forests of Australia and New Zealand with tall broad trees and rushing waters is home for the squirrel monkey, the Platypus and the Wombat, all are creatures living in the intertwined plants of the forest.

The squirrel monkey and its marsupial friends are children's favorites - the tale relates particulars of the squirrel monkey, the platypus and others as they burrow, through the decayed and stagnant forest to forage and the beauty of our eco-system.

Submitted: November 25, 2012

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Submitted: November 25, 2012




The squirrel monkey and the sloth share a vine of ants in the forest trees.

Slowly and sloth like the squirrel monkey peered flying tree snake in the forest trees.

The flying tree snake jumped through the air in search of a fig growing in the forest trees.

The humming bird tottered and fluttered to savor the sweet nectar of a flowering branch.

A platypus and the stinking rotting periwinkle flowers shared a hollow log, a meeting of a chance the forest trees.

The ants staggered and flattered in a line of sticky gum and the squirrel monkey followed happily in the forest trees.

Figs and citrus abundantly growing for flying tree snakes to eat and seed in the forest trees.

Nectar of the forest rubber and flagrant greenery and grass, the banana trees grow among other forest trees.

The Rosie flower fragrant with herbs, Rosie flowers cultivate in the forest trees.

Sticky gum trees with ant marching and moving in the shade of the evening moonlight in the forest trees.

Still trees and tree snakes in flight, flying through the dense air moist with the tropical rain between the forest trees.

Slow air hovers at the edge of a field of tall forest trees.

Sugarcoated woodlands with heedful citizens animated with the delightful of the fruits of the forest trees.

Platypus, cheek pouches containing trapped edible creatures of the shallow ponds between he forest trees.

An army of insects advancing through basket ferns and giant giant strangler fig trees existing, with purpose amidst the forest trees.

No longer slowly peering, the squirrel monkey hovering in the air, still,  selectively screens a colony of kiwi in the forest trees.

Moist air and wet palms with landed bird humming and transporting what is pleasant in the forest of trees.

Colony of plants and animals existing under a rule of collective action in the forest of trees.

Periwinkle flower and  associated alliance in forage and decomposition.

Vines of trees reaching into plant matter for life in the forest of trees.

Rays of sun suspended in the obscured breath of tropical hard woods amidst the forest of trees.

Seeds and nectar settled in youth for ripening within the forest of trees.

The hiss and and bazoo of aviators and the call for each to cultivate the infestation of the forest trees.

Empty burrows a system of intermission on the course of a performance in the forest of trees.

Marching army of insects on trees and vines existing, reaching and advancing in a universe and at its center is the forest of trees.

Rays interrupt the darkness of the forest trees.

Ripening wet prairies that flourish with water and decaying in the forest trees.

Each plant and animal living and deceased with rebirth and a need to taunt its center in the forest.

Each associated with a range and a half life sensitive to the vibrations of the center of the forest of trees.

Skies bright with heavy and silent while ants end the trail of the day with preparation for a forest of trees.

Wobbling and stumbling sunlight without hesitation resumes the sleeping blossoms amidst the forest trees.

Plentiful rain and growing forest seeds with fig and citrus saplings bend and lean in the forest of trees.

Each actor will navigate the isle of the theater and pilot in the forest of trees.

Silent earth hushed with vocalizations aware and growl the platypus longing for the corpse of a flower in the forest of trees.















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