Diary of Femo Sledge(episode2)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story of a hustler trying to survive on the streets of Lagos. Survival to Femo Sledge is the hard way.

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017





That day, Shakur Snort and myself were just having a filled day jonzing at the “Zanga”. We were so high in spirit and I was inwardly imagining how I will fuck Basira, Iya Ruka’s plumy last child who often slipped into my house whenever she was coming home from school. Iya Ruka sells “paraga” at our car park and she was popularly known as a tough woman who did everything to shield her daughters from my guys and I. she always wore a cold look on her face anytime one of us made advances at her daughters. Her eldest, Ruka was very loquacious but ugly, so, she was a no go area for some of us who were fine boys. Basira was reserved and quiet, so it was difficult to approach her because of her secretive nature. I was enjoying my Baby Oku that early morning at her mother’s joint and there was nobody around yet when she approached me with a smile.

“Bro Femo Sledge, I hear say u go school,” she quipped

“Hen now” I answered wondering what she was driving at. I could not bring myself to tell her that I didn’t graduate with a good grade. Anyway, school na school! I hummed inwardly.

“So, how you come dey work for garage here,” she probed further.

“Why can’t you work for beta office?” she continued as if she was conducting an interview.

“Well, na naija joo, person wey get first class never get job, not to talk of us, anyway, wetin we dey make for street pass wetin people wey go school sef go collect after working for salary per month” I answered. The conversation continued and one thing led to another. We started smashing each other. Basira, was very secretive about it so no one knew we were lovers. Sometimes, she would lie to her mother that she had something to do in school and would simply be at my house from 3pm when school closed to about 6pm. We spent those hours fucking one another. Basira’s sexual prowess was commendable. I could not believe that a little girl of eighteen could fuck so well. Anyway, we kept doing it for months and luck never ran out on us. My friends really interacted at the garage so no one suspected us.

“Sledge, u neva hear say Olotu pikin die?” Fresh, a bus conductor and one of our newest intake at the Zanga hinted me that day. I was dumbfounded. Olotu was one of the responsible drivers I know at our park. Like other drivers, he wa also reckless but he always had time for his family. He was not like other drivers, especially those whose buses go on tour who usually have so many wives at different rates. Some of them argued that it gave them the opportunity of a place to sleep whenever they were on tour. Most of them end up having so many children and catering for none but Olotu was different, he had only one wife and all his children, the four of them attended the best schools. His first son works with the Federal Road Safety Corps, so, this gave him an edge over other drivers. He often boasted in their midst that he was reaping the fruit of his labour by not womanizing or carousing with all his money but investing it on his children.

Fresh’s news came as a shock to me. “Which of them?” I inquired further as if I had special interest in all of them.

“Na dat Road Safety guy, Segun, dem say na one reckless driver hit am as dem try stop the guy for overspeeding. E just put leg on the turtle and zoomed off”. Fresh concluded.

Inwardly, I felt sorry for Olotu. “Such a young chap! Wasted in the prime of his life” I thought within myself and as I was about sympathizing further, Shakur whispered something into my ears.

“Why you dey pity am? No be driver like im kill im pikin? you remember say last year, im knock down one LASTMA officer for Ketu? abi, dat person no be person pikin? you don forget say na Chairman help am kill that case with the police? What goes around comes around nah!

That was when the reality dawned on me. Olotu had been repaid in his own coin almost a year after that unfortunate incident. I remembered how he told Chairman that he would compensate the boy’s family but never did. Now, Karma had caught up with him. The unfortunate thing about the incident was that Segun was a good boy who respected everyone and would always bought me beer whenever he showed up at our park. Anyway, he is gone now and there is nothing anyone can do about it and Olotu, like every other reckless driver, who always boast about not stopping for Road Safety personnel’s anytime they wanted to stop them on road can now learn their lesson. I remembered Olotu boasting to Chairman once, “I no dey wait for VIO or Road Safety o! if dem stop me, I just dey put my leg on the accelerator ni o.” he often said. I don’t really know why our drivers run from these people but the truth is that, most of them don’t have complete particulars so if you expect them to stop, you are obviously deceiving yourself.

“It is unfortunate that Segun is gone” I said and stood up from where I was jonzing to leave. I had other things on my mind joo. Basira will be waiting for me at my house.


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