Best Friend.. Please Listen.

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this poem is dedicated to my best friend who recently fell victom to the war against war and currently is loosing. i hope one day i will be able to say this to his face but until then.. this is for you to read.

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



Please see me when I speak.

I have a secret I can no longer keep.

My heart can barely beat.

I have no tears left to weep.

My hands are starting to shake.

My hearts starting to break.

I'm too scared to keep it together.

And I'm not sure whether,

If I'll ever recover,

Because once again I've seen another.

Travel down that lane.

Thinking they have nothing to loose, nothing to gain.

But one day he'll have a daughter who will be left to pray,

She won't run into a guy like her dad one day.

Who choices drugs over friends.

And takes there life one step closer to the end.

Who doesn't realize in front of him are people who actually care.

That he's not making it fair,

To the friend he has that cries each night.

Praying that tomorrow they won't fight.

Because she's worried that he's at the end.

He's only hurting his friend.

My greatest fear is for his daughter to have to live her life without a dad.

I want to save him from giving his daughter the broken family I had.

But I'm afraid I have nothing left to give,

And on stolen time is how he lives.


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