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This a letter to my dad... sitting waiting under my bed. Just waiting to be sent. I hope some day he reads this...

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011





Dear Dad,


Did it hurt?

Having to leave me fragile and new.

Walking away from my life.

Taking away my chance of ever getting to know you.


Did you even kiss me goodbye?
Or did you run, trying to get as far away as possible.

I bet mom cried and begged you to stay.

But you had better things to do, right?

Like go and fuck the girl you just met.

Or light a blunt.

Gamble, place a few bets.

Or drink until you could forget.

Lucky you.

You're able to forget ever having me.

But I can't forget.

Trust me I've tried.


Trying to forget that I'm half you.

The fucked up part of me.

Yeah, that's the part I'll let you claim.

But the good part of me.

I won't ever let you touch.

Won't let your soiled hands ever get near me,

Because you walked away when I was young.

Now please just stay away from me.


I fucking hate you..

I get I never really met you.

But that's even more of a reason to hate you.

You made me feel not good enough.


Like I wasn't enough for you to stay.

I sit up at night wondering why you never wanted me.

I still feel unwanted.

Dad, I won't let you make me feel this way for any longer.


Your dead to me...


Now I'm just waiting for you to be dead to everyone else.


Without Love,

Your Teenage Daughter.

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