i love you with the eyes of an angel

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Submitted: August 16, 2009

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Submitted: August 16, 2009



god sends angels down to earth but he never promised that they'd stick around forever.
i didnt realize this until today. i went to speak with the boss of this big company in hopes of
finding a higher paying job. turns out the boss was my high school sweet heart alivia. back in jr high i used to call her ally. she was my ace
and by the 10th grade she had become my everything, infact she was everthing i had ever wanted. the only person that gave me hope, the only person outside my imidiate family that would come runnin
at three in the morning no matter what the situation was and she was definatly the only person i could put my trust in.
i always said it would hurt me not to have her in my life. and the only thing that would hurt me more is if i knew she was around but couldnt contact her. anmd now i find my self standing on the 11th
floor of a well known company looking dead into her eyes.
im twenty eight years old and i havent seen her since graduation. damn its been some years. she's so beautiful, grew up to be so educated and independent.
im glad to see that she's done such great things with her life.
she has two kids now. her daughter is just liker her and her son is becoming a big boy now. he
reminds me alot of myself back when i was young. i cant believe shes engaged. when  she told me that.
my heart dropped. i thought i was dying with my eyes open. so i jus smiled and said congrats!
she knew i didnt mean it. i could feel her hand grasping mine then she looked at me and said
"you were the right one, but the wrong path. i needed a better life so i went for it, i still think of you everyday though.
and i dont know what id do if something was to ever happen to you. life jus wouldnt go on!"
after that she kissed me for the last time, it felt just like the old days. it brought em back to life but kept me wondering
is this the last time?. so she invited me to her wedding but i told her no and lied like i had something to do,
when truth is i just couldnt face her marrying another man yet along see me cry. i was always her thug
and thugs dont cry! not knowing that ,that would be the one thing id end up regreting because two weeks befor he wedding
i got nto a really bad car accedent and they didnt know if i would make it. i died in acoma
the day of her wedding. she got the news and died at the alter. but what they had forgot to mintion was that
thirty minutes later the doctors had revived me. now seven years have passed and i have a family of my own now.
a wife and a daugter. my doughters name is Alivia. i named her after ally because i felt like it was my fault that she wasnt around anymore.
she remides me so much of her too.
her personality. the way she acts, her scence of humor, the way she dresses, and her smile.
every time she smiles i see allys face. then id go lock up in a room and cry. i cant hepl but notice she left behind a wonderful
family and so many loved ones. and if i could rewind the hands of time back to that day in the hospital. id wait 30 more minutes
so that that message wouldnt get to her. then i just gop ahead and give my life and she would say i do. her husband would be happy, her kids would have a mother,
and id be watching her from the heavens above instead of her watchin g me, after all, i had nothing to loose at the time,
and she gave her all and closed her eyes for the last time because of me. god rest her soul.

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