what do i do now!

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Submitted: August 12, 2009

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Submitted: August 12, 2009



So what is it huh? i only see a glimps of the sun! does it not shine anymore because it seems to always be raining on my parade! or do i sleep to much to where i never get to experence it because everythings always dark in my eyes! or maybe its my smile..maybe i went blind sumwhere along the way because it was to bright. but then again that same smile does hides all the pain iv taken in within the last 16 yrs. or maybe im just trippin...you know it cant rain forever.. maybe this will all just pass me by. maybe im jus livin in the moment and or one day ill wake up and find its all a dream. Dang who am i kidding the last time i woke up my presednt was black. but biggie said it was all a dream but aint nobody dreamin cuz tupac said keep ya head up and things would get easier but it only got harder till obama came up with the theory that change is good but nothings changing. then T.I tried to tell a youngin live ya life but moma said you cant live ya life till ya 18 and as long as you in her house you live by her rules. but from what i experienced she aint got no rules because the only thing she never lets us do is go in the refrigerater but then the white guy on tv said feed the children. but who doin that. nobody but the old lady down the street and i dnt know who she is so i guess this is the life and hannah montanna said hold on tight and i could have the best of both worlds. i wanted to ask her what world cuz not everybody could afford to go to disney world if thats what she ment by that. so i jus kept it to myself. but im tired of keepin things to myself. so sum black nigga from back in the day told everybody to stand and fight for your rights..which didnt work. cuz every i stand and fight i get either suspened, or in sum kind trouble behind what a notha nigga said. and ya know he dead and gone now so the blame on duck that did it. thats why rosa was smart and sat down for hers. but i been sittin on my behind for a while now and this computer screen startin to get on my nerve. so ill holla

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