Nature's Lullaby

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A young girl, so caught up in the endless dramas of her life, takes time to reflect on her life, and finds it comforting her in ways unexpected.

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011



She climbed over the chain-link fence and dashed across the empty yard, careful to avoid the alarm system. The last thing she needed was another encounter with her stupid neighbor. She managed to get to the other side safely and ducked through the hole in the tall wooden fence. She would have loved to jump it instead, but after the neighbors had replaced it, she couldn't find any decent footholds and so she stuck to the easy way, going through the hole in the boards she had accidentally made last summer. It was amazing the lady hadn't found it, but then again, she wasn't exactly the most observant.

Once she was through the fence it was nothing but open road for the next five minutes or so. She slowed down from to a walk, knowing there would be no one around to see her. That was her time, and she'd been going there long enough to know when it was safe to go, and that happened to be one of those times. She smiled as she walked along the dirt road, being extra careful as to not trip and fall into the ditch again. The last time she let her foot slip, she was picking thorns out of her skin for days.

As she walked, she thought. She seemed to do an awful lot of that. Whenever she was presented with time alone, she would find her mind wandering, sometimes against her will. She managed to stay focused on school work most of the time, but sometimes her thoughts took over and pulled her into a different world, where no one was there to bother her. Except for herself. She bothered herself a lot more frequently.

She stopped thinking as much when she noticed she had come to the end of the road, and her feet were now on a stone bridge. She smiled slightly and without hesitating, jumped over the side and landed with a soft thud on the rocky ground below. She hadn't gotten her feet wet that time, which was good, because she was in her sisters runners, and she would be dead when she got home if they were soaked like last time. She sat down on the rocks and stretched her legs out in front of her, and then she lay back, resting her head on a small patch of grass. The hill sloped up behind her slightly, where it would meet with the road she had been walking on before. This was her place. Lying under the bridge near the small stream, but not so much that her view of the stars was blocked. She loved the stars. So far away, and yet she could see them so clearly. It was magical.

She sighed and closed her eyes, allowing herself a moment of serenity. She listened to the soft sound of water running at her feet, and heard an owl hoot from far away in the night. She was used to these sounds. They were apart of her lullaby, one that she listened to as often as possible. The crickets hummed nearby and the wind stirred the grass and the water. The sounds of the city were lost here, just the way she liked it. Not too quiet, but filled with the sounds of nature that helped calm her worried mind. After a moment of listening, she sat up and pulled her small notepad from her pocket. Digging around some more, she found her mechanical pencil, and flipped to the next blank page in her book, dated it, and then wrote her mind.

"It's awfully noisy in here today. My mind doesn't want me to rest. It wouldn't let me sleep at home, so I came here, but it won't stop yet. I'll give it a little longer. Today was okay. No one talked to me at school, except for Anna, but she always talks to me, and I don't even like her very much anymore. She changed too much since I met her. I might hurt her feelings if I tell her, so I won't, yet. I don't know if I want someone else to talk to me, because they won't understand, just like Anna doesn't understand. She says she does, but no one can, not except me, and I don't always agree with myself.

I got annoyed more today. It's happening a lot recently. I even get annoyed with myself, but not as much as everyone else. It's like they think I should be someone else, but I'm not. Not who they want me to be anyways. I don't want to be who everyone else thinks I should be.

I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I can tell that people think I'm different. I am, but they don't know, so they shouldn't look at me like I am when they don't know everything. No one knows everything but me, and I'm hard to talk to sometimes. I'm always so stubborn, I can't hold a decent conversation with myself without arguing. I argue a lot. I don't always want to, but people just don't get it. I wonder who does get it. No one I know. If I knew someone like that, I wouldn't be here right now. So because I am, I don't know anyone. That's okay. I like only having me know. It makes it a secret. I like secrets. They make me feel funny, like I know something else no one else does, and it makes me feel better than them sometimes. I like it.

The noise is going away. Writing helps, so I do it a lot. But I said this last time, but last time there was no owl. I like this owl. His voice is pretty. He keeps calling. I wish I could understand him, but he only hoots, and I don't speak his language. That's okay. Maybe next time."

She put her notepad down and closed it, putting it along with her pencil back in her pocket. She didn't close her eyes this time, because it was too lonely when she did. She wanted to talk to the stars that night. She hadn't done that in a while, and it was nice to have company. She didn't have company like them during the day. Everyone else was too judgmental for her liking. Everyone else was expecting too much of her. She preferred to lie under the stars and allow the sounds of nature to fill her ears. It felt nice, to stop thinking about other things. Her mind often wandered to other times, but she preferred to stay in the now. She didn't want to have to think of anything but the night she was in at the moment. She liked that night. There was just enough starlight and just enough of a breeze so that she wasn't too warm in her jacket. The water was flowing at the perfect speed, so she could hear it perfectly without getting a headache. Last time it had been too loud, and too fast. She hadn't liked it. This night everything was completely perfect, and so she allowed her worries to flow away with the water, and enjoy the night.

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