Silver Archer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
A young man on foreign soil escapes the boundaries of what he's known as home, and falls into the embrace of the tamed wild.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012




That breath of adrenaline; that awful, yet exhilarating moment where your life is on the line. It's life and death and the whole universe in a single instant... today and tomorrow and yesterday... I'm here... and yet, I'm elsewhere... far, far, away...

...and that's when reality strikes.

Suddenly, my breath is coming in ragged gasps. I can't feel my arms or legs, but I know they're moving, and fast. Why I ever decided to explore the forests beyond my orb is beyond me. What kept me there for as long as it did... well, that's what's chasing me.

I dodge behind a rotten tree and keep running. The forest has turned a sickly red, which is rather the normal here. The crunching and growling behind me are getting far too close, far too fast. I'm never going to make it. I'm never going to-

My foot caught on a root or something. I don't know what, and at the moment I don't care. I'm tasting dirt and blood and my head is ringing. Somehow, I manage to stumble to my feet and take a few more steps.

Then there's white-hot pain... and then nothing. For a moment. There's a dull, num thump that I feel all over, and I slide to the base of a tree. Then the pain slides in. I can't move. My whole body hurts, and I find it near impossible to think. I can barely keep my eyes open... but I can make out the gigantic beast coming towards me... there's a flash of silver...

... and then it's all black.

Coming from oblivion to conciousness... is not a sensation that's easy to describe. You're feeling nothing... then you suddenly do, and have for a while. There's no recollection of time passing, yet you know it has. All this flows through your mind before the body catches up.

I instantly regretted everything. Leaving the safe confines of my orb, the colony, going beyond the wire, beyond the shield. All becuase I thought I could handle it. I choked out a ironic laugh.

"Hey, you awake?"

The voice forced me to wake the rest of the way. A moment passed before I realized my eyes were closed, and opening them took more effort than it should've. I started to get into a sitting position, but suddenly there was a hand on my chest, gently, but firmly pushing me back down.

"Hey, hey, hey. You were just taken out by a Tylak. No moving for a few hours, at least."

I tried to focus my eyes, but it wasn't working. Blurs. Some white, fuzzy lines of black... and... silver...

"Tylak?" I managed. Never heard that name.

"Yeah, the big scaley beast that injected you with venom. It's a Tylak; a full-grown female, too. You're lucky you're not dead."

"Lucky..." Neither my brain or my speech were really up to speed yet.

"Yeah, lucky. Now, go to sleep and sleep this shit off, okay?"

"Sleep..." And I did.

I awoke - gently this time - lulled by a mechanical drone. My mind returned easily, and I found myself fully capable of concious thought. I felt cool, like I was behind a waterfall. I even felt a light mist. Opening my eyes was easier, too. They took a second to focus, but that's normal for me. The roof was white, and there was definitely a mist.

I sat up, swinging my feet to the side. They cleared the bed - or, sleeping cell, rather - and touched a smooth, metallic floor. My head was pounding out a massive beat, so I dropped it and let it rest until the throbbing subsided. When it did, I raised my head and took a look around.

I was in an orb... not like mine, back at the colony. This one seemed... old. Or... fashioned, rather. Like someone had gone through the trouble of finding pieces of orbs and fitting them together. But it wasn't messy. Thw whole place was smooth, from the floor, to the cabinets against the curved walls, to the dome above, as if the creator had gone over and over the walls and floor until the seams showed no more. There was a sprinkler of some kind, input in the peak of the dome, and it was misting the whole region with light droplets. I closed my eyes and savored the moment, taking a deep breath.

My bladder reminded me that I had other needs. I glanced around for an exit, and quickly spotted the exit tunnel. Getting up, I felt lighter than I should've, which made sense, once I glanced down. My jeans and tee were gone, replaced by a smooth, comfortable pair of pants and a thin long-sleeve shirt. Both felt rather like silk, which was... unexpected this far away from any supply depots.

I padded my way across the floor, being careful, as it was somewhat damp from the mist, as was I. The pressure door to the exit tunnel was unlocked, and had no password pad, which I suppose made sense, this far out. I mean, who would bother someone living here?

As soon as the door closed behind me, there was a hiss, and I was assaulted by heat. It wasn't uncomfortable, just unexpected. Then, as soon as it had appeared, it vanished, and I found myself quite dry, as if all the dampness had been sucked right off, leaving me dry and... rather impressed. The exit tunnel was unlike any I'd seen before, but I didn't take too much time to admire it, as my bladder was urging me forward again.

The outside had yet another sensation. I instantly tasted fresh air and heard bird calls far above. And... a fire. I really had to piss, but my curiousity took control. I moved in the direction of the fire, hoping it wasn't bad.

It wasn't. It was a controlled fire in a ring of stones, much like the campfires I'd had back on Earth when I was young. Very young. I stood there, hypnotized by the fire for a moment, reminiscing on ancient memories. Then a ray of sunlight reflected off something in the corner of my eye. I turned... and saw silver.

Well... not silver. Sort of... but... well, let me explain.

There was a silver bow there, intracately carved. I immediately recognized it. It was the bow that had pierced the... Tylak, I think it was called. I must not have been as out of it as I remembered. I remember not seeing a thing, but I also remember seeing this bow. I wondered how that was possible, but not for long; the archer was just a little beyond, reclining against a smooth tree, apparently asleep. I stared. I couldn't help it. Something about him was hypnotizing.

He was muscular, but lithe. All he wore was a pair of silver pants and a band around his arm. His black mustache and goatee were in stark contrast to his hair, an unnatural silver. The sunlight played pattern across his chest, which was lightly spattered with thin black hair, framing his muscles handsomly. The sight of the reclining archer mesmerized me, and I forgot all about nature's call for a moment... but just a moment.

I realized I had to go and relieve myself soon, or I'd end up requesting another pair of pants. I quickly made my way to the other side of the orb and leaned against a tree.

I had to piss even worse than I thought. I must've been standing there for two minutes or more before the flow started to ebb. And even then, it took a while to stop completely. I hurried back to the campfire, but was dissappointed to find it smothered, nothing but smoking coals. The man was gone, too. The only sign he'd been there being the bow and quiver, now leant against the tree he had been leaning against earlier.

I stood there a moment, wondering why I was so... upset to find him not there. Much to my chagrin, the only honest reason I could come up with was that he was... well... cute.

Let me explain. I don't normally find myself attracted to other men. In fact, I've only ever been with women. Still, the thought has crossed my mind more than once, and I have seen a few me who caught my fancy, all of them handsome.

But none quite as handsome as this one...

I shook my head to clear the thoughts and turned to head back inside the orb, hoping he was there, telling myself it was only becuase I wanted to thank him for saving me. I knew it was a lie.

The hot air struck me on the way back in, this time with a little bit of a sting. I suspected that it was probably some chemical meant to vaporize any dangerous microbes that might've latched onto me while I was outside. The inside door seemed to take too long to open, but when it did, I rushed in rather fast... not that it mattered. He wasn't there.

The mist had been shut off, too. The floor was still slightly damp, but it was warm water now, not cool like it had been before. I scanned the room for any sign of the archer, and found nothing. Well, except my clothes - the ones I'd been wearing before, and during the attack. There was quite a bit of blood on the front of the shirt, making me check my chest rather quickly.

The shirt was thin enough that I could see right through to the scar underneath. The amount of blood on my t-shirt implied quite a open cut, but the scar that I actually had was thin, as if it had been healing for quite some time.

Maybe it had, I thought to myself. Maybe I'd been asleep a few days. I instantly felt a shock of adrenaline. The colony! We were only supposed to be there for two more days! If I'd been asleep long enough for a cut that massive to heal, they'd be long gone by now! I moaned aloud, cursing my decision to "explore", yet again. My head started pounding again, so I went to lie down in the sleeper cell. The cushions were soft and dry, which surprised me, after the mist. Also surprising was the sleeping gas that emmited from the ceiling. Not many models have that built-in... But then, maybe the archer installed it himself... he did seem to be rather skilled creating things...

My mind wandered briefly, and then I was asleep.

My dreams were filled with the silver-haired archer. We were together, and making love. I'd never felt more... right.

I awoke to the mechanical hum again. I lay there for a moment with my eyes closed. Just in that moment, I didn't care if I never saw the colony again. If only he'd let me stay...

I pushed those thoughts out of my mind and opened my eyes. The lid of the sleeper cell was open. I didn't let my mind dwell on it too long, and sat up.

He was there. Right in a chair, right in front of me. He was awake, and I saw that his eyes were a bright silver, as well. He was still shirtless, and the mere sight reminded me of the dreams I had just had. I quickly turned my thoughts away from them, though, as I did not want my sudden arousal to show. I suppose I blushed thinking about it.

"No need to be embarrased. I was just checking on you. You've been asleep for nearly a whole day, and I wanted to make sure you were still alive."

Somehow, knowing it was only that made me dissappointed. Had I really been hoping...? Of course he wasn't. He... he probably was straight. And likely homophobic. I heard homophobes tended to be hermits. Oh, but if he was, and if the colony...

"The colony?" I asked. Somehow, it seemed that my tongue was rather heavy. It was hard to fashion the words.

"It's gone. I tried to get their attention, but the last ship was taking off by the time I got there. Nobody noticed me."

I sat there for a moment, somewhat paralyzed. Then I truly was left here... permanently. "Uh..." I found I had nothing to say. How do you ask a total stranger if you can stay with them? Possibly indefinitely?

"Don't worry," he said, as if reading my thoughts, "I've thought of everything. I just finished putting together a spare sleeper cell. You can stay here as long as you need." It seemed as if he wanted to say something else... or maybe I just imagined it.

"Thank you." I said. It seemed I was still rather limited to monosyllabic words.

"Of course. What would I do? Throw you out into the wild? You almost died last time you were out there."

I grinned. I still felt lightheaded, even sitting. I even felt a little nauseous, but maybe that was the news. That happens to me... a lot.

The archer got up. "Hey, I'll get you something to eat. If... you're up for that?"

My mind wandered for a brief moment, but I forced it back. "Uh. Sure. I'm not really hungry, but it might be good."

He nodded, and turned. I couldn't help but watch him leave. It was as if my eyes were glued to him. Oh, if he was homophobic... If he found out my interest in him... I shivered. That thought put a new image in my mind, this one rather gruesome.

Then it hit me how large the last thing I'd said had been. Quite long, compared to the two-word sentances I'd been saying before. I started running more things to say through my mind. Random things, totally unrelated to anything. I decided to say something longer out loud, to test myself, but quietly, in case he came back in suddenly.

He did. "What was that about a purple tyrannosaurus rex?" he asked, grinning. I instantly blushed again.

"Uh... just making sure I'm in full capabilities again..." I said, knowing how lame it sounded. But he just nodded, and handed me a bowl.

"Eat up. It'll be good for you." I gratefully took the bowl and spoon, surprised by the metal dishes. There was some kind of stew inside. It looked rather good, so I took a large bite. I instantly regretted it, as the stew was still rather hot.

"Oh! I'm sorry. I'll be back in a moment." the archer said, leaving briefly, and re-arriving with an ice cube, which, again, surprised me. He seemed to have no end of things that shouldn't exist this far out in the universe, barring supply depots, and considering the look of the outside of the orb, I seriously doubted he had regular deliveries, let alone regular traffic.

I finished the soup and handed him the dishes, grunting in appreciation, as my mouth was full. He grinned again, making me melt. As he turned to leave, though, I noticed his ears.

They were pointed. He was not human, then, but still incredibly hot. Pointed ears... that meant he was almost definitely Ralyian. Who were not only famous for being very good looking and reclusive, but... open to all as well. In fact, I'd never heard of a homophobic Ralyian; I'd even heard of several who were... well... gay, themselves.

My moods soared at this. Perhaps...? But then he came back in with a faded yellow block of metal.

"Here, I found this in the back. It's a radio. It probably still works. You might be able to reach someone with it."

I took the radio, my new hopes dashed. He wanted me to leave, then? I considered pretending I didn't know how to work a radio, but ended up just flipping the on switch. It crackled to life, and I heard a very fuzzy report about a coloner who went missing, probably on the planet Tak, along with a number to call with information. My heart sank. I was on Tak right now, and I rather matched the description. The archer handed me a phone cautiously.

"Um... by the way... my name is Silver."

I registered what he said, but was still upset. I hit the callcode into the pad, and hovered my thumb over the button to send... but... I couldn't.

I dropped the phone to my lap. His hands instantly covered mine, in a very comforting and protective way.

"Please," he said, "Please don't go."

I knew for sure what I heard this time. I looked up to his face. He was... asking me to stay? I kind of went into shock, I suppose, becuase he suddenly looked concerned.

"I... understand if... you, uh... don't..." he stood up, releasing my hand, not quite seeming to know how to say what he was. I suddenly found myself scared, thinking I might have given the wrong impression.

"No, no. I'm just surprised! You, uh... you... really want me to stay?"

He looked into my eyes, and I felt a mental tug. As if he was confirming his words before he even said them. "More than anything right now."

"Why?" I had to know it was the same reason I hoped it was.

While you were asleep, I had time to look at you. But... not just look at you, but look into you. You see, Ralyians are able to... read into a person. As if we are reading whothey are. On the inside. I was forced to do that to heal you, and I found you to be... attractive. I..." he took a deep breath. "I... think that is why we do not use that ability much. It is not often spoken of, but I knew that, sense you intamately know the person, possibly better than even they, it could either cause extreme hate, or..." he looked straight at me again, sending a shiver down my back "... or love."

I was speechless. Totally and utterly speechless. I wanted to say something, but didnt know what to say.

"I know now that this is why many Ralyians who look into each other end up mating for life. I wish I'd known that before I looked into you, but I don't think I would have wanted to change a thing I did, regardless." He got to one knee, and took my hands in his again. "Please. Please say yes." He seemed to realize he was being rather forceful, and let go of my hands, sitting in his chair. "I mean... it's completely up to you. Don't feel... pressured."

"Yes!" I said, finally getting the words together. "Yes! Yes, I'll stay with you. I... didn't know you, uh... I... just yes!"

He stared at me for a moment in total shock. Likely exactly as I felt. I felt... jubilant. I felt ecstatic. I just wan't able to express myself. And then he totally surprised me, jolting forward... and kissing me.

It was... beautiful. Strong. Pure. It... I can't explain it. I had no thoughts. I just found myself lost in the kiss. Unable to control myself, I wrapped both of my arms around him and held tight, afraid to let go. He leaned into me, and I fell onto my back. He was gripping me as tightly as I was gripping him. Then the kiss was over, and we were just holding on to each other, afraid to let go. Afraid to know what would happen if we did.

"Thank you" he whispered into my shoulder. "Thank you." I wanted to thank him, too, but foud myself lost for words. I'd never felt more sure I needed anyone, and found myself thanking the Creator for giving me the opportunity to meet him.

At that moment, it was all worth it. Everything. The trip I foolishly snuck onto, the cargo hold I'd hidden in for months, the fear I'd be found, the fear I felt when I was, the fear when I was being put into the colozation project, when decideding to explore the planet beyond the colony's shield, the Tylak attack. Everything. Before I knew it, there were tears running down my cheeks, running onto his skin. He let go the tight embrace, and wiped the tears away with his thumb before gently kissing me. When the tears didn't stop, he moved back a bit.

"What's wrong? Are you upset?"

I didn't think I was able to make words, but I managed to choke out a few. "No. No, I'm... emotional. I'm happy. Happy beyond words." I was.

And I still am.

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