evil keiko and the young man who lacked sex

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
keiko, one of the most popular dominatrix in the city, is gonna help a young couple to open to the pleasure of sex and be more open to their wishes.
meanwhile, keiko also reflects about her own past.

Submitted: April 24, 2016

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Submitted: April 24, 2016





I am the evil Keiko, the owner and manager of one of the most successful businesses on the city. We have at least seventy customers by day, and sometimes I find it funny when the bystanders look at them, wondering who is this Keiko, or why is so popular. But I don’t judge them

In fact, one Wednesday, in the afternoon, I got an appointment with a young uni student that insisted on seeing me so badly.


“Come at 1:00 pm sweetie, and then we can talk” I suggested him at the phone.


And on that day, he was here. Before I meet him, I wore my trademark blue mask with


black, a leather corset with midriff, bridal gauntlets and a long skirt that you can see


through. Later I met him, eager to see his sight towards my large leather thigh boots.


That handsome man was 1,70 tall, he had curly, brunette hair, and bright green eyes. He


was dressing like business casual. I mean, checkered shirt


“Hello handsome” I saluted “You are Jeffrey Smart. Right?”


He stood up and gave me his hand, too formally.


“Yeah.” He answered “Thank you so much for your time Miss Keiko”


“No problem” I swiftly laughed “Is part of my job”


We took our seat.


“What can I do for you Jeffrey?” I asked.


Jeffrey went into his bag, and he showed me a picture of another young woman, with a slim


body, small head, with notorious bright eyes, and dark-skinned. Her hair was black, In the


picture, she was sitting on what it looks to be a library, reading a book and studying. She


had very good breasts, and I almost melted when I took a look on her lips.


“Her name is Roxanne” Jeffrey clarified “She is a really smart girl, and I am in love with her. I


recently tell her that. She was embarrassed, but…


Then I looked at him.


“Are you a stalker?”


Shocked, Jeffrey almost jumped from the chair.


“No. No!!! We are from the same institute”


I laughed softly.


“Just joking Jeffrey” I stated “I can see that she is a fellow student”


By the expression of his face, I could see that he was very happy with my joke.


“Then what happened?” I asked once more “You just said that she was embarrassed.”


“Yeah. But then she called and we decided to go on a date. It went good. Then we have


another date the week after. But we are not yet a couple….


“You are not yet a couple? You told me that you guys have been dating a lot.


“That’s right. But I haven’t properly asked her to be my girlfriend.”


Immediately I noticed that his voice began to tremble. And he also began to stutter and


then hold his breath, as if he wasn’t sure about what to say next.


“Why are you so nervous? You have nothing to be scared about” I smiled “Darling, I am also


Finally, Jeffrey took a deep breath and relaxed once more.


“That’s it” I pointed


“Okay. Here is the truth. I am a virgin. I have had never sex in my life, and I am ashamed to


tell that to Roxanne, so I need experience. I need your help Evil Keiko.”


While I was listening to Jeffrey, I continued to look at the picture of Roxanna. She looked to


be a very good girl, even though some of my rationality was trying to digest what Jeffrey just


told. From what I saw. “Is this really that bad for him?” “Shall I tell him that?”.


I immediately went back to him.


“What’s Roxanne surname?”


I returned the picture to Jeffrey.


“Thanks Jeffrey” I said. “Now look. I am gonna be honest with you. I don’t think you should


worry about being a virgin. Now. Don’t get me wrong! Your relationship have a lot of


chance. And I will be more than happy to help you. So I need you to listen very carefully.”


“Yes Evil Keiko”


“Give me some days for coming with a plan, something special about her. Because you need


to get a lasting impression. Keep dating together and The part of sex will come next, but for


now, be patient and trust me.”


Jeffrey ended up looking at me with a lot of confusion, but at the same time with an aura of


subtle optimism.


“Ok. I accept Evil Keiko” he agreed.


“And from now on, call me simply Keiko. First and foremost,…”


I stood up and get to the upper right drawer of my locker. There I got some papers and one


copy of the book I wrote The Five Senses of Body & Love. I immediately gave them to Jeffrey.


“Until you get my call, read my book and take her to these places,” I advised him “Make


sure you are enthusiastic and make her feel happy. Work a bit on the connection and the


chemistry as much as possible, and every time you go on a date, or help her on her studies,


send me text messages to update me on my progress.


Don’t worry handsome, we’ll get that girl for you”


“thanks a lot Evil… I mean Keiko!”


Once more, I subtlety laughed. This is the first time I do it a lot in an afternoon.


“Keep me updated”


My assistant opened the door for Jeffrey. Then one of the showgirls, Aurora entered on my


“Miss Keiko, Mr. Tyrone is ready”


It really turned me in when I heard my sweet girl saying that. She escorted me to my locker.


Here I changed immediately. I slowly took the corset off; Aurora was there, looking at me on


an embarrassed way. I told her it was ok for her to stay, especially because I am always


aroused me when one of my most trusted people watch me changing, to admire my back,


Afterwards I changed to my favourite leather leotard, with my latex gloves, feather mask


“You looked really beautiful Miss Keiko” Aurora pointed.


I slowly came closer to Aurora. She was out of her senses as I looked at her in the eyes. We


kissed each other on the tongue. It was just for some seconds, but her looks translated that


she is missing my kiss already.


“If you are happy, I am happy darling”


Now it was time for me to meet Mr. Tyrone, one of my top customers. Squatting towards


me on the leather briefs, as a person eager to try to be slave was supposed to be. Time for


play some dominatrix. Mr. Tyrone deserves a good punishment, that’s why I prefer to spank


him really good while he begs me for more.




I decided to wait for some days for Jeffrey, and then relax that night. I decided to go back


home early, very unusual on someone like me, for my house is outside the town, near the


lake Piscis. It’s a relatively nice house, quiet and on one floor.


“Welcome home Miss Christina” Ronald saluted to me. He is my trusted butler. “You surely


“Yeah Ronald. I decided to have a little break”


“May I prepare the dinner?”


“Salad and steak will be great”


That was a really intense night. As soon as I got home, I took my clothes and entered on the


bathtub. For me, this is also something good. Have a little break. And look at the ceiling.


That’s the only thing I can always do during my baths. Unfortunately, or luckily, that’s all I


can do. That and stare at that picture of me when I as a child, with another male child… with


another person a couple of years older than me. Now! Don’t get any wrong impression


please! This is from thirteen years ago. Now I am twenty-five years old. And my true name is


Christina. And I wish I did not have to do this, but is the only remnant of my old life. A life


that I changed a long time ago.


And who are the other two individuals? One is my cousin. I wonder how is he doing? The


other one is one of my uncles. One of the only few people that supported my career.


At least dinner was ready. I wore my silk bathtub and I ate. Thinking about those great


nights with my cousin, when we, after reaching nineteen, we decided to share the dawn of


our adulthood with blossom. Every night I think that best night of our lives. In fact, when I


went to bed, I groped myself, remembering that like it was yesterday.


“Robbie kissed me so passionately, I felt his tongue all over my mouth, and his rejuvenating


breath. But he couldn’t control himself, and he gave kisses to my neck and chest. My hands


were happy, being the only ones that caressed his skin, on the chest and the back with my


bare hands. Meeting them with his amazing muscles. Since I wasn’t very aware of this


sensation, I felt the Goosebumps in my body when he unbuttoned my skirt and slided it on


my thighs, softly kissing them too,


“I was expecting this for a long time Christina” he confessed “I love you. I really love you.”


I could only stare at him.


“Kiss me, and give me your best hug”.


My body melted with the Earth and the Stars the moment his hand reached my crotch,


despite my underwear. But I truly released my senses when my hand began to explore him


down there. Again we kissed, but he stopped when I finally revealed my breasts and nipples


to him. It really tickled to have his tongue around them. The heat was massaging every inch


of my body, but my words went blank when I felt his hand going down on my buttocks, and


again his mouth on mine.


And the rest of my body lost any sensation, fusing my senses with Earth and universe with


his hands all over me.


“Can I Christina?”


I hugged him. Losing, or forgetting the limits between his body and mine, but he was with


“I really love you Christina”


“Me too Robbie, I am so happy with you right now.”


But I almost fell in the floor when I saw we were only in our underwear. As if a ghost did


“I am yours Robbie” I reminded him while caressing his chin. “I only have one condition:


Don’t cum inside me”


I took off my panties and bra,


“Go on” I ordered


And he put his tongue on my pussy, right into my clitoris. I felt all his tongue, and I struggled


not to tremble too much” It was up and down, my moans got louder as my bottom crumbled


like a decaying forest. While my mouth was again on his downs. Slow, peacefully, and


excited, it tickled my tongue and my mouth, but I was so happy. It was him. With me being


the first one, and my mind… being happy for giving the essence.


However, I continued struggling with my moans while his tongue passed through me. But I


never realised his white nectar on my face.


“I’m sorry Christina” he expressed embarrassed.


For that moment, my mind was covered with that picture of white bath. I began to teased


him. Moving myself around putting that white over my down.


“What are you doing?” Robbie asked me in a really surprised way.


“Sorry Robbie, I was so happy” I confessed “I couldn’t resist”


Finally it happened. Robbie and I became one. How could I describe the powerful warmth


that I got even in my nails. We trembled and were attracted by each other nakedness,


sometimes I was harsh with my movements, but I hugged him, accepting the conscience that


his soft back gave to my arms. Now, I felt again his arms over my breasts and nipples, being


stronger and curious, along with his tongue on mine.


It was like we never wanted to be far away from each other. Robbie gave me a gift, to


experience myself inside me in many position and even in that forbidden part of my crotch


“Not there Robbie!”


It tickled, and my mind melted at once, thanks to the forbidden hole. I just begged for more


“Do you feel good Robbie?” I asked


“Yeah. Do you?” he responded.


“I just wanted to be yours. Please Robbie”


But we couldn’t resist! The top was reached, for both of us. I felt it in my back, not inside,


just like I asked… Now with some sadness.


And at the end, we rested against each other on the bed, protected by our sheets. His senses


reached the sky with my smell and the teasing parts of my skin. However, I was happy,


ignoring that was in front of me was the beginning of the track, nothing more and nothing


“Happy birthday Christina” he told me.


I kissed him once more.


“Thanks Robbie”


He looked me at the eyes.


“I want you to be my wife” he said.


“Me too. But just when the time comes, we will be stronger.”


We kissed each other, caressing our bodies, looking again that fusing that never wanted to




But that was a long time ago. No more of that, thanks to the treacherous apple tree.


I started to think about Jeffrey, and how he might be doing with Roxanne. Now you see the


types of customers I get every time I can. And the variety is huge.


During the next days I received messages from Jeffrey. Photos of him and Roxanne together.


In many places like the theme parks, a restaurant, even their own campus. Meanwhile at


nights, I was sending him advices of what to do through text messages.


“Laugh with her, even if its not funny”


“Observe her mannerisms”


I was surprised afterwards. Especially for the person who came later to see me. It was Roxanne. She is more beautiful when you meet her face-to-face. Her body is incredibly gorgeous, and I love it.


“Hi Roxanne” I saluted “Please to meet you”


“Likewise… Evil Keiko?”


“Yeah. That’s me!”



I truly never expected those four words. But my heart got really excited.


“What happened? Is everything ok with you and Jeffrey?”


“Yeah. It is. Look. I am not asking you help regarding us.”


Then, with a clear voice, she said:


“I need your help regarding me.”


“Why? Don’t get so offended? But I don’t see any problem with you at all.”


I carefully looked at her body, so beautiful, so hot and soft. I almost in my thoughts, thinking I am caressing it.


“Thanks. But is more of my personality. You see. Even before we were dating, Jeffrey has always seem me as prim, stern, meticulous and studious. And I am really grateful for that. But these days I have realised that I don’t want to be this type of person. At least not all the time. I want to be more adventurous, bolder… Sexier.”


I stood listening to her, however I really couldn’t get what she was saying.


“Sorry. Could you be a little bit more specific?” I asked her.


“I want to impress him, and I also want to be sexier.” Roxanne clarified “Not simply a textbook girl if you know what I mean”.


I smiled. And immediately stood up for my chair, getting closer to Roxanne.


“Of course I know what you mean darling” I stated “More than you think. Believe me, when you are in love with a guy, most of the time you want to do all your best to make him happy. With everything it grants, the joy, the illusions…


My thoughts went again with Robbie, while I was talking to Roxanne.


“…Having fun like there is no time or barriers. And that you got the greatest hope in the World.”


Roxanne, with, I thought, a look of sympathy, asked me:


“You loved a man before. Right?”


“We all did darling.” I simply answered “But anyway. Let’s go back to you”


I squatted so we can get closer.


“What kind of person you want to be?”


Then, with a stronger voice and a direct tone, she said:


“I want to give him the best sex of his life. I want him to enjoy me unlike any other. Something that he will never ever have”


That sounds really daring for me.


“Good. But you must know something first.”


“What is it?”


“Before you can create an amazing gift for Jeffrey, both of you guys must first liberate yourself. You guys must be aware that you need to develop comfort, confidence, and understand sex. Perhaps the Red Room?”


I immediately retrieved from the chair, and went back, my thoughts were debating about the effectiveness of my idea.


“A shower?”


“Yes. I want to start “liberating” you and Jeffrey. But now since you are here. Are you busy now?”


“No. this is my day-off.”


I smiled.


“Excellent, so please do me a favour. Go take a shower, and meet me on the Red Room.” I looked at her in the eyes “I promise I will lead you to the beginning of the greatest experience of your life”


As expected, Roxanne followed my instructions, escorted by Aurora, Roxanne went to take a shower on the basement. For those who are curious, this area is one of the most popular of all the customers. Here, I installed the rooms that couples take for their “private” encounters if you know what I am talking about. And the room where Roxanne was had a shower and a bed, so she could get ready.

But anyway, Roxanne took her shower, and then she found a pink silk babydoll on her bed, much to her surprise, at least according to her own expression.

Meanwhile, I was waiting for her to get ready on the changing room, also located on thr basement. I was also changing my clothes, with the help of Aurora, her face really looked very uneasy.


“Are you ok Aurora?” I asked her.


“I don’t like this Keiko, and you know it” she replied


“What do you mean?”


“You and that girl” Aurora clarified “You know that I don’t like to share you with anybody. NO ONE!”


She stopped and I turned my face to her, hugging her.


“Don’t worry my beautiful” I said with a tender voice “It’s just a customer. We might have a wild moment, but you are the only one. My only girl, and you know that. Besides, she hasn’t accepted, so nothing is going to happened”


However that wasn’t enough for make feel Aurora better.


“I know is for job reason, but still…”


I kissed on the cheek.


“I will cook your favourite dinner after this. I promise.”


In this case, Aurora decided to listen.


“Ok Keiko. But don’t forget.”


“Have I ever failed you my love?”




Five minutes later, I went into the Red Room. I was surprised, I mean, Roxanne was not even in the room. I waited and waited, at least ten more minutes. I was getting a bit worried, and just when I was about to leave the room, I saw that Roxanne was there, on the side of the door.




She sighted.


“I am so sorry Evil Keiko” she said “I really appreciated what you are doing for me. Because I know exactly what you are trying to do with me! And I want to do it, for Jeffrey as well. But I cannot do it here. Not in this place. Is a bit crowded. I know it sounds really awful, but is the truth.”


Let me release my sight. Look, this is another issue that I must face with many of my customers. Sometimes they have second thoughts about the activities I prepare for them. Is it frustrating or just comprehensive? Depends on the attitude of the person, and I think I understand the concerns of Roxanne in a way. But my real opinion stands after facing the client! And this time, is no exception.


“Look, I understand that you are unsure” I replied “It’s perfectly normal. And believe when I tell you, this is not the first time I face this.”


“Is not?”


“Yeah. But please remember that I am offering you and Jeffrey a service, something that will make you start a new chapter in your lives. I don’t mind if you back up at the last minute, but think carefully in what you told me. Didn’t you say you wanted to love Jeffrey unlike any other? That you wanted to give him the greatest experience of his life, unlike any other?


Again Roxanne was submerged on those thoughts.


“Come to my house tonight” she said.


“Beg your pardon?”


“Please. I promise I will do it, and I will listen to all of your advices. And I will pay you more.”


I couldn’t help but to playfully smile.


“I am not that cheap. If you know what I am talking about.”


“I don’t care. I only want for Jeffrey to be happy.”


Yeah. Just like when I was with Robbie. He was… Very shy… very secretive. He always wanted to do things privately. Just like the day he really confessed to me. It was our second night of sex. That time he hugged me again, and share all of my body. My back and my lower back.


“Would you like to be my wife?” he suddenly asked me.


Don’t wanna know what happened next that day.




Then, as I agreed with Roxanne, I went to her apartment that day, with my special briefcase with me, as she requested. She even purchased that babydoll. When she received me, I saw her apartment. It was cleaned and beautiful, yet simple one. With the living room as the biggest area of them all, the balcony, and then her room, small but neat.


“Thanks for coming miss Keiko.”


“My pleasure. As I promised”


“Would you like tom have some coffee? Tea perhaps?”


“Tea please. Green tea if possible”


She immediately served me a green tea. Chinese to be more precise.

“So thanks a lot for coming Keiko” Roxanne said.


“No worries, and for now, please call me Christina”




“That’s right. Now… Are you ready?


She assented. I immediately went to the toilet, took out my skirt and wore that dildo I prepared for Roxanne. When she took a look, she got very nervous, as if that was the first time she saw a penis. Nonetheless, I could see her lustful sight toward her.


“Show me how you will suck it to Jeffrey” I ordered her. “Come on. Show me!!”


She started to stroke it slowly





© Copyright 2018 Jaime Enrique Gutierrez Perez. All rights reserved.

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