Dancing Doll's Centre' "The Gentlemen's Club" Part 1

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As a 19 year old, Cherry has overcome things in life that would mentally, physcially, and emotionally break anyone. As the story progresses, Cherry finds herself in a very bad situation that could put her life on the line...and others'.
Once you see what that is, try not to faint or pass out.

WARNING: This script contains lots of language, graphic content and adult situations. Not for the faint hearted.

Submitted: May 09, 2014

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Submitted: May 09, 2014



OPENING CREDITS: Back round shows scenes of strip clubs, lights, and strippers dancing on poles.

FADE OUT:: INT. CHERRY’S ROOM. NIGHT FADES INTO: A very messy floor. Camera slowly shows the whole floor revealing a bedroom. There’s clothes on the ground, empty syringes lying near a drawer near a bed. A desk with a lamp and a radio is near the wall, by a window. A small T.V is on top of a shelf near the other end of the room. We hear a girl gasping slightly, and letting out a sigh. October 19Th, 1968 appears in the lower right side of the screen, then fades away.

CHERRY, 19, is on the bed, lying on her back, just finishing injecting heroin into her arm, biting on a piece of cloth. We see she’s wearing a black tank top with black sweatpants. Her long blond hair is a bit messy. She opens her mouth a little so the cloth falls out. Once she’s done, she rests her arm out, letting go of the syringe. Clip of the syringe falling on the floor. We see Cherry high on the bed, with her eyes half closed.


INT. LIVING ROOM Cuts into a middle aged man, JACK, 37, who looks a bit younger for his age, chugging a bottle of whiskey, just finishing it. He lets out a burp and puts the liquor bottle down on the coffee table. Camera reveals that the coffee table is covered with empty liquor bottles; we can barley see the table itself. He grabs the remote next to him and starts flipping through the channels, on the tiny TV on the far end of the living room. We hear Cherry’s door open and she hurries into the bathroom, tripping over her steps a little bit.

INT. BATHROOM She turns on the bathroom light and it flickers on and off-it was a cheap light they had. Cherry is pacing back and forth, breathing a bit heavy. She stops, hurries and kneels down in front of the toilet and starts vomiting.



INT. LIVING ROOM Jack overhears her vomiting. He chuckles to himself.

JACK: Fucking junkie...

After a minute, he goes to get his pack of cigarettes, from the edge of the coffee table. He opens his pack and sees that it’s empty.

JACK: Christ...

He slowly picks himself up from the couch and stumbles to the bathroom.

INT. BATHROOM Cherry flushes the toilet and leans back against the wall, sitting down. Jack comes up and stands in the doorway.


 JACK::  Give me some cigarettes.

Cherry turns her head to look at him, her eyes still half closed. There’s a short pause.

JACK:  What are you, deaf? Give me some cigarettes, I know you have some.

Cherry rolls her eyes and coughs a bit.

CHERRY:  (slowly) You finished all 20 cigarettes in an hour?

JACK:  Yeah, so what? What’s that supposed to mean?

CHERRY:  Just saying...that’s a little too fast.

JACK: I wouldn’t judge, "Ms. Shooting up heroin every day". Your life is just as worthless as a fucking penny.

Cherry rolls her eyes.


CHERRY:  Your life is just as bad-if not, worse. What do you have to be proud of?

Cherry presses her hands on the wall slowly rises from the floor, using the walls for support, until she’s on her two feet.

CHERRY:  I don’t have any cigarettes. So for once, just leave me alone. For good this time. I’m sick of hearing your voice

JACK:  Well that’s just too bad, ain’t it Cherry?

CHERRY: What is?

JACK:  (raising his voice a little) Understand this: I live here, and I don’t plan on going anywhere, not to mention your dumb mother just won’t get rid of me. So no matter how much you hate me, or want me to leave you alone, or how much you even want to kill me, you’re stuck with me. Beat. Cherry looks at him with anger and hate.

CHERRY:  Even if I did want to kill you, I’m sure the liquor would do so itself the way you drink everyday. We see that Jack gets offended, and he gives off a cold, mean stare.

JACK:  Are you getting smart with me? He stumbles a little bit closer, a few inches away from the doorway.


JACK:  You know what happens when you get smart, young lady. (Beat) We see Cherry backing up, with the very little space she has to do so. JACK When you get smart, I leave a bruise on your arm. Or your shoulder, or anywhere I fucking want. Is that what you’re asking for?

Jack walks a little bit more closer.

CHERRY:  You don’t have the right!

Jack gets closer and grabs into Cherry’s arm, violently.


CHERRY:  (trying to break her arm free) Stop, let me go!

JACK:  (gripping tighter) Listen to me you bitch, I’m grown. I do what I want, when I want, and how I fucking want, understand? And no little girl gonna tell me what to do. Over my dead fucking body.

CHERRY:  (still trying to break free) Let me go, you’re hurting me!

JACK:  (gripping tighter) Do. You. Under-fucking-stand? Cherry turns to him and they exchange glares. Cherry turns the other way, as a tear rolls down her eyes.

JACK:  Well?

CHERRY:  (very softly) Yes...I understand.

Jack grips tighter and Cherry grunts from the pain.


JACK:  Didn’t quite hear you there.


CHERRY: (louder with tears in her eyes) Yes...I understand.

JACK:  That’s better.

Jack lets go of her arm and Cherry jerks away. She starts walking past him, but Jack steps in front of her, blocking her path. Cherry looks up at him.

JACK: Next time, don’t make it so hard on yourself.

Cherry shakes her head and walks past him on the other side. She opens her bedroom door, closes and locks the door behind her. Jack stumbles out the bathroom, to the living room.

INT. LIVING ROOM Jack stumbles over to the couch and lays himself down, on his back. He takes a deep breath then starts to cough. His cough starts out small but then it gets louder.

JACK:  Shit.

He spits out blood on the floor. He sits back up and opens up a new bottle of whiskey. He starts to chug it for a few seconds, then sets it back down on the floor. He lays his head down and watches T.V


INT. CHERRY’S ROOM. Cherry turns the radio on, and goes to sit on her bed. She looks at her bruise. It’s dark and it looks pretty bad.

CHERRY:  (looking at her bruise) Fucking jerk...

Cherry turns up the volume on her radio. She listens to a song for a minute, then the phone in her room rings. She gets up from her bed, and answers the phone, standing by her desk.

CHERRY (CNT’D) (into phone):  Hello? (she listens) Hi Mom. (she listens) I’m okay, and how are you doing? (she listens) That’s good. As she listens she sits down on her chair near the desk.

CHERRY (CNT’D) (into phone):  Oh, nothing. I was just going to watch T.V until I fell asleep. She listens, going into her drawer, taking out a cigarette from her pack and matches.

CHERRY (CNT’D) (into phone):  No, I’m not hungry.

Cherry lights her cigarette with the matches and puts the match out.

CHERRY (CNT’D) (into phone):  Yes I’m sure. (she listens then laughs a little) No, mom, I’m not doing it on purpose. I ate half of the hamburger you left me earlier today, it was good. Cherry reaches over to ash her cigarette in an empty coke bottle by her lamp, still holding the phone next to her ear.


CHERRY (CNT’D) (into phone):  No, I think Jack ate the other half. (she listens and sighs) Yeah... (she listens) In the bathroom, he bothered me again. He just doesn’t know how to leave me alone. Cherry takes a longer pull from her cigarette, then ashes it again in the empty bottle.

CHERRY (CNT’D) (into phone):  He always does. (she listens) What do you mean? (she listens) Well, who knows? The next time he snaps he might do something worse-you never know with him. (she listens) Mom, I just really want him out of here. I tell you that all the time and it seems like the longer he’s here, the worse it gets. She takes another pull, bringing her foot up on the chair, trying to get comfortable.

CHERRY (CNT’D) (into phone) I don’t care, he’s insane. You don’t even know half the things he says to me because you’re never here. (she listens) Okay--but can you at least try and do something? Anything? Please? (she listens) Okay (she listens) Alright...thank you. She takes another pull and ashes it, missing the bottle.

CHERRY (CNT’D) (into phone):  No, I’m okay. I think there’s some cola left in the fridge-I’m not sure. (she listens) Alright, that’s fine. I’ll see you when you come home. (she listens) Okay, love you too. Bye.


She hangs up the phone, while taking another pull from her cigarette. She looks at her bruise again and brushes her finger across it, gently. She sucks her teeth. She looks up a bit and notices her father’s funeral card laying down by the radio. The printing read: "David E. Kennedy ; April 2nd 1930 - November 20th 1966" Cherry smiles.

CHERRY (to the card):  At least I know you would never hurt me, daddy.

She stands the card up by the radio. Clip of the card.

CHERRY (O.C):  You were a true man...

Camera goes back to Cherry, still smiling looking at the card. She turns raises the volume on her radio and lays down on the bed, sitting her upper body up against the wall. She opens her drawer and takes out joint wrappers, and a storage bag with at least an 8th of weed in it. She sits pretzel style on her bed and sets everything near her lap, starting to roll herself a joint.

© Copyright 2017 Jaime Janusz R. All rights reserved.

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