Dancing Doll's Centre' "The Gentlemen's Club" Part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just as Cherry thought things couldn't get worse; they do. Now she has to make a decision to help herself... but, just how cold can life really get? Not much worse than what's going on now...right?

WARNING: This script contains strong language, strong violence, adult themes and situations.
Not for the faint hearted.


Cherry sits down on the edge of her bed near her desk. She takes her pillow and digs her hand in the pillow case and takes out an envelope. She then puts the 10 in the envelope, as we see more money is in it as well. She puts the envelope back and sets her pillow back the way it was. She sighs and looks at the time again. She turns on the radio and pulls the blanket over her legs. She goes in her drawer again to get a cigarette.

INT. LIVING ROOM. A knock is heard on the front door. Jack slowly gets up and walks toward the door. He opens it and we see two middle aged men.

JACK: Yes?

MAN #1: Hey...you said you had the stuff, right?

JACK: Yeah. One minute.

MAN #2: Alright, hurry man.

Both men take out their money and hold onto it as Jack goes into the living room closet to get their drugs. Man #1 notices Cherry walking into the bathroom. He stares at her at a very intrigued and seductive way.

MAN #1 (to Man #2): Hey...check out that cutie.

Cherry begins to make her way to the kitchen. She notices the two men looking at her. Man #1 winks at her. She pauses for a split second then hurries to the kitchen.

MAN #2: Wow...damn...she is cute. The things I would do to her. Wow.

Jack brings back a big bag of cocaine for them. He hands it to them and both men pay him $200

JACK: Thanks a lot, guys.

MAN #1 (to Jack): Hey...I’ll pay you a little extra if you let us have a little fun with blondie over there.

Jack turns his head and looks at Cherry. He then looks at the men.

JACK: How much are we talking about here?

Cuts to Cherry grabs a cola bottle from the kitchen then heads for her room.

JACK: (to the men): One second.

Cherry hurries to her room and when she opens the door, Jack pulls her back, making her drop her drink. He then drags her through the living room.

JACK (dragging her): Come here for a minute.

CHERRY (trying to break free): Stop, what are you doing??

Jack drags her to the front door and tosses her to Man #1. He turns Cherry around and wraps his arms around her from behind. Cherry tries breaking free but his grip is too tight. He starts feeling on her body.

MAN #1 (talking next to her ear):   Hey pretty lady, how are you doing?

CHERRY: Ugh! Get off!

Man #1 puts his hand under her shirt and rubs her body, still talking in her ear.

MAN #1: Why haven’t I seen you around before? Damn, you look good.

Man #2 smirks and Cherry struggles to break free.

CHERRY: Let me go! Stop!

Jack is leaning his back against the doorway, counting his money, as if nothing was going on in front of him.

CHERRY (O.C): Stop! Please..!

Man #1 starts feeling on Cherry’s thighs.

MAN #1 (into Cherry’s ear): You a stoner or what, babe? I’ll provide everything. All you have to do is come on over.

Man #2 laughs. Man #1 then tosses Cherry to Man #2, and he grabs Cherry from behind-just as Man #1 did and rips off her shirt, and holds her close to him.

MAN #2: Damn, you’re like a young Nancy Sinatra, tell me you’re single.

CHERRY: Let go of me you pervert! Man #2 rubs his hand on Cherry’s breast.

MAN #2 :   You don’t look like a virgin either. Don’t worry, I’ll guarantee this will be the best night of your life.

CHERRY: No! Stop! Please!

MAN #2: Hey! Don’t be like that, girl. You’ll like it, I promise.

They hear a car horn beeping.

MAN #2 (aloud, to the car): Hey-hold on a minute, Mike! This will just take a second!

The horn honks even more and faster. Man #2 looks at Man #1, thinking if he should stay or not.

MAN #1: Let her go, man. You know how he is when he doesn’t have his drugs. Man #2 lets her go.

MAN #2: Thanks for the stuff, Jack.

JACK: Sure...

MAN #1: See you around.

They both walk away. We hear then get in the car and drive off. Cherry looks at Jack shocked and a traumatized. Jack finishes counting his money and looks at her.

CHERRY: Why...?

JACK: It’s not pleasure, Cherry...

He holds up the money that’s in his hand.

JACK (CNT’D): ...Just business.


INT. LIVING ROOM Jack walks back in the apartment and sits on the couch. He takes another bottle of whiskey and begins to drink it. Cherry, shaking, slowly walks past him, and toward her room, crying softly.

JACK (to Cherry): Thanks for the extra money, bitch.

Cherry stops and slowly turns around.

JACK (CNT’D): You’re finally being useful for once.

CHERRY: Piece of shit...

JACK: What?

CHERRY: Just makes me sick on how you think bullying other women like that is just nothing to you. I really hope that liquor kills you before anyone else finally does.

JACK: (leaning forward): Oh, really? Is that a threat?

CHERRY: No, not at all. It’s a fucking wish.

Jack suddenly throws a liquor bottle at her, but Cherry ducks and dodges, just missing it. Cherry slowly gets back up, with tears filling her eyes.

JACK: And THAT’S how I fucking feel about you.

Cherry shakes her head then storms back into her room.


INT. CHERRY’S ROOM. Cherry closes the door and sits on her bed, breathing rapidly. She quickly digs into her drawer and takes out a cigarette with matches. She lights it and starts smoking it a bit fast, trying to calm herself down. We hear Cherry crying as she wraps a cloth around her arm and bites on it. She grabs the syringe full with heroin and aims it at her arm. She pauses and turns her head to her dad’s funeral card on her desk.

CHERRY: I’m so sorry daddy...I know you never wanted me to be like this...

She injects the heroine into her arm, biting hard onto the cloth, with her eyes shut tight.

CHERRY: You...left me...too soon...

In Cherry’s POV, everything seems to be moving in slow motion. The heroin was taking affect on her.

CHERRY (softly): Why did you leave me and mom? Why...?

Cherry’s eyes begin to close, slowly.

CHERRY (drifting off): I’m so...sorry, daddy...I know you expected...better from me...but I did too...

She drops the syringe on the floor and she’s drifting off, but fights to stay awake.

CHERRY(half asleep): Please, daddy...take me to heaven with you...I...don’t want to live..any...any...

She falls asleep.


INT. CHERRY’S ROOM. NIGHT Cherry wakes up from loud grunting coming from the living room. She quickly gets up and looks at her clock. Time read 10:25 PM. She gets out of bed, and quickly puts on sweatpants. We hear Jack’s voice from the living room. Cherry goes and creaks open her door. She sees Jack pinning Clare onto the couch, and he’s slightly slitting her stomach with a knife.

CLARE: Get...off!

JACK: Shouldn’t have been a smart ass, girl...

Close up of Cherry’s eyes widening.

JACK (O.C): See if you’ll fucking talk like that again...!

CHERRY (swinging door open): MOM!!!!

She runs to the couch.

CHERRY (running): Get off of her!!

Cherry runs and punches Jack’s head, aimlessly, hitting his ear. Jack pushes Cherry back and she falls, hurting herself. Cherry then grabs a half empty liquor bottle from the coffee table.

CHERRY: Get the fuck off of her!!!

She smashes the bottle in Jack’s face, slicing his cheek up. Blood starts pouring out and Jack yells from pain. He quickly gets up and grabs both of Cherry’s wrists, squeezing them.


Jack then backs Cherry up into the wall, pinning her against the wall, squeezing her wrists, yelling at her. Cherry screams from pain.

CHERRY (struggling): Ow! Stop!! Ow!!

JACK: Bitch!! You fucking bitch!!!

Jack brings her forward a bit and slams her back into the wall extremely hard. He then does it three more times, each time getting harder and harder.

JACK: I’ll fucking kill you!!!!


Jack then forces the broken part of the liquor bottle in Cherry’s hand to slice her own wrists. Cherry screams and struggles more to get away. We suddenly hear a stab thud. Jack yells and falls on the floor, letting Cherry go. Clare has the knife in her hand, just got done stabbing him.

CLARE: Cherry, just go! Go to my room!

Crying, Cherry runs to Clare’s room. Clare looks down at Jack and cries a bit. Jack is on the floor, grunting from the pain and spits out blood.

CLARE: I’ll kill you myself before you go near her again...!

She walks inside her room.



Clare and Cherry are sitting on Clare’s bed. Cherry has her wrists out and Clare pours a little bit of alcohol on them. Cherry jumps.

CHERRY: Ow! Shit...

CLARE: I’m sorry, sweetie.

She picks up a Q-tip from beside her and starts cleaning Cherry’s wounds with the Q-tip.

CLARE: This is all I have to clean it with...I’m sorry.

CHERRY: It’s okay.

CLARE: Are you okay?


Cherry shakes her head

CHERRY (holding back tears): No...no Mom, I’m so far from okay. That crazy man almost killed me out there.

Clare stops what she’s doing.

CLARE: Cherry...I’m so sorry...

CHERRY: Look what he’s doing to me...look what he’s doing to US. Stop apologizing and do something about it...I’m tired of hearing that.

CLARE: It was so hard...when your father passed. I had to make money quick or I would’ve lost everything.

CHERRY: He’s too dangerous to keep around here. I don’t know how he didn’t prove that to you already. Why are you still keeping him here?

CLARE: Cherry, he makes enough money for us just to get by. If we don’t have money, we don’t have anything.

CHERRY: You saw what he did to me out there! Look what he did to you! He could’ve killed you! You should’ve turned him in a long time ago.

Clare starts crying softly.

CHERRY (CNT’D): How do you think Dad would feel? If he saw us living like this?

CLARE: I live with that guilt every single day and it’s torture. Simply torture. I always think about how disappointed David would be if he were still here. UGH! Why does life have to be so hard for me?

Clare gets up from the bed and holds her head, frustrated.

CHERRY: Mom...

CLARE" Yes, sweetie?

CHERRY: I refuse to live another minute with that stupid drunk...I can’t take it anymore.

CLARE: (sits down next to Cherry) What are you trying to say?

CHERRY: It’s either him, or me. You choose because I’m not living with him anymore.

CLARE: Cherry you can’t go out there! You’ll die out there!

CHERRY: I almost died not even 20 minutes ago!

Clare stays silent for a minute. Cherry begins to look appalled.

CHERRY: You can’t choose between your daughter and that lousy drunk that causes nothing but trouble?

CLARE: Cherry, it’s the money, we need it! If we don’t have have any, we’ll have nothing. Please try to understand!

CHERRY: Mom, please try to understand this; if I choose to go, you’ll end up with nothing.

CLARE: Cherry...

CHERRY: It isn’t fair that I have to suffer like this, I never asked to be born! I can’t take this anymore.


CLARE (clings to Cherry’s arm): Please Cherry, don’t leave!

Cherry jerks away and gets up.

CLARE (CNT’D): Cherry please!!

CHERRY: Bye mom, have fun with your stupid boyfriend.

CLARE: Cherry please don’t go!

Cherry walks away and leaves the room, slamming the door behind her.


INT. CHERRY’S ROOM. Cuts to Cherry’s room, we see her packing clothes, cigarettes, weed and syringes in her handbag. She puts all of her money in her pockets. She closes the handbag and puts it slung across her body. As she heads for the door, she notices her dad’s funeral card on the desk. She takes it, puts it in her back pocket and leaves the room.


INT. LIVING ROOM. Cherry closes her room door and starts walking to the front door. When she approaches the door, she hears Jack grunt. She sees him sitting near the dining table, pressing a blooded napkin on his cheek, trying to stop the bleeding. Jack notices Cherry and glares at her. Cherry turns away and leaves the apartment.

Submitted: May 11, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Jaime Janusz R. All rights reserved.

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