adam and alex

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Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011




One block down, three streets up was the bus stop where five-year-old Adam fell in love. Long wavy hair color blonde, blue eyes great smile left him completely stunned. Her name, Alex, and this is the story of a boy whose fate was already set, a lifelong torture, burning like an eternal cigarette. She was the girl he sat next, cherry red blushing cheeks, as he mumbled and said “I’m Adam who are you?” and she said I’m Alexandra but please call me Alex, with a great big smile and that’s exactly how they met. Through elementary grades the best-est of best friends, during their 12th summer at the dock under a majestic sunset their lips had met. Time went on and at 14 his feelings where strong so he said,” this is it, I have to admit what I feel for you, I am deeply in love with you…she giggled as she said,” your such a fool”, he frowned and she said, “I was wondering how long you were going to take, definitely not soon, he smiles and she says,” my love all I think about is you, their love exploded, boom, as both of their bodies violently clashed with kisses and hugs between the two. The irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired, loves intensity forever higher.

However sophomore year Alex beauty would have her disappear, slowly Adam no more would he see her, river of tears, lake of fears. Beauty is like a drug, addicting yet doesn’t last long. Everyone wants Alex and she of course thinks it’s flattering, a new boyfriend cutest guy came to be, and Adam just couldn’t believe what his eyes were witnessing, for this nightmare wasn’t supposed to be a part of his dream. Months passed by, and she had been cheated on multiple times, what did she do? Who would she run to? Oh yea, that fool that can’t stop loving you. She walks to the dock where she guessed was at, find him with a bottle of jack, then says what are you looking at, his response, something beautiful, she says, what could that be, he says, someone who doesn’t leave , doesn’t matter how beautiful she could be, always here for me, oh how she brings me serenity. She says, sounds a lot like me! He starts laughing, are you kidding me, she says I’m deeply sorry and starts crying. I love you though do you believe me? Do you still love me? And he says no I don’t, but yea unfortunately, with all of my being and starts to weep. Sat together and minutes turned to hours and nothing was said. Finally he says, Amor, you’re the only one, and I promise that will always stay the same, my heart you have won, and I thank god that you’re the one to blame.

Later that night bodies were explore, bodies souls were known, expressed themselves like never before, love face, love was made, to treys song I bet the neighbors know my name. Never the less, Adam finds himself broken hearted, because in just a few days she was caught making out with her brand new boyfriend. Dammit, I have to find a way to stop loving her, oh how it burns, hell really can’t be much worse. Years passed same things repeating when she was alone, he’d be third wheeling. Dated girly girls, dated tom boys but no one could ever fill that void. Depressed, upset, distressed, heart shattered cardiac arrest. His heart bleeds, a million pieces, how could be, the one he needs doesn’t need him. She walks to his door step on a raining evening, and before she could even knock he opens the door and says, finally I knew you need me. Her smile ever so suddenly gone, summer to fall, his terminal disease, love lost, and I spy through Adams green eyes, on her left hand a beautiful spec that shines, what a surprise soon to be a bride.

What is that, she says, Adam I’m getting married, heart dropping voice he says no that isn’t meant to be, she says, your too good for me, u deserve the best, and he says, best is less if it isn’t my best friend, my one and only love her name is Alex. She starts to cry and says it’s too late now, here’s your invitation the time, date and walks away. He loses himself in a deep intense abyss as he still standing in the same exact place. Ooh my love, why can’t you just be with me like it supposed to be! One day before that dreaded wedding day. She calls him up, Adam meet me at that coffee place. I’m having second thoughts; I can’t go along, you and I we are meant to be, just like a love song, explosive emotions ripping the ground, the pain within those tear drops. He says, Meet me at the dock before sunset, and we can go far lets run far away, start a new life just me and you, the world can be our playground, please don’t let my love be the same to you.

Adam stands firm at the dock in a suite, keys in his hands ready to drive to Brute Avenue, to this place where his possible nightmare could become very true. Meanwhile, Alex is ready to walk down that isle of regrets and mistakes that she might acquire. Sunset is on time and she’s not yet, not even a million words could express what that meant. Peace isn’t held forever so it’s only appropriate to interrupt at forever hold your piece. Adam comes in, tears of conviction, strongest determination, walks in to say I have an objection. He starts off like this: I know you love me and I love you too, regrets are forever, leave with me no regrets sounds much better, cause you think of me I know that you do, you told me that same day that I admited my love to you. Violets aren’t red and roses aren’t blue so look at me in the eyes and I dare you to tell me it isn’t true. I am in love with you, you set me free, I can’t do this thing live a life without you here with me, cause I’m dangerously in love with you, I’ll never leave, just keep loving me the way you should, and be with me. Why do you cry and not say anything because you can’t deny everything, Alex can’t stop crying, as he keeps on saying stop lyi…

I am in love with you, you set me free, I can’t do this thing live a life without you here with me, cause I’m dangerously in love with you, I’ll never leave… Its 7:50, her dedicated song, which happens to be her alarm for the second time goes off as she’s late for school and has no idea what’s going on.

Your Fate will always be left in the hands of any person but yourself and there’s nothing you can do about it but to accept it. Whose fate is in your hands? – jair Sancho

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