beautiful cold reality

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reality has its ups and downs

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



Life’s lovin you, but shes fuckin me, lifes a desperate wife, and she cheats on you with me, and shes fooling you, and you’re not happy cause she was all for you, but it was just your dream. You woke up and see reality, footprints are what’s left of your friends and you feel lonely. Hell yeah it hurts but you have no one to blame, this is what you get for stepping on your own grenade. But shit happens and life goes on, your past is darkened, dye your future color blonde. Ups and downs, twists and turns, regret nothing cause with every step you’re bound to learn. So it’s up to me, to decide if my glass is half empty or full, cause life can weigh a million pounds and break my back but knowing that I lift that shit makes it feel a million pounds lighter. Yeah I am a mistake, just an STD but without this STD this poems life just couldn’t come to be, and without me, who would my mom, my dad and friends be? Not trying to be cocky, but every life has its reasoning, just like destiny, and she knows the reason your on this earth with me, I affect you and you affect me, negative or positively. Yea my dad left me, before the age of three, yea my mom did all his work and dedicated her life so I can be the type of man my dad could never be. Every day alone, while my mom’s at work, and how ironic, that 80 feet away my dad is drunk in the same apartment complex. Ten years went by and I almost never see him, but when I do, he asks why don’t I ever come to see him, are you being serious? Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know that I’m responsible for your retarded selfishness. Look at me now I’m nothing like you, and every time you think of me I’ll be bugging you, go ahead show me off, but deep inside you know that my success has almost nothing to do with you, and you know it’s true, and you’re only pillow of comfort will be the fact that you’re the prime example of what I shouldn’t do.

Well life went on, and I’m doing what I love to do, but there’s a list of people and things that I feel like getting wasted to, so put them downer tunes, so I can drink to you, so I can drink to love, to hate, to all of those I dedicate this too. Cause she’s long gone, and she’s forever hurt, and she says she’s done, and her heart forever burns. And he’s gone too, he’s way to cool, you were my best friend bro, believe me that I trusted you, I’m like your old t-shirt, that you never use, and deep inside I tell myself,”he’s selfish dude, he’s embarrassed of you, you stick around through good and bad and he forgot you were there, you needed to walk away a long time ago but you won’t so I’m ashamed of you”. And she has her friend, her partner in crime, and she’s says you’re in, but three is odd so she doesn’t understand I’m missing mine. And she lives so far, and they all live hours away, if it weren’t so hard I’d visit them every day. And she’s so beautiful, and she’s so divine, but she’s too good, so I’ll just decline, but on second thought I’d rather be turned down a million times, than forever live with this regret of never really knowing what could have happened once so I guess I’ll try. But when I talk to you don’t look at me in the eyes, because if you do, you’ll see through these windows and find out what I truly for you inside.

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