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a little random rhyming battle with a friend with 3 min time limit!

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



let the ink hit the paper and create a vicious lyrical world, and may no one forget god made me unique, so my mind works way faster than the red and blue blur, crashing computer and I get smarter, I’m raping this paper harder than a psychopathic child molester,  so “Microsoft word” is “sown in discomfort”, and don’t hate like “mother-in-laws” cuz they’re all “women Hitler’s” and if you don’t believe me grab a piece paper and pen, sit down and start to reword. Killing it using only 26 letters, bitch slaps your brain, caution your head will end up hurt. This world we live in is full of conspiracy, broken rules, hate, and decadency. Look at me as I spill and write freely in this beautiful world poetry, where the darkest ink happens to be anarchy, the only ink that truly is enlightening me.

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