times game

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its always too late

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



times game

Life is on rare occasion fair. Time, coincidences, and human nature bring shadows on life long road leaving it impaired.  I hate that moment when I met you at that place, and that “time” coincidently had already given you away, and I hate the fact that time can’t go back, that time isn’t like ass and can’t back like that, and that life and time play together one cruel game, that never asks you if you want to play, yet brings you in and never tells you how long you’ll stay.

I’ve been kissed, yet lips had never touched, I was touched but it was never felt, I’ve been sincerely loved but my emotions couldn’t really tell. But now my hearts speeds up a million miles, to hug, touch, kiss, and to live and die just to see your beautiful smile. Just for one second I drown myself in your sea of love, and if you let me be the only one, a universe of all you want won’t be enough to compare to us. Day dreaming done, a second of eternity and now I’m back, just lived a life time with you and I’m in love with that. You get up and walk away, with that man you’re happily married to, nothing left to say, what we were meant to be will never come true.

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