A Yearly Tradition

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Everyone has a yearly tradition. My tradition takes place on my birthday.

Submitted: May 15, 2014

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Submitted: May 15, 2014



Many of us have a yearly tradition. That tradition could be going to a favorite restaurant every year or seeing a relative every year. My yearly tradition occurs on my birthday. Every year, I get a birthday blowjob. It seems childish and maybe in poor taste. But, it’s worth it! Trust me, it is! My favorite birthday blowjob came on my 23rd birthday. It was only a few weeks away from graduation. I was excited for that. But, I was more excited for my blowjob. I woke up that morning just gleaming with joy. I had no work and no classes that day. When I was making breakfast, I realized that this could be the last “Great” birthday blowjob I’ll ever have. I felt by this time next year, I’ll be in graduate school and I’ll be working. I wouldn’t be able to give myself the present I love so much. I had to make this one special.

I went to Craigslist to find the one to give me my present. I put a listing out and waited. About an hour later, I get an email. I look at his pictures and stats. His pics were fucking hot! His stats: Age 29, White, 245 lbs, bushy black beard and a buzz cut. His 8 inch uncut cock could fill out a jockstrap! I emailed him back and told him to meet me at my place. About 20-22 minutes later, he pulls up in a black Jeep Wrangler. I told to get in my car, a GMC pickup truck. I told him I wanted Road Head for my birthday present. He gives me a smile and starts to kiss me heavily. I had to hold him back and told him, hey, now! Wait ‘til we get in the truck.

We both get in the truck. We start to make out again. He lifts up my shirt and starts to lick and pinch my nipples. As my cock started to harden, he rubs his hands up and down the bulge in my pants. I told to hold on. Let’s start driving before we get to that. We start to drive and head toward town. At a stoplight, he undoes my belt and pants. He pulls them down to the truck floor along with my underwear. He starts to suck on my 9 inch cock. He goes in and deep throats my cock. As he keeps blowing me, I got closer to cumming. At the same time, I hear I Want Your Sex by George Michael. He was really making my toes curl. We stopped at a shopping center parking lot so he can finish. I was close and wanted to tell him I was about to cum. I didn’t and I came. He had to spit out my cum. After that I asked him why didn’t you swallow? He told me, I would have if you would have told me you were cumming. After he told me that, I spotted a Burger King and asked him if he was hungry.

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