Smoothies for Runners: Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Running and Workout Training

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Smoothies for Runners

Smoothies for Runners is the #1 runner smoothie recipe book for strengthening your body after serious runs that deplete your body of the nutrients you need.

Its no secret that after a long hard run your body loses vital vitamins and nutrients that it needs to repair muscle and your entire body with. These smoothies in this recipe book are fortified with specific vitamins that your body needs after runs to keep you healthy. Healthy food like fruits, vegetables, nuts and other ingredients have everything that you need to regain the strength your body needs. Healthy smoothie recipes like these are a great way of getting back the nutrients that you need from healthy foods that your body burns off.

Juicing recipes and smoothie recipes are packed with so many powerful strength building ingredients that they are great even if you are simply on a smoothie diet. Many of the smoothie recipes that you will find here in this recipe book are designed not only for post run smoothies but breakfast smoothies and pre run smoothies. It is important to consistently be eating healthy foods throughout the day so when you do run your body has what it needs to make it through those long runs. These smoothies are even great for post and pre workouts.

You can find so many combinations of recipes in this book that you will be adding a smoothie on to every meal you eat. The best part of drinking these energy replenishing smoothies is that they taste great! If you're not into the mixed fruit and vegetable smoothies no problem. Many of these recipes contain fruit only for you fruit smoothie lovers.

These smoothie recipes can even replace your protein shake recipes. With many banana smoothie recipes in this book your protein powder will still taste great if you decide to add it to them. If you are a complete newbie at smoothies and have no idea how to make smoothies these recipes are very simple and straight to the point with no added fluff. There are no fancy recipe directions or ingredients just simple fruits and vegetables that you are familiar with that are designed to help your body recover and repair with every run or workout you have.

Here are some great benefits you will find here in this book...

Reenergize your body with specific fruits and vegetables that are designed to give your body what it needs after a long run.
Help your muscles and joints recovery from strenuous runs and workouts.
Keep you healthy with a low fat and low calorie diet.
Prepare your body for extreme physical activity.
Give your body quicker repair time.
Convert other foods you eat into energy with strategic fruit and vegetable ingredient combinations.

If you have been looking for some great smoothies after your run to replace what you lose look no further, this is the perfect smoothie recipe book for runners.

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