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A woman awakens in her apartment, bruised up from a fight with her boyfriend. She doesn't remember much of it but she would soon find out a dark secret of what happened that night.

Submitted: December 01, 2012

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Submitted: December 01, 2012



Sharron Ellis lives in a small apartment in the city of Chicago. She has an abusive boyfriend and almost every day they would argue and sometimes they would fight. Usually, Sharron would wake up with a few minor bruises and a bloody nose. But this time, she woke up with blood on her hands, shirt and jeans. She also has a bloody nose and some head injuries. Sharron hops into the shower to get the blood stains off her body. She washes up and puts on some clean clothes. As she walks out of the bathroom, she notices the big mess from last night. Pictures are off the wall, glass is on the floor and for some odd reason, there are flies flying all around the living room. Sharron doesn’t remember anything from last night, most likely because of the bruises on her head. She knows she should see a doctor but she has no car nor does she have any money for a taxi.

Sharron begins to clean the mess she and her boyfriend had made. There was blood pretty much everywhere, on the walls, the floors, and on the furniture. As Sharron continues to clean, she notices the new messages on the answering machine. She stops cleaning to listen to the messages.

“Hey Sharron, It’s Jen, I haven’t heard from David in a while, I was wondering if you knew where he was”. “Please call me back when you hear from him”. Sharron doesn’t understand how her boyfriend could be missing if he was here just last night. She deletes the message and plays the second.

“Hello Ms. Ellis, this is Detective John Rupert”, “I just want to let you know that David Clancy has been reported missing and you are our primary suspect”, “We were at your apartment but I guess you weren’t home, next time we won’t bother knocking”,” Good day Ms. Ellis”.  At this time, Sharron is getting worried about David, even after what had happened last night. She tries her best to remember everything that happened but the only thing she remembers is arguing with David.

Sharron tries to clean up the mess before the police arrives. As she is clearing up the floor, she lets out a loud gasp. Underneath the table, she finds a knife covered in blood. She’s too scared and worried to pick it up. She has a lot of questions going through her mind. As she stands up on her feet, she notices a swarm of flies swarming around the couch. She realizes that something must be underneath the couch. She walks slowly to the couch; her heart is beating really fast as she smacks the flies out of her way. She smells something really bad, it almost makes her puke. She bends her knees and puts her hands underneath the couch then slowly lifts the couch and drops it to the side. What she sees makes her puke, immediately. Sharron finds herself looking upon a bruised up, bloody lifeless body that what she thought would be David’s, is her own.

David Clancy had left the city of Chicago, leaving back at home, his memories, his family and his brutal crime.

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