"Last Night"

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A group of guys get together for a bachelor party at a strip club when the next morning they wake up in jail, not knowing how they got there.

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012



Last Night

“Can’t wait for tonight man, it’s gonna be hardcore!”

Relax Joey, we cannot get into any trouble today”. Ned says. “It’s the night before his wedding, we have to keep our cool”.

“Where is he anyway?”

“Uhh…he should be here any second actually”, Ned replies looking at his watch.

A knock at the door echoes through the house following a few rings of the doorbell. Ned pauses the game and answers the door. He exchanges hugs with Ed who is his brother as well as the groom .

“You boys ready for the most awesome night of your life?” Ed asks excitingly.

“Hell yeah brotha, you know it”, Joey says, doing a dance as his big round belly shakes up and down. 

“Don’t get carried away Ed, you are getting married tomorrow”.

“You don’t think I know that Ned?” Asked Ed. “Relax big brother, I am not a kid anymore”.

“So Lucy’s ok with you going to a strip club?”

“She says she doesn’t trust me, so I told her we were going to a bar for a couple of drinks”, Ed replies. “That woman is clueless”.

“No, that woman is a psychopath, she’ll kill you if she finds out”, Ned says.

“Yeah but she’s hot”, Joey says as he laughs his way outside”.

“Ok well we should get going, the sun’s going down and we have to pick up Ryan”, says Ned.

The boys head out to the car, they have an exciting night ahead of them, one that marks the next journey of life for a man named Ed. They picked up their good friend Ryan and now they are ready for the night of their lives.

The next morning the boys wake up in a jail cell, they don’t know how they ended up there but they will soon find out.

“What the hell?” Ned says silently as he awakens and notices where he is. “Where the hell are we?”  Ned stands on his feet; he feels pain in his head and it just feels like a chunk of his life was just skipped. “Guys wake up!” Ned yells. “Get the hell up guys!”

“Where are we?” Joey asks as he awakens.

“This isn’t good, this isn’t good at all”, says Ned as he paces around the cell. “What the hell happened last night?”

The guys all look horrible, they don’t remember much from last night but they know it had to have been really bad. They each has pain in their heads, cuts and bruises on parts of their body, and dried up blood on their shirts. Joey has not shirt on and Ryan has dried up blood around his nose.

“Rise and shine boys”, a man says as he bangs on the bars.

“We don’t belong in here!” Ned yells.

“I don’t know if you guys are aware of this but we have a young man shot dead”. That’s when the guys noticed that Ed isn’t there, they begin to panic.

“Where the hell is Ed?” Ned yells.

“Is Ed dead?” Asked Joey.

“I’m not getting into any details”, the man says. “I’m gonna take you all in, one by one, for interrogations”. He points at Ned, “You, come with me”. Ned follows the man to the interrogation room. Ned prays in his head for Ed to be alive. They sit face to face and begin the questioning.

“I’m Detective Gilmore”, the man says. “I am indeed sorry to tell you that the victim is identified as Edward Jacob Thomas”.

“No! That can’t be possible, no!”  Ned breaks down in tears; he doesn’t believe that his 25 year brother, a husband and a father to be is really dead. “How did it happen?” He asks as he continues to cry. 

“He was shot in the head, we were hoping you could tell us the rest”.  

“I don’t know, I-I-I can’t remember”.

“You’re gonna have to try your best to remember”.

“Ok, I’ll try”.

We left the house at around 8 O’clock; we picked up Ryan and arrived at the club at around 8:32. The first thing we did when we got there was order our food; we drank a few beers as we waited. The food eventually came, we ate with no problem. When we all finished so we went to the bar area and we drank.

“Nothing usual?” Detective Gilmore asks.

“Not really, no”.


Ok well we were all drinking, nothing usual happened. We had a few strippers called to our table and we were just…having a good time. We were drinking a lot more than what we wanted, I admit we were a little drunk. Joey was out of control; I can remember him with no shirt on, jumping up and down on the table, throwing beer bottles and chanting, “Burn this shit down! Burn this shit down!  We were all laughing at the time, chanting along with him.

“And Ed was there as well?”

“Yeah, I’m positive he was”.

“Ok continue”.

Well that’s when this group of guys came over and started yelling at us to shut the hell up and claiming that we hit one of them in the head with a beer bottle. I remember getting in a brawl with them; I guess that’s where these bruises came from. We definitely didn’t hear any gun shots, I know that for sure. We were immediately kicked out of the club so we went to another one, a couple blocks away. Ed was there with us as a matter of fact, he knew a girl who worked as a stripper there and she gave us a discount on everything. We were drinking, gambling, we were just out of control, I never wanted it to go that far. We were all making fun of Joey because he had no shirt on and then, as we were playing blackjack, Ed got up and just ran off. I believe that was the last time I saw him.

“That’s it?” Asked Detective Gilmore

Actually, I remember going into the bathroom and seeing Ryan put pills in his mouth and washed it down with water then he pulled condoms out of his pocket, he was bleeding from his nose pretty bad. As I walked out the bathroom I noticed Joey walking around shirtless and looking really lost. He was knocking on one of the private rooms; I had no idea what he was doing. I then saw Ryan go into a private room labeled “Valorie”.

“Anything else Ryan had?” Ned looks to the floor and pauses as if he is thinking.

“No…just pills”.

“Ok let’s go”.

“Wait, maybe those guys who jumped, followed us to the other club and shot Ed there”.

“Those men were arrested just outside of the club, they had nothing to do with it, now let’s go”. They get up and the policeman leads Ned back to the cell. “Ok, you’re next”. Ryan gets up and walks with Detective Gilmore to the interrogation room. They sit down to hear Ryan’s side of the story. “Ok, you get the same procedure, tell me what happened last night”.

“I don’t remember a thing from last night”.

“Is that so?” Detective Gilmore says. “So you don’t remember swallowing down pills in the bathroom of a strip club?”

“Of course not, look I said I don’t remember a thing”.

“Nothing at all?”

“No, nothing”.

“Things aren’t looking good for you right now”, Detective Gilmore says in an angry tone. “Let’s go, get up!” They walk back to the cell. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, try not to miss me”. The guys wait in the cell, trying to remember the horrid events that had to have taken place last night. Ned looks at Ryan with a dirty look.

“Ryan, did you kill my brother?”

“What? Ed’s dead?”

“Don’t try to act like you don’t know, I saw you taking pills and pulling condoms out of your pocket in that  bathroom last night”, Ned explains. “I also saw a gun in your pocket, now explain that!”

“Yes, I did have pills and condoms last night and yes, I had a gun but it was not mine and I would never kill Ed, he’s like a brother to me!” Detective Gilmore walks pass the cell with a woman following behind him.

“Hey wasn’t that the girl from last night?” Ned asks.

“Yeah, she did look familiar”, says Joey. Detective Gilmore is taking the woman in the interrogation room for some questioning.

“Ok young lady, take a seat”, he says. “Now, as you already know, we have a young man dead, I need you to tell me what happened last night from the time those boys entered the club”.

“Well, I had just finished my dance on stage when they ran in. They looked horrible, they were beat up, they were drunk and they were rowdy. I knew Ed really well so I…

“How well did you know him”? Detective Gilmore says, interrupting the woman.

“Well we dated a few years back before we broke up”. Detective Gilmore shakes his head and writes in his notebook.

“Ok continue”.

“Well like I was saying, I knew him well so I gave them discounts on drinks. That’s pretty much it, nothing else happened from there”.

“That’s it?”

“Yeah, we went our separate ways”. Detective Gilmore sighs and they get up and walk back to her cell. He feels like she’s holding something back. Detective Gilmore walks back to the guy’s cell and pulls out Joey for interrogations. They enter the room and they sit down.

“Where the hell is your shirt?” Detective Gilmore asks. “Somebody get this man-child a shirt”.

“Hey I am a respectable man! How dare you talk to me that way?”

“Shut up and sit down”, Detective Gilmore says frustratingly. “Now, you’re going to tell me everything that happened last night and it sure as hell better be good”.

Ok, it’s not all clear to me, I was really drunk and I kinda get crazy when I get drunk. We arrived at the club at around 8:30. I believe we ate first then we drank and had a few strippers at our table. We were all drunk and crazy; they were chanting, “burn this shit down! Burn this shit down! I tried to get them to shut up but they didn’t listen so this group of guys came over and…

“Don’t give me that shit, I was told you were the rowdy one who started the chanting and threw beer bottles around!” Detective Gilmore yells. “You lie to me one more time and I swear you will go down as the killer!”

“I told you I get crazy when I’m drunk!”

“Just finish your story and it better be all true”.

Ok well, I threw a bottle, it hit someone and they came over to our table, we got our asses kicked and then kicked out of the club so we went to the other club down the street. When we got there, this woman gave us free drinks; we drank, gambled on blackjack and that was it.

“That’s it?” the detective says.

Oh and I remember walking around, looking for my shirt, I ran into Ryan who was coming out of the bathroom, opening a condom with his mouth and he had a bloody nose. Ned followed behind him. I remember hearing a banging noise coming from one of the private rooms by the bathrooms. I knocked on the door to see if somebody was there, they started banging on the other side. I really wanted my shirt; everybody was making fun of me so I went on looking for it.

“That’s all I remember.”

“So nobody saw Ed during the time you were all near the bathrooms? Or even after?”

“Nope, the last time I saw him was when he ran off from the blackjack table, he was really angry for some reason”.

“Ok, that’s all I need from you”. They walk back and Detective Gilmore locks Joey back into the cell. He then pulls the woman out of her cell for a second interrogation.

“You’re gonna have to start telling the truth”, Detective Gilmore says.

“I already told you what I know”.

“I’ve been told that a man went into your private room with a condom in his hand now you tell me what happened last night?”

“We had sex, that’s all, you wanna lock me up for doing what over half of the damn world is doing then go ahead!”

“Why didn’t you tell me that before?”

“I didn’t feel like I needed to”.  Detective Gilmore gets up and walks out of the room.

“Keep an eye out on her”, he says to the officers who stand outside the interrogation room. He comes back into the room, with Ryan following behind him. “Do you remember her?” Detective Gilmore asks Ryan, pointing at the woman, Valorie.

“Not at all sir”, Ryan replies as he shakes his head.

“You liar, why won’t you just confess?” Valorie asks.

“Confess to what? I did nothing!” A man suddenly burst into the room.

“Sir you’re gonna want to see this”, he says.

Detective Gilmore gets up and walks with him to the next room. Apparently a firearm was found in the private room of Valorie Brown, but the gun is registered for Edward. Detective Gilmore feels like he is getting closer to solving the case, he heads back into the room with some more questions for both Valorie and Ryan.

“Ok, you two are going to speak and you’re gonna do it now!”

“I already told you detective, I don’t know a thing”, Valorie says.

“Oh really, so why did we find a gun in your room?”

“That is not my gun, I found it last night”, says Valorie.

“One of you fired this gun and I’m gonna find out who”.

“Detective, may I speak to you in private?” Ryan asks.

“Why you finally wanna speak up?” Detective Gilmore asks. “Gentlemen, take Ms. Brown back to her cell”. As they were taking Valorie back to her cell, she looks at Ryan with a guilty look as if she knows that he knows something. “Ok, tell me what you know, and I want everything”.

Well as you know, Valorie and I were all over each other last night. Ed was playing poker when he saw Valorie and me kissing in the back. He got up from the table and walked over to us, he looked really angry. Valorie and I went into one of the private rooms in the back, Ed followed us. He went inside and started yelling, “what the hell is this?” He was throwing things, yelling, he punched me in the nose then pulled a gun out on me.  We got him to put the gun down, I picked it up and we left. That’s the last time I saw him. Valorie went into her room while I went into the bathroom to take a few pills, I had the gun at that time. Ned ran in on me, he looked dazed out as he stared at me with a dirty look. Joey was out there as well, he was yelling “where the hell is my shirt?” He was dazed out as well. So I then went into Valorie’s room and we had sex. That’s the last thing I remember.

“Thanks for that brilliant story there Ryan”, Detective Gilmore says sarcastically. “It makes a lot of since because that’s where we found you, in the bed, no clothes and passed out”.

“Ok, so you know I didn’t do it right?”

“Who do you think did it? Tell me that”.

“I think it was Valorie, she was really mad at him for getting married. Based on what Ed was saying and the pictures in Valorie’s room, they were still seeing each other, even though Ed was getting married”.

“Why didn’t you speak up earlier?”

“I loved Valorie, I thought maybe we would be together but after seeing her immediately put the blame on me, I knew she didn’t love me. I know she killed him.”

“Well we won’t find out until we match the bullets”. They both get up, Detective Gilmore shakes his hand. “Take this man back to his cell and bring me Valorie Brown”. They do as told and they bring Valorie Brown back in, she has a look of fury in her face.

“Things aren’t looking good for you Ms. Brown”, Detective Gilmore says. “Your little boyfriend finally came forward so unless you want life in prison, I suggest you tell your side of the story”. She has her arms folded as she tries not to look at him.

“Whatever he told you, it aint true”, she blurts out.

“Then tell me what happened last night”.

Ryan and I were kissing over near the back, when Ed spotted us and followed us into one of the rooms in the back. He was yelling, throwing things and he pulled out a gun and aimed it at both Ryan and I. We got him to calm down, he put the gun on the floor and then Ryan picked it up and we left leaving, Ed locked in the room. I ran into my room and waited for Ryan. We had sex and then he fell asleep. I went to let Ed out of the room but, he was already gone and the back door was wide open. I thought maybe he went home, so I shut the door and drove home and then this morning, I was arrested.

“So that’s…” A man suddenly knocks on the door. “Come in!” Detective Gilmore yells.

“Sir, I have the results, if you wanna follow me”. Detective Gilmore gets up and follows the man outside. They talk for a short while in the hall before Detective Gilmore walks back into the room.

“It turns out that the results came out false, the bullets do not match”. Detective Gilmore says. “But that doesn’t mean you’re free to go”. “Take her back gentlemen”. Detective Gilmore sits in the interrogation room, becoming a little frustrated, just when he thought he was close to solving the case, he’s back to where he started. He takes his coat, puts it on and leaves the police station.

Detective Gilmore pulls into the parking lot of the club that the boys were in before they were kicked out. He goes to the front door and knocks. A man walks to the door and opens it.

“I’m sorry sir but we are closed”.

“I’m Detective Gilmore, I’m here to ask you a few questions”.

“Of course, come in”. They walk inside and sit at the bar.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Sure, I can use it”. The man pours Detective Gilmore a drink then sits just across from him. “Ok, so I need you to tell me about what happened last night when you kicked out a group of guys, you remember that right?”

“Oh yes, of course”, the man says.

They were all rowdy, one in which was a fat one who was dancing on table chanting “Burn the shit down” or something like that. I tried to calm him down but he began to throw beer bottles and it hit one of the guys who were in another group. They went over to their table; they began to fight so we kicked them out. I then saw a woman run out of the club and then sped off in a black car. She left tire marks in my parking lot.

“Ok, so is that it?”

“Well a couple of hours later, I heard a gunshot, followed by another one just minutes after”.

“Ok, I guess that’s all I need from you, thanks for your time”.

“Anytime time sir”. Detective Gilmore walks outside to his car, he notices tire tracks in the parking lot that leads out onto the road.  He gets into his car and follows the tracks to a club down the street. This is where the body of Ed was found.

“Good morning, Detective”, a policeman says as Detective Gilmore heads inside the club.

The club is a mess, there’s beer everywhere, glass on the floor, puke, paper and even money. He walks to the back where the private rooms are, as well as the bathrooms. He walks into the room where Valorie and Ryan apparently locked Ed inside. He notices everything out of place; glass was on the floor, a few drops of blood. “I guess they were telling the truth”, he says to himself. He walks outside the room; he then searches for a door labeled “Valorie”.  He finds the door and walks inside, on the walls are pictures of Valorie and Ed, apparently they were really close. He finds a bottle of pills; he picks it up and notices that it’s prescribed to Ryan Anderson.  He goes through the drawers and finds a cell phone. He knows it’s Valorie’s because it has her name in the background. He goes through the phone, looking for text that could help solve the murder. He reads a text from Ed to Valorie.

“Don’t worry, she will never find out. I love you and I will see you tonight”. The text was sent yesterday about 12 hours before the shooting; Ed must have planned on seeing her at the club. He reads the message that was sent from Valorie to Ed in reply.

“Ok, I trust you but she’s crazy, she’ll sniff us out”. Detective Gilmore leaves the room and heads out the back door that leads to the parking lot, where the body was found. He walks around the corner, to the back of the building hoping he could find a weapon. He doesn’t find a weapon but he finds a black car parked in a corner. He walks toward the car and on the window of the driver’s seat, he finds a note. He takes it off and reads it…













Detective Gilmore then looks inside the car to see a woman bleeding from the skull. He opens the door to check her pulse, she’s dead. He calls 911 and they sent an ambulance right away. A gun was found in the car, they compared the bullets to the one that killed Ed. It was a match; the bullets also matched the bullet that killed the woman in the car. The victim is identified as Ashley Roux, 25, fiancée of Ed. Apparently she found out that Ed was cheating, so she killed him then took her own life behind the strip club. The case of “Last Night” has been solved.

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