The Forgotten 0ne

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A boy is missing or is it? Everyone seems to pretend like he doesn't exist after he doesn't come home after a school field trip, everyone except for his mother. Is he dead or is he alive? Or Could he be imaginary?

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012



The Forgotten One

“Have a nice field trip honey”, Rachel says as she kissed her son goodbye.

“I will”, Grayson replies, waving goodbye to his mother. “Bye mom, I love you”.

“I love you too”, she says, waving goodbye.

Rachel walks back home, a few streets from the bus stop. She always seems bored when Grayson goes off to school; he is pretty much all that she has. Her husband left her for another woman, leaving Rachel and Grayson behind with only a few dollars. She loves him so much that it fears her everyday to let him go off to school without her. She walks over to the bus stop everyday fifteen minutes early to make sure nothing happens to Grayson. That afternoon at 2:30, Rachel walks to the bus stop; Grayson gets off the bus soon so she makes sure she’s there early. It’s 2:45 now, Grayson should have been here by now but the bus has yet to show up. Rachel leans on the nearby fence, looking back and forth at her watch; she’s becoming a little worried. All of her worries are over now as she sees the bus driving down the street. She smiles as she waits for Grayson to get off. 1 by 1 the children gets off, until suddenly the door shuts and the bus begins to drive away.

“No, wait!” Rachel yells. “My son, where’s my son?” She chases after the bus and bangs on the door with her hands in an attempt to get the driver to stop the bus. The bus finally stops and the bus driver starts to yell.

“Got dammit, young lady!” The driver yells. “Haven’t I told you before?”

“But my son, he didn’t get off!” Rachel cries.

“The hell with your son!” He slams the door shut then speeds off.

Rachel runs down the street, screaming “help!” as her neighbors stare at her, shaking their heads. She runs back home and calls the police. At this point her body is shaking, she doesn’t know what to do, she feels her whole life is just gone. About 10 minutes later, a policeman arrived and Rachel quickly invites him in. “My son is missing”, Rachel says.

“I’m aware of that ma’am, we also have another boy missing, Nathan Wilson”, the policeman says. “We’re pretty sure the escaped psychopath has something to do with it”.

“Oh dear, an escaped psychopath?”

“Yes ma’am, Virginia Alexander”.

“That name does sound a bit familiar”.

“Ok ma’am, do you have a picture of your son?” The policeman asks.

“Yes of course”. She goes over to the drawer and hands the policeman a picture.

“This girl, holding your son, she looks an awful lot like you”, The policeman says. “Who is it?”

“I don’t know who that girl is”, Rachel replies.

“Are you sure?”  The policeman says, doubting everything that Rachel says.

“Of course I am”.

“Ma’am, stay here, I’ll be back in a second”. The policeman walks back to his car and talks on his walkie-talkie.  A couple of minutes later he walks back in. “Ma’am, I’m gonna need to take you downtown for a few questions”.

“What for?” Rachael asks. “What about my son?”

“Ma’am, if you’re going to resist, I’m gonna have to handcuff you”.

“No!” Rachel yells.

The policeman pulls out his handcuffs and walks toward Rachel. Rachel reacts quickly and grabs the glass lamp from the table and smashes his head with it. Blood quickly spreads on the floor as Rachel digs through the policeman’s pockets and grabs his keys. She quickly runs outside and gets into the police car and speeds off.

Rachel pulls into a driveway of a home and runs to the door.  She knocks on the door a few times as hard as she can.

“Rachel, what the hell is wrong with you? The woman on the other side says.

“Can I just come in Emily?” Rachel asks. Emily lets Rachel inside.

“What’s this all about?” Emily asks.

“Grayson is lost, Emily”, Rachel cries. “You have to help me find him”.

“Oh no, not this again”, Emily replies. “Listen Rachel, you have no son, Grayson died 12 years ago”.

“No, not you too”, Rachel says, shaking her head.

“Why won’t you remember?” Emily yells as Rachel runs out of the house.

Rachel runs back to the car, as she goes to open the door, she sees a note taped on the window. She takes it off and reads it.

“If you want your son back, go to this address”.

Rachel drives to the address as fast as she could. She doesn’t understand why people are trying to cover up the whole fact that her son is missing, especially her sister, Emily. She arrives at the address but it’s only an abandoned building. She quickly runs inside, on the wall she finds another note. She takes the note off the wall and reads it.

“If you want your son back, walk up to the rooftop”.

Rachel runs as fast as she could, the building is dark and scary. Rachel feels like somebody or something is there with her, she hears breathing, she can hear whispers, she can hear footsteps that aren’t her own. She runs up about 6 staircases before she makes it to the top stairs. There’s another note on the door, she takes it off and reads.

“If you try something funny…I will blow his brains out”.

Rachel slowly opens the door, “Grayson?” she says as she closes the door.

“Over here…Rachel”, an awkward voice says very slowly. Rachel turns the corner to see an old woman holding a gun.

“Mom?” Rachel says. “Why are you doing this”.

“I just love games Rachel…don’t you?” the woman replies, oddly turning her head sideways.

“Where is my son?” The woman points the gun to a boy whose head is covered with a pillow case.

“Grayson!” Rachel yells. “You let him go, you psycho!”

“Why, don’t you like my game?”  The woman asks. “You used to play me games all the time, back at that damn loony bin”.

“Mom, you’re going insane”, Rachel replies. “Just put the gun down”.

As Rachel tries to convince the woman to put the gun down, police sirens suddenly go off and above the abandoned building, is a helicopter, flashing its vivid light on Rachel and the woman”.

“Put your hands up, now!” The policeman inside the helicopter yells. “We have you surrounded”.

Rachel’s heart is beating rapidly; she doesn’t understand why the police wanted to take her in. The woman quickly takes the boy, stands him up against the edge and pushes him off the 4 story building. “Noooo…” Rachel yells, as she runs and jumps off the building in an attempt to catch him.

4 months later, Rachel awakes in a hospital bed. She has bruises on her head, casts on her arm and leg. She is in a lot of pain but still, all she can think about is her son. A male doctor walks into the room, giving Rachel an awkward smile.

“Good morning Rachel”, the doctor says.

“Where’s my son?” She replies. “Where’s Grayson?”

“You never had a son Rachel”, the doctor says. “Now just Let me explain the whole thing to you”.

The doctor explains the whole thing to Rachel. He explains to her that after her brother, Grayson Fanning died in a car accident; she went crazy and was put in an asylum 12 years ago. Around 6 months ago she was released from the asylum, they thought she was ready but she clearly was not. She began to believe that she had a son. She imagined that her brother was her son. The 12 year old girl in the picture who is hugging the 9 year old Grayson is Rachel. Everyday Rachel would imagine herself watching Grayson get on and off the bus, neighbors thought she was crazy, the bus driver thought she was crazy and they were right.

“Where am I now?” Rachel asks.

“You’re back at the asylum”, the doctor replies. “You killed a police officer, you’ll be here for a very long time”. The woman in the other bed suddenly awakens.

“Mom?” Rachel says, looking at the injured woman.

“That is not your mom, she is Virginia Alexander, an escaped patient whom you called mom before you were released”. The doctor says. “She killed a young boy, Nathan Wilson so she will be here for a very long time as well”.

“What happened to her?”

“She was shot up on that abandoned building, do you remember that day?”

“I do, I do remember that day!” Rachel yells. “She killed my son, you bastard!”

“Nurse!” “Nurse!” The doctor yells.

Rachel suddenly goes nuts as she tries to get up and attack the woman she calls mom. They would manage to contain her and keep her asleep for a while. Not a day will go bye in that insane asylum without Rachel hearing, “You have no son!”

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