"The Night Shift"

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A man is working the night shift and is experiencing some major problems in the process. One in which, his boss is missing.

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012




“Are you sure you’re gonna be fine?”  Wally asked.

“Yes, I’ll be fine”. I replied. “Wally, stop worrying, I’m gonna handle everything, I promise”.

“Ok, I trust you”. Wally said. “I’m gonna go back to the freezer and then head out the back door”.

“Ok, have a nice night Wally”.

“Make sure, that front door is locked”.

“Have a nice night Wally”, I said, waving goodbye.

I’ve been working at Wally’s Diner for almost 3 years now and this was my first night shift. I’ve always been such a screw up, maybe that’s why Wally had a hard time trusting me. It was 11:00 pm, the exact time that the night shift starts. I was washing the tables when suddenly I heard banging coming from the back. I walked back to take a look but I haven’t seen anything unusual. “Wally, is that you?”  I got no answer. I guess something might have fallen in the freezer. That’s when I realized, Wally forgot to give me the key to the freezer. I went back to the diner to use the phone. I dialed Wally’s number a few times but got no answer. I thought maybe he wasn’t home yet. I went back to my work, hoping I can just finish and go home.

About 30 minutes later, things started to get really weird. I was in the kitchen, washing dishes when suddenly the water got really cold, I mean as cold as it could get. I changed back to warm but every time I did it would go back to freezing cold. It didn’t understand it but I really didn’t care, I finished washing the dishes in the cold water, I just wanted to go home. I decided to give Wally another call; I couldn’t finish my work without going into the freezer. I called him 2 times, somebody finally answered the phone.

“Hello?” The woman on the other line says.

“Hello Mrs. Thomas, this is Donny Miller”, I said. “May I speak to Wally please?”

“I’m sorry, Wallace isn’t here right now”.

“Do you know where he might be?”

“He’s usually at the bar on Tuesday nights, why are you in trouble?”

“No ma’am, I’m just working the night shift and Wally forgot to give me the key to the freezer.

“I can call the bar for you, if you’d like”.

“Sure, that’d be great, thank you Mrs. Wallace”.

“You’re welcome sweetie, bye now”.


Well that’s good news, I thought to myself. I was almost finished with my work; all I needed to do was get the unused food into the freezer. I waited for 10 minutes until finally, the phone rang and I answered it.


“Hey Donny, this is Mrs. Thomas”. “I’ve called the bar and they said Wallace hasn’t been there all day”.

“Really? That’s not good”

“I know, I’m getting really worried”.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Thomas, I’m sure he’s fine”.

“I don’t know, this isn’t like him”.

“You know what, I’ll go out and look for him, if I can’t find him within two hours, call the police”.

“Ok, I really appreciate your help Donny”.

“No problem Mrs. Thomas, I’ll talk to you soon”.

I hung up the phone and grabbed my coat off of the chair, that’s when I heard a voice. “Donny, Donny!” the voice yells, it was coming from the back. I slowly walked to the back, my heart was beating awkwardly fast. As I turned to the corner, that’s when I saw him. Wally standing directly in front of the freezer.

“Wally, where were you?”  I said.

“Open the freezer, Donny”, Wally says.

“I can’t, I was trying to get a hold of you to let you know that you never gave me the key”.

“There’s an extra key under the mat”. I bent down, lifted the mat and took the key.

“You should call your wife and let her know you’re ok”, I said. “She is really worried about you”.

“Donny, just open it”.

“Ok, if you say so”. I unlocked the door and I pulled it open. What I saw in here, I can’t ever explain, I can’t ever believe. Wally was lying on the floor, dead. It just didn’t make since to me, I realize now that I was talking to Wally’s ghost. Nobody believes my story, some even believe that I locked him in that freezer, but I know what I saw, it shocked me but I know what I saw, was Wally’s ghost.


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