The Stange Encounter

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Drew gets a knock at his door, he will soon find out that who stands behind that door is not who he ever expected, nor believe.

Submitted: November 06, 2012

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Submitted: November 06, 2012



The Strange Encounter

Drew was in his bed when he heard a knock at the door. He got up and walked downstairs slowly but not without his handgun. He creeped up to the door, with his left eye poking out, looking through the peephole. He was sure whoever it was had left already because by the time he got out of his room the knocking had stopped but that wasn’t the case. It was a boy, a very young boy between the ages of eight and ten. He quickly opened the door but strangely, the boy wasn’t there. Drew walked outside, looked to his left and then his right, but he didn’t see the boy. Drew turned to walk back inside when he heard a noise coming from the bushes. He walked out into the yard and there the boy was hiding. “What kind of joke is this kid? Ding dong ditch at two in the morning?” Drew said to the boy. He just stood there, looking up at Drew. “I want to go home”, the boy says while wiping the wet rain from his sad scared face. Drew took the boy by his hand and walked him inside.

The boy sits in the living room chair; Drew would then bring him a towel to dry off and some clothes that were previously worn by his son who died almost a year ago. The boy puts on the dry clothes and sits on the chair. “So are you lost?” Drew asked the boy. The boy nods his head, “No, I want to go home” he replies. “Well where do you live? I can take you now if you want”, Drew says. The boy said nothing. Drew continued to ask him questions, “Why did you hide behind the bushes earlier?” The boy replies with a stutter, “I-I was scared”. Drew looks at the boy as he is looking at the floor, “What’s your name kid?” The boy continues to look at the floor, he shrubs his shoulder and says, “I don’t remember?” Drew sighed and wiped his face with his hands. He uncovered his face to see the boy is standing at the door, pointing outside. Drew stood up and walked over, the boy is pointing at the woods. “Please come get me”, the boy says before he runs off into the pouring rain. Drew chased after the boy as he yelled out, “hey kid, come back”.

The boy runs into the woods, leading Drew to chase after him. Drew doesn’t know where he is taking him. Drew is yelling out for the kid to slow down while avoiding the rocks and trees. The boy seems to be running really fast, without even having any fatigue. Drew starts to slow down; he can no longer see the boy. Drew thinks to himself “maybe I should go home” but leaving the poor boy just doesn’t seem right to him. Drew starts running again after he gained a little more energy. “Hey kid!” Drew yelled out but got no answer. He felt like he has been running for miles so he decided to just stop and go back home. As Drew began to walk back, he sees a glow in the ground; He walked over and picked it up. It was a glowing wrist band. Drew looked over to his right and there, the boy stands, pointing at the ground. Drew walked over slowly, anxious and scared to see what the boy was pointing at. Drew now finds himself standing directly in front of a body of a young boy. The boy is still pointing at the body, “take me home” the boy says, with his eyes staring right into Drew’s. Drew glanced at the body once again and fell down on his knees, puking out the disgusting, smell and sight of the dead body. He stood up and looked around, the boy is nowhere in sight. Drew had this strong feeling that the boy was a ghost and that the dead body was of his. He didn’t know exactly what the boy meant by “take me home” but he called the police and they put the situation into their own hands.

A few weeks had passed since that night now and Drew has been pretty traumatized by the whole experience. He sat in his living room, thinking of that night as usual, when he heard a knock at the door. Drew got up and slowly walked over to the door, his entire body shaking in fear that the boy would show up again. He took a deep breath, his heart is beating to the point that he can actually hear it, he looks through the peephole and he sighs in relief, it was a man. Drew opened the door, and stuck his head out. “Drew Matheson?” the man asked. “Yes?” Drew replied. The man nods his head, “I’m Dr. Humphrey and I work in the morgue at the General Hospital. May I come in?” Drew stood back and opened the door wider, “sure” he said. They sat in the living room; Humphrey explains to Drew that he had discovered something about the body Drew had found a few weeks ago. Humphrey asks, “The glowing wrist band, your son used to wear those didn’t he? Drew replied yes. “I don’t know how to explain this to you but, the body of the boy you found, is your son” Humphrey says. Drew stood up, “What? How is that possible? My son died almost a year ago, his bones were found”, He replied with a clear anger in his voice. Humphrey replies, over powering Drew’s voice, “Those bones were not of your sons, the body you found matches your boy”. Drew has yet to believe him. “What about the boy? He looked nothing like my son”, I said. Humphrey explains to me, “his face was cut, dirty and unrecognizable”. Drew shook his head, “no, the boy was here, he was alive, he knocked on my door, he-he showed me the body, he wasn’t my son.” Drew said to Humphrey with sweat pouring down his shirt, red covering his entire face. “What in the world are you talking about, are you ok?” Humphrey says with a confused smirk on his face. Drew began to pace around, screaming out “he is not my son, he is not my son, he is not my son” over and over again until he was contained by the police who Humphrey had called in fear that Drew would do something even more insane.  

Drew Matheson now sits alone in a small room, he doesn’t talk much but when he does he’s usually yelling out “he is not my son, he is not my son” over and over again. Nobody really believes in the story that Matheson portrays but he will never forget about the night that traumatized him forever, the night that leaves him to die in his own beliefs, his own memories of the boy and who his child actually was.


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