Life, A Gory Of Rivalry

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Submitted: January 01, 2017

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Submitted: January 01, 2017



Life, A Gory of the Rivalry

By John Jimoh

Justice like a mystical tales

Shared for a mere chill at nightfall

With its innumerable morals never

Seen in the light of realities


The human mind is wet with greed

Bashing morals to the saucer of illusion

A quake in the terracotta of existence

Nudging a brother a rivalry to a brother

so the gory of rivalry in life machinates


Grinding hard and tough as though it wits

But with little suspicion from the rival


A journey of fiasco suddenly divulges

When intentions are not in the selfless rim

raging storms of machination

The dowel that clasp the prostrate favorite

Pitches hates and bitterness in the underdog


The gory is hard on cessation

Such a rivalry is a brawl in the jungle of life

Left in the colony of the deities to mollify

So equivocal and rather ethereal in fixation

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