the bus pt.1

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random thoughts and stories after riding the bus across the country

Submitted: December 01, 2008

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Submitted: December 01, 2008



If I moved in with you could I have a pet, it’ll be 6-12

If your afraid I’ll keep it in my room

Got to have a back up plan, even though we just met

I trust every thing you say

Even though I look like a freak, I would never get one

Do you really want to know

Got any good stories, finally I met some one who’s not a freak

If you stop making fun of me

I just blacked out, and end up in the hospital

Don’t trust anyone who rides the bus

He was adopted, molested at age three

Be back in about twenty

I got to hand it to you, pulled him right in

With your good arm

Once but never again, three kids one purse

Everything goes in it

When I get enough money, going back to c.a.

Mom and dad are great

I was fucked up, librarians have computers in there brains

Hurry up get back on the bus

Any thing you think is weird, just for get to look

That one’s on medication, weather prescribed or not

Do you want a cigarette, slow suicide

I’m going to grow my hair out, my son shaved my head

How long do you plan on staying in Oregon

Front to back, forward then behind

When my father found out, straight to hell

Time to make it on my own, I fucked up

He doesn’t know, waited to long

All the seats are taken, no room on the bus

Hold on to something, even if there’s a tornado in your head

Don’t miss the bus

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