A Sea Maiden!

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A Sea of Stories...

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



Waves flip  my stomach as the vessel leaps against the tide . That face, though hidden somewhat is a memory. Sipping  golden  tea induces a warmth that creeps through my bones and settles my doubts. Footsteps startle me. He stands fierce almost giantlike in my shadow. Cautiously he offers a simple note. It simply reads... it's ok. It's a funny thing to say with multiple meanings. I dare not venture there but thank him. Refusing to let my guard down i shiver. Relunctant to trust and slow to show any understanding i smile. This game is just beginning but its too tiring tonight. I lie against the vessels body and let her rock away my questions. Each wave we defeat is a victory. The storm is far from over. Clouds threaten our sanctuary. Selfish  birds steal our fish. A fire burns in a cylinder to light our deck and steer our way home. A weak candle blinks. He sits strong yet powerful. His breathing slows and he is comfortable in my quietness. I glance at his hands. They work hard and his fingers grip  the boats hold. The sea is a maiden tonight . We are her only friend but we are glad of the vast ocean and the stillness of her song. I feel him watch me and I am confused. Afraid to know yet curious to know. How he accepts so little. How I approach it? Does the sea store our story?  Swallow our secret? My tea plunges to my gut and the fire smoulders some. I reach to stir the embers and find some blankets as the cold comes in. He is just watching me  like he obseves the tides but with a hint of interest. Slightly uncomfortable I pass him without touch. I am scared. A small glimmer of a flame sparks as I poke the fire.  As i descend to the cabin I question his want. Blankets throw themselves from the unlatched press as we ride a freak wave and I am knocked off my feet. Yelping I am frozen. Yesterday and today  flashed in my eyes  and I saw him beckon to me. My fear was killing any feeling. I saw my future. 

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