The table of four

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It's a story about 4 witches who have awaken the evil, and try to fight it.

Submitted: August 26, 2015

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Submitted: August 26, 2015



~~The table of four
Four sitting around a table, looking at each other fiercely, knowing that tonight was the night. It had to be done. Now all eyes were pointed at the middle of the table. Some old Latin signs were written on an old map that was laying on the table.
They all were nervous, because if this was getting out of control, there pretty little lives would be ruined by this dark force. All of them knew that. Sitting around this table made them scared, because they could feel the darkness in the crystal that was laying on the symbol, it wasn’t just darkness it was pure evil and it needed to be destroyed before it fell in the wrong hands.
Celeste who thought they should have hid this thing on a place where no creature would ever look but her friends didn‘t share the same thoughts. It should be destroyed as it has been made. The powers should be buried in the ground and should stay there, it should be returned to the Gods. So three against one, it was obvious that the ritual had to be done.
They grabbed each other’s hands and started chanting to the great God Diana, queen of all witches, the God who once turned all-stars into mice to impress the witches on earth, so they decided to make her their queen. During the full moon that shone through the window, they started saying:
kneel beneath the same Moon
that all the witches of old
have knelt before.
I am one with them
in this sacred light.
Hear me O' Diana, Goddess of the Moon,
Queen of all witches,
Goddess of the dark night and all of nature,
if you will grant me your favor.
Here as the Full Moon shines upon me,
receive me as your child
In the name of Diana, so may it be.

They have called on the powers of Diana, their queen. So now they are ready to do de ritual. There was a small dagger laying on the table. Alex grabbed it and cut himself in the palm of his hand. After one drop of blood was on the crystal he gave it to Celeste, and so the four of them all gave their blood to the crystal so they would be connected with it. They started chanting again:

Powers out of the seven seas,
Force against evil with me,
Powers out of the seven heavens,
Return this kind of darkness to the devil,

May it be burned by fire
May it be drowned by water
May it be buried in earth
May it be brought to heaven by air
So may it be killed by…

Something was happening inside of the crystal so all four stopped chanting. The red crystal was turning black. The four looked at each other and started chanting again, the worried looks where enough to tell this was getting out of control. They were all shouting the last lane over and over again.

So may it be killed by the moon her flare!
So may it be killed by the moon her flare!
So may it be killed by the moon her flare!

The crystal was getting less black, but then out of the sudden it just broke into two parts, both equal to each other. But the darkness was still in the crystal, Celeste could feel it. But now the crystal is broken the dark power can find a way out. Celeste was worried, she could feel the evil, trying to find a way through the air. So out of nowhere all candles blew out, no light in the room any more. The darkness escaped but she didn’t where it went. None of them knew where it went. So when Alex turned the lights on again they noticed the crystal was completely red again. Celeste was relieved because this meant the spell they casted had worked. The power she felt escape were the gods who dragged the evil back to hell. It was all so obvious she thought. The four hanged around a bit, talked to each other about the new rumour of their school. Because Rose and his step-brother, Nol, would have a relationship. Jasmine was exaggerating the whole thing, but Celeste agreed it was some kind of gross. All of them went home, only Michael was so quiet, but they she thought that it must have something to do with tonight, it might have scared him somehow.

Celeste walked home with Alex and Michael, They all lived in the same street. So when she came home her grandma was waiting for her to come home. She was late and she knew that but she thought that it was necessary they have done a brave thing by defeating that darkness and maybe saved some lives so she deserved it. Her grandma commanded her to go to her room. So she went up the stairs slowly. She was cleaning up her room a little bit when she found some old shoe case. There was some kind of book, an old book, and she recognized it immediately, because Jasmine had found a book that looked exactly the same. It was the spell book of her family. She finally found it, after all that searching in her grandma’s room and in the attic, it was just under her bed. She read through it  the whole night, and when the first morning lights came through her window she realized she completely forgot that she had to sleep… She was exhausted but she had to go to school.

But when she came there Jasmine and Alex where waiting there for her, she could see by the looks on their faces that something was wrong. She ran to them and asked them what happened. But Jasmine was speechless, Alex tried to start the story but it was too hard for him too. But after a little bit of thinking she realized something must have happened to Michael because he is the only one who wasn’t here with them. She asked again: “What happened?”, “To Michael? “. Then Alex answered: “both his parents were killed last night.” Her face became pale just in a second. How could this have happened. 

After school they went to visit Michael, but he wasn’t home. They wanted to gather the table of four, so they could try to find out who is the killer, to find out this was connected to yesterday. But Michael wasn‘t anywhere to be found so they decided to sort it out themselves. They went back to the house and sneaked in. Blood was everywhere in the living room. So their parents where still downstairs when the killer came in, waiting on Michael perhaps. The mirror got their attention, writing in blood:

You all have been bad little witches,
So you needed to be punished.

They were all looking, with a lump in their throat, someone knew about their existence. This killer needed to be stopped before he would do something again. He should go to the same place as the evil went.

They were determined to find Michael, because he shouldn’t be alone right now. He was at the police station, so they all gathered there and tried to talk to him but it didn’t work. The police found blood of the murderer, Jasmine had an idea. She was sneaking around in the police station, unnoticed. When Alex and Celeste were staying with Michael. After an hour his little sister showed up after her interrogation, now Michael had to go into the small chamber with the police agent. Out of nowhere Jasmine popped up. She told them to gather at the kissing stone in the forest tonight.

The four of them where there, Michael was there physically but mentally he was somewhere else. Jasmine showed the murderers blood, we can track him down now. Michael looked worried when he saw it. Celeste noticed it and she was confused, why doesn’t he want to know. All kind of questions where spooking in her head. Jasmine prepared the spell. They grabbed each other hands again and started chanting:

Blood of him, who spilled all blood,
Show us the face, lead us to the flesh,
So we can tear his bones apart,
And take the heartbeat out of his heart.

The blood started find his way to one of them, Michael. The blood was running to Michael. So that would mean, he had killed his parents. “That’s impossible” : Jasmine shouted out. Alex screamed: “how could you”. But Michael remained calm. He could hear some kind of buzz in his head again, just like last night. His eyes where blurry and you could see all the veins in his eyes, they were slowly turning black. Celeste was saying: “no.” over and over again. He was possessed by a demon, she read about this kind of evil in her family book. But before she could tell the others, the demon got hold of the body again. He ran after her. She tried to get home as fast as she could. She was terrified as hell. But when she lost him out of sight she hid behind a tree trying to cast a spell, a smoke spell, that would make it easier to get the hell out of this place. So she whispered the following words:

Like fire gives us heat, let it give me smoke.
Let it breath so I can shelter, let this fire be woke.

The smoke came out of the trees, now she could run without being noticed, at least that was what she thought. She heard Michael scream, or at least the beast inside of him, it was a terrible sound, and it was close. She ran right through the smoke out of the forest. She found her way home. But when she entered her room she saw Michael watching her out of his window, She completely forgot he was the boy next door. He was slowly lifting his finger to his mouth, the sign you give someone to be silent. So would he mean that she should shut her mouth about the demon thing, was that the reason why he ran after her and not the others. She was scared, she didn’t  knew what to do.

Next day she had to go to school again, terrified by the chance that Michael could be there too. But when she wanted to leave her house, an envelope was laying there. On the front of it stood:

Dear Witch

She slowly opened it, she knew it was from him, that demon. She started reading it.

I know it is much to ask, but you should keep your mouth shut, because you know too much. So if you don’t want anyone to get hurt, or let your little secrets be spilled out to the outside world, you do as I say. I’ll be watching you darling so don’t make a mistake.

Your friend Michael

She was scared and furious at the same time. She was scared of the demon and what it was capable of, and furious because he forces her to keep her mouth shut, to proof that Michael isn’t guilty, that he didn’t kill his parents but the beast inside did it.

The whole day she avoided her friends, she didn’t want them asking about yesterday evening. Because if they would ask the right questions, she had to answer knowing people get hurt. But she could have lied to them, but what should she say. It’s sure they have seen the smoke that she made so she could get out of the forest and they heard her saying no, multiple times.

She grabbed her phone, she could just text them, if he was truly watching her he should not know to who that text will be send or what will be in it. But still it was risky. Even though she did it, she had them to know. But then Michael showed up at school, like nothing ever happened. His eyes weren’t black anymore, it’s like the demon is gone. But as fast as she could she pushed the send button on her phone. The others still need to be careful because that demon can possess everyone near them.

But as soon as she sent the message she got a response, she was relieved to hear something from them. But this message wasn’t from Jasmine, it was …

You have been bad, very bad. Your grandma doesn’t like bad girls darling… better watch those you love, because danger surrounds them from now on.

She was worried, the only living family she has left is her grandma. She skipped classes to check on her, she ran into the house, but grandma was just sitting there in her chair, sleeping, or daydreaming. The best of all was that she didn´t notice that she was here, because if she knew she skipped classes she would be furious.

She was thinking, the demon now possesses Jasmine so the message must have reached Alex. Alex knew all of it now, or at least all that she had told, but it was enough. Another question came up. What does –X mean, because I don’t think it will mean X like in a kiss. It must be the first letter of her name or at least how she is called. She went upstairs searching through the book, hoping she would find something about this X demon. But there was nothing in there. She promised herself that she would sneak into the school library out of sight of the demon and would search for more information.

That night Nol showed up her porch. She was surprised, they have been friends but they have grown apart when they became older. Now the rumour about him having an affair with his step-sister is brought in the world, he must have no one else to go to. So I let him in. He was still that cute boy that he was in the past, he only became a little bit bigger. But then when she looked in his eyes, they were so passionate grey, just like the sea, she have seen on her vacation to France. His face was cold when she touched it. He came closer and closer, and they kissed. It felt right, finally someone who could keep her mind of that demon. It felt amazing, so right to be there with him, because she had a crush on him since she knew him, only the thought of him and his step-sister was making him unavailable, she thought that it would ruin her social life is she would hoop up with him, but that didn’t matter anymore it was just the two of them being in her bedroom. A lot happened that night but when he woke up next to her, he was vague, her didn’t knew how he came her or at least didn’t wanted to be here anymore, he said he made a mistake, that it was just… just once. It devastated her… she finally had what she wanted and now it’s pulled away again

So when school started again, she was in class with her friend, she knew Jasmine who was sitting next to her wasn’t the real Jasmine at least, is he didn’t possessed someone else. Jasmine said something, or at least the demon did, her eyes were blurry just like Michael when he was possessed. She said: “I know about your little hook up with Nol, it a shame that he is choosing his step-sister instead of you. I would have picked you if I was still possessing him. Her face became more pale than it already was. She felt dirty, sad, devastated, and mind fucked at the same time. From now on it was clear, she was going to war!

She wasn’t searching for –X anymore, she was searching for a way to kill the demon. The library was almost closing, and then she found a book, it was old, just like the family book of her. Devil’s creatures and spells was the title of the book. She knew this book was dark, but there could be standing something use full in. She went home as fast as she could and started reading, she skipped diner, and kept on reading. She had to find something, and she did 6 o’clock in the morning, she found this phrase: they only way to kill a demon is, to kill him when he’s possessing someone. He’s at his most vulnerable when he found his way into someone. But that would mean she had to kill the person that he’s possessing. She couldn’t kill her friends.

She kept reading and reading for another way but that was the only thing she could find. She missed her first classes and wasn’t intending to go to school at all. She went to the forest, to the kissing rock or stone what you want to call it. She was sending Jasmine, who was still possessed at least she was hoping that, a message.

Come to the place where I made smoke, that’s all I ask you to do.

And after an hour, Jasmine showed up. She asked: “Is there anything I could do for you”. Celeste said: “Yes, I want to offer you a deal, leave my friends alone and take my body, let them live their lives and take mine.” The demon looked confused, and said: “You love them that much?”. Yes was Celeste’s response. And the demon answered: “If that’s all you ask, I’ll agree”. The demon came closer and Jasmine started kissing her, she felt the demon enter her body by her mouth.

She pushed Jasmine away and grabbed the dagger out of her pants, and put it into her heart. Her last seconds of being unpossessed she spent killing herself with the demon, she sacrificed herself for the others. War has ended was spooking in her head when she saw Jasmine trying to help her up and crying, and a second later everything was black, she felt the last bit of life gain away to the ground. She was dead now. The only thing she left to this world was a body and a letter to her family and friends.


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