Guardians of All Good - Episode 1.02 - ''Modern Witch Hunt''

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Without Granny Sylvia around to help the boys learn how to use magic, Jake puts himself under an inspiration spell to find the perfect job. Meanwhile, demonic witch hunters are killing off a coven of powerful good witches, so they can take control over the Underworld...

Submitted: April 02, 2017

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Submitted: April 02, 2017



(Scene: At home in the villa, Jake is pouring coffee into a mug as Martin comes in to have breakfast.)


Martin: Good morning to the world and all the coffee junkies out there!


Jake: Very funny. Morning to you too.


Martin: Where's Luke?


Jake: Oh, he's left for school early. He said he had some report of his due at 7 so he didn't want to take any chances. You got school today?


Martin: Yeah, I do but in the afternoon. So I have all the time in the world to relax right now.


Jake: Like you need any more.


Martin: Well, excuse me. Ever since finding out I'm supposed to save the world from evil, I'm just not in the right mindset so I need some relaxation.


Jake: Still reeling from it, huh? Yeah, me too.


Martin: But I'll get over it. I have to, it's a part of me whether I like it or not. You got any plans for the day?


Jake: Well, I was planning on trying to find a job but there's just nothing that suits my appetite. Lena sent me this website which is the equivalent of a dating app only for jobs but I got no matches.


Martin: Maybe it's your appetite.


Jake: I'm sorry but if I wanted to work as a cashier, I wouldn't have gone out to LA to do it. (takes the newspaper) And nothing in the newspapers either.


Martin: (takes a look at the newspaper) Well, how about a sex offender? Says here it pays pretty well.


Jake: Oh, that's such a great idea. I'm gonna hook people up while quietly continuing my own dry spell. No, thanks.


Martin: Or a pooper scooper.


Jake: If you think you're being funny, you're not. And sarcasm is my thing anyway so don't steal it from me.


(Jake takes the newspapers from Martin and then walks away.)


(Scene: An appartment in the city, two witches named Andrea and Valerie are mixing up a potion.)


Valerie: What exactly is this potion supposed to be for?


Andrea: Just a little good luck charm for today. You never know when evil might strike so you may need every bit of luck you can get.


Valerie: You know we can't use magic for our own good, right?


Andrea: Well, this isn't exactly a potion that will make us win a lottery. It's just a little protection.


Valerie: From what?


Andrea: Demons or any other beings that may be trying to kill us.


Valerie: If I knew being a witch would be so dangerous, I never would have listened to you and I never would have joined your cult. It's brought me nothing but trouble.


Andrea: You wanted to join, I just opened the door.


(Andrea throws a magnolia into the boiling water as it explodes in purple dust.)


Andrea: (looks at Valerie's neck) Where is your amulet?


Valerie: I had to take it off so I could shower.


Andrea: You know we don't give necklaces like that to just anybody, right? If somebody steals it from you, especially if they're evil, this could cause a lot more problems than it can solve.


(Valerie rolls her eyes. Out of red light, there appears a bold man with a devilish look on his face, it is a witch hunter Nicolas. Valerie notices him.)


Valerie: Who are you?


Nicolas: Your demise.


Andrea: Here. (gives Valerie a glass of the potion) Drink.


(Nicolas sends out a light bolt at Andrea that destroy her glass. However, Valerie drinks hers. Nicolas then disappears and reappears behind Andrea. He pulls out a knife.)


Nicolas: (holding Andrea) Any last wishes?


Andrea: Go to hell!


Nicolas: Been there, done that.


(Nicolas then stabs Andrea with the knife as she falls to the ground and burns in hell's fires. He grabs the amulet that was around Andrea's neck.)


Nicolas: Thank you for the souvenir. (turns to Valerie) Now to you.


(Nicolas wants to stab Valerie as well but the potion works and Nicolas is thrown off by a protective shield that saves Valerie. He gets up.)


Nicolas: I'll be back.


(Nicolas then disappears in red light as Valerie is shocked, confused and crying by now. She runs away.)




(Scene: At the university, Luke comes up to the desk of his professor with his paper which was due 10 minutes ago.)


Luke: Hello, Mrs. Carpeski. I got stuck in traffic but I have the paper for you. Can I still hand it in?


Mrs. Carpeski: I'm a professor, not a charity coordinator. You can't just hand your projects in whenever you want to.


Luke: But I got it done. This wasn't even my fault. I woke up earlier today just so I could hand this in.


Mrs. Carpeski: Just because the deadline is due today doesn't mean you have to hand it in on this specific day. You could've finished it earlier, couldn't you?


Luke: Yes, M'am.


Mrs. Carpeski: Responsibility, Mr. Pithy, responsibility. You're 24 years old, you need to learn how to handle your business.


(Mrs. Carpeski then leaves the room. Luke shakes his head. A girl sitting behind him with a laptop, Lucy, starts talking to him.)


Lucy: Tough, isn't she?


Luke: You tell me. It's not like I was a week late or anything.


Lucy: Ten minutes is like eternity for Mrs. Carpeski. Don't worry, you still have another semester to finish this class, don't you?


Luke: (starts smiling) You're right. May I sit with you?


Lucy: Sure. (extending her hand) I'm Lucy. Nice to meet you.


Luke: (shaking Lucy's hand) I'm Luke. Nice to get to know you. You study history here too?


Lucy: Nope, I'm an archaeology student so I have to do this class too. Never thought ancient history would be such a pain in the ass.


Luke: Yeah, me neither. But this is just one class, the rest are pretty fun actually. How come I haven't seen you here before?


Lucy: Well, I just started the first year here. This isn't your first year?


Luke: Nope, it's my final year actually.


Lucy: Oh, so you're about to go out into the big world then. I understand why you were so upset about Carpeski's behavior then. I'd be angry too if this were my last year here.


Luke: Yeah, but it's no big deal. You got class now?


Lucy: Nope, I'm just working on a project for a later class. Why?


Luke: Just thought we could go and have lunch together. That's unless of course you'd like to spend more time in the boring history classroom.


Lucy: (giggling) Yeah, sure.


(Luke smiles at Lucy as the two pick up their stuff and go have lunch together.)


(Scene: At the villa, Jake walks up to his room with the magical book and starts going through the pages.)


Jake: There has to be something...


(Jake turns over a page and there it is, a spell called „Inspiration spell“.)


Jake: Here you are. Okay, so I just say this, right? Set the blind mind free, let it see what it hasn't seen. Inspire to aspire, fill my life with much-needed desire.


(Jake suddenly starts to shine in light blue light and then stops after just a minute.)


Jake: Desire, are you serious, that's all you could come up with? What else rhymes with aspire? Stupid poems.


(Jake then closes the book as he all of a sudden has the inspiration to start doing things and find a job.)


Jake: Actually that's not a bad idea. I could work as a professional poet. Or better, a writer. Or even better, a playwright.


(Jake then walks away and leaves the book lying on his bed.)


(Scene: Martin is walking in the street with all of the stuff he had to buy and he has Luke on the phone with him.)


Martin: Yes, Luke, don't worry. I bought you the carp, even though it's smell is starting to irk me a lot.


Luke: (from the phone) Well, I'm sorry but you know how my diet goes.


Martin: I still don't understand why you couldn't go and buy it yourself. You know how much I hate fish!


Luke: (from the phone) I actually am pretty occupied right now. Believe or not, being a graduate-to-be is not a very calm position to be in.


Martin: I know, I'm sorry. It's just that it smells so bad!


Luke: (from the phone) I'm sorry.


(Suddenly, Valerie walks buy with a full bag of stuff she bought. She bumps into Martin and her garlic falls to the ground.)


Valerie: I'm sorry.


Martin: It's okay. No problem. (looks at the ground) Wait, you forgot your...garlic?


Luke: (from the phone) What's going on?


Martin:'s not a problem. I'll call you back. Gotta go. Bye.


Luke: (from the phone) Wai...


(Martin hangs up on Luke and starts walking fast so he can find Valerie. Meanwhile, Valerie is walking through a very dark alley as she rushes to get home. Suddenly, Nicolas appears out of red light behind her. He takes her by the arm.)


Nicolas: You going somewhere, witch?


Valerie: Let me go! You can't kill me anyway. The potion's still protecting me.


Nicolas: Well, it won't be protecting you for much longer. And I have all the time in the world to wait.


Valerie: Let me go!


(Martin runs into the alley and sees the bald guy attacking Valerie.)


Martin: Hey! Let her go!


(Nicolas turns around and smiles. He then throws a light bolt at Martin. Martin, however, closes his eyes and transports himself to Valerie. As Nicolas is looking in Martin's former direction, Martin takes Valerie and transports himself and her away from Nicolas.)


Nicolas: What the hell?


(Nicolas frowns and disappears in red light.)


(Scene: Back at the villa, Martin and Valerie appear there in white light.)


Martin: Are you okay?


Valerie: (nodding her head) Now I am. Are you who I think you are?


Martin: I don't know who you think I am but I am pretty much a no one so no, I don't think you know who I am.


Valerie: But you have to be. They say that only the Guardians have a power like yours.


Martin: Wait, you know about us?


Valerie: The entire magical world knows about your existence?


Martin: You know about magic too?


Valerie: I do, Sir. I am a witch.


Martin: (rolling his eyes) Oh, God. Okay, then you must know that you can't tell anybody about us. Do you promise?


Valerie: Okay, but why, may I ask?


Martin: We don't need any more wizards, werewolves, fairies or ogres coming around here to say hi. Those don't actually exist, do they?


Valerie: Oh, yes, they do.


Martin: Oh, God, wake me up. (shouting) Jake! Jake!


(Martin walks down the corridor as Valerie is following him. They come up to the living room where they can see books, paintings and flowers all over the place. Jake is painting another painting.)


Martin: What's wrong with you? What the hell is all of this?


Jake: My work.


Martin: What are you doing?


Jake: I'm painting.


Martin: Yes, I see that. But since when do you even enjoy art?


Jake: Since about an hour ago. I needed some inspiration to show me what my job should be. So I read a spell in the book and it gave me all the inspiration in the world.


Martin: You did what?


Jake: Well, I figured that if it's ours and there to use, I should take full advantage of that. So I did and I'm feeling fabulous.


Martin: You used a spell to become a painter?


Jake: No, of course not. I used the spell to become a painter, an arranger, a writer, a playwright, oh and I even created my own social media phone app where artists can share all of their work. Don't worry, I already registered you and Luke in and I sent you pictures of all the things I made in the last hour. Be sure to check it out!


Martin: And to think this day was supposed to be me just chillaxing...


Valerie: May I help you with your friend?


Martin: You can do that?


Valerie: Well, of course. See, the problem is that the spells in magical books may only be used to stop evil, you can't just use them whenever you want to. If you do, the spell backfires like it did in your friend's case.


Martin: And what can we do about that?


Valerie: You could make a potion.


Martin: Yeah, I don't really think I can do that.


Valerie: Why?


Martin: We've yet to make one.


Valerie: What kind of a Guardian are you if you can't make a simple potion?


Martin: I don't know, you tell me.


Valerie: You help me with my problems and I'll help you with yours. Is that a deal?


Martin: Yeah, sure.


Valerie: (looking around) Where's the kitchen?


(Martin points at the door and him and Valerie both go there as Jake puts on a fake moustache to look like a French artist.)


(Scene: Luke and Lucy sitting at a pizzeria, finishing off their pizza.)


Luke: (while laughing) So yeah, I got so drunk I wanted to stop at every single door down the street and wish them a happy New Year.


Lucy: (giggling) Lucky you had your friends with you, huh?


Luke: Oh, yeah. Jake's been like my best friend since kindergarten. He's always there to pick me up and I mean that literally.


Lucy: (giggling) That's amazing. And you guys live here in LA?


Luke: Yeah, we do. My parents own a villa in here and they let us live here for the time we're studying.


Lucy: Wow, you have incredible parents then. My mom wouldn't even lend me a car without signing me up for some death warrant in case I broke it.


Luke: Yeah, they're the best. But I barely ever get to see them. You know, being a doctor and a nurse, they weren't home much as I was growing up. Part of me just feels like they keep on doing all these amazing things for me and buying me expensive gifts just so they make up for all the lost time.


Lucy: (taking Luke's hand) I'm sure it's not that way. They're your parents, they are supposed to take care of you.


Luke: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry, I guess those are just some leftovers feelings I have from my childhood.


Lucy: I get it, don't worry.


(Luke's phone blings.)


Luke: (looking at the phone) The guys need me at the villa. Strange, wonder what that's about.


Lucy: Well, don't waste your time talking to me. Go help them out.


Luke: Yeah, I'm really sorry, Lucy. It was great getting to know you.


Lucy: Yeah, same here. See you.


(Luke waves at Lucy and then walks away. He stops halfway and turns around.)


Luke: How about we go to the cinema this evening so we can finish this off?


Lucy: Great idea.


(Luke and Lucy smile at each once more as Luke walks away.)


(Scene: A dark cave in the Underworld. Nicolas appears there in red light as three other witch hunters, Darius, Cormac and Tabitha, are standing there, waiting for him.)


Darius: You got it this time?


Nicolas: No, I don't.


Tabitha: (pissed off) You don't have the amulet again? You can't even kill a stupid little witch?


Cormac: (calming Tabitha down) Let's not argue right now, Tabitha. (turns to Nicolas) What is the problem?


Nicolas: I think we're up against more than just a witches' coven.


Darius: What does that mean?


Nicolas: That means that I attacked the witch as planned, on the street. But she got saved by a guy that appeared in white light.


Darius: An angel?


Nicolas: No, he was wearing street clothes. I assume that he was one of the Guardians of all Good.


Tabitha: What? The legacy's passed on?


Nicolas: I said I assume that, I don't know. But I can't figure out who else that could be but one of the Guardians.


Cormac: That does complicate things a little bit. However, if what you're saying is true, the Guardians are new to their powers. Maybe they haven't learned how to use them yet so there still might be a window of opportunity to get the amulet.


Tabitha: Should we let the other demons know that the new Guardians have been selected?


Cormac: Yes, Tabitha, you go and let the other demons know.


(Tabitha nods her head and disappears in red light.)


Cormac: Now, we need to figure out how to steal the amulet.


Nicolas: I have an idea if I may.


(Cormac turns to Nicolas and nods his head.)


(Scene: Home at the villa, Martin and Valerie are preparing the potion for Jake as Luke arrives home at the front door. He can't get in because there is a sculpture blocking the way. He pushes through the door and tips over the sculpture which breaks into a million pieces.)


Luke: Who put a sculpture in front of the front door?


Jake: I did. (looks at the broken sculpture) Oh, you broke it! Well, doesn't matter. I feel inspired to make an even better one. Better get going.


Luke: (with his jaw dropped) Okay...?


(Luke then walks through the living room with all the pieces of art that Jake's created. He then comes into the kitchen.)


Luke: What's wrong with him? Why is he making sculptures?


Martin: He used a spell to give him inspiration.


Luke: He's under a spell?


Martin: Yes, frankly, that's not the worst news I got. Here, this is Valerie.


Luke: (extending his hand) Hi, I'm Luke.


Valerie: (shaking his hand) Valerie.


Luke: You were saying?


Martin: Valerie's got the potion done to undo the spell. But I found her on the street being attacked by a demon.


Valerie: Oh, no, it wasn't a demon. It was a witch hunter.


Luke: A witch hunter? As in a guy with a torch chasing down innocent women?


Valerie: No, a demonic witch hunter. They hunt for witches all over the world and kill them with an athamé which is a ceremonial knife that captures the witch's soul.


Luke: Right and he's after you because...?


Martin: She's a member of a coven.


Valerie: Well, I am a new one. I only joined about a month ago. I don't know much yet, the only thing I know about witch hunters is that they typically don't work alone, they also have their covens that work together to rid the world of good witches.


Luke: Does that mean he's after us too?


Valerie: No, I don't think so. Because witch hunter's don't have the power to kill Guardians since you're not technically witches. You have supernatural powers, witches can only use spells and potions.


Luke: Okay, so they're after you?


Valerie: I don't think so. Yesterday, I was with my friend witch and he...killed her.


Martin: I'm so sorry.


Luke: Yeah.


Valerie: No, it's okay. The point is, he stole her amulet. (shows her amulet) This one. It's the amulet that all the witches in our coven own.


Martin: But why are witch hunters after your amulets? They can't use good magic, can they?


Valerie: No, but amulets aren't good or evil, they are only magical. Andrea once told me that we have to protect these amulets because if evil ever got the hold of them, they could become invincible.


(Luke nods his head as he now understands why it's so important to protect Valerie. All of a sudden, Jake shrieks. The guys run toward him in the living room.)


Luke: What's going on?


(Jake is running away from a witch hunter, Darius, shooting bolts at him.)


Jake: Demon!


Luke: Is that the witch hunter?


Valerie: The one that was after me? No. But he could be working with him.


(Darius throws another bolt at Luke who is thrown all the way to the other side of the living room.)


Jake: What does the demon guy want?


Valerie: Me.


Martin: And we can't let that happen.


(Darius throws yet another bolt at the guys, Martin picks up Jake's painting and covers them with it, destroying the painting.)


Jake: Hey, I made that! Now you don't go and destroy my paintings!


(Jake walks towards the witch hunter. However, that's what the witch hunter wants. He takes Jake and disappears in red light with him.)


Martin: No!


Luke: (lying on the ground) Now what?


(Valerie looks at Martin in a scared off fashion. The camera then cuts to Martin, Luke and Valerie all sitting in the kitchen, thinking about their next plan.)


Luke: I really have no time to be dealing with this right now. I should be getting ready for a date, not trying to hunt down witch hunters.


Martin: (surprised) A date you were saying?


Luke: I mean, like a study date, we're gonna be studying.


(Martin nods his head with a smirk, obviously not buying what Luke's trying to sell him. Valerie tries to come up with an idea to save Jake.)


Valerie: This is no time to be dealing with your personal struggles, we need to come up with an idea to save your friend.


Luke: Yes, I'm sorry. What is our plan going to be?


Martin: Well, I have the power to transport us to Jake. But I don't really think that's a good idea, to transport into a curb full of witch hunters.


Valerie: Well, the good thing is they can't kill him. They don't have that power so that's at least one positive thing about the whole situation.


Martin: (with a worried expression) Can't they though?


Luke: (confused) What do you mean?


Martin: Well, I'm just thinking that an average witch hunter may not have the power to kill a Guardian but what about a witch hunter empowered by an amulet? You said they'd be invincible if they ever got the hold of them, right?


Valerie: Yes, now that could present itself as a problem.


Luke: But we can't just let him die like that! He's our friend.


(Martin looks at the ground with a worried expression as he seems to be lost while Luke is seemingly freaking out about the whole situation. Suddenly, Luke's phone rings. It is Lucy. Luke thinks for a moment about whether he should take it or not.)


Martin: You can't be seriously thinking about picking up right now.


(Luke then turns off his phone.)


Luke: No, of course not. (looking angry) So what are we going to do?


(Valerie puts her hand on her chin as she seems to be thinking hard about the entire situation.)


(Scene: The cave of the witch hunters, Jake is tied to a wooden polem, the three male witch hunters are standing a bit further away from him.)


Darius: It was easier than I thought. He is under some kind of a spell that makes him absolutely delusional.


Cormac: Now let's hope your plan proves to be victorious.


Nicolas: It has to. There is no way the other two Guardians will let this one die. So they'll trade him for the amulet. And once we have the fourth amulet, we'll kill all of them, including that stupid little witch.


Darius: (smiling) I like the sound of that.


(Jake has overheard the whole conversation and he can't help but react.)


Jake: (smiling) If you really think your plan is going to be successful, you better think again. There's no way my friends aren't working on some kind of a spell to get rid of all y'all sorry asses and once they do, you'll be toast.


Nicolas: It's really interesting how the spell you are under makes you completely oblivious to the fact that you're now on our territory which means we get to decide whether you stay alive or not.


Jake: Oh, please. Then you'd have nothing to strongarm my friends with. Bad thing for you guys is that I feel very inspired to speak my mind.


Darius: You can speak all you want, won't save your sorry ass.


Jake: Well, speaking is not the only thing I'm inspired to do. You don't know how many ideas of vanquishing all three of you I've been able to come up with already.


Nicolas: (with a smirk) The sad thing is that unless your friends come here to save you, you won't be able to put any of your plans in motion. Because you on your own don't have the power to vanquish us, especially with these amulets.


Jake: Thanks for letting me in on your plan by the way. (smirks)


Cormac: Doesn't matter whether you have the information or not as you won't be able to communicate with your friends anyway.


(Jake smiles at Cormac and then rolls his eyes. He then looks up at teh ceiling with hope in his eyes as he hopes for the guys to come and save him as soon as possible.)


(Scene: Back at the villa, Martin is going throuh the magical book while Luke and Valerie are talking through their options.)


Martin: I see absolutely nothing here in the book that would help us get Jake back. The only good thing is that witch hunters are the lowest-level demons out there so if we can take the amulets from them, they should be easy to vanquish.


Luke: Yeah, that's a pretty big if. I can't believe that as we're speaking right now, Jake could already be dead.


Martin: Well, you need to stop thinking that way, we are about to save him whether those jerks like it or not.


(Luke nods his head as he looks at the ground.)


Valerie: Well, they want the amulet, don't they?


Martin: Yeah?


Valerie: So why don't we give them what they want?


Luke: (shaking his head) You want to give them the amulet so they can become invincible and kill us?


Valerie: No, of course not. What if we trick them into thinking we are giving them what they want but we strip the amulet of its magical powers. That way, they'll think they have won but in all reality, you will have the upper hand on them.


Martin: That sounds like an idea. But how do we strip the amulet of its powers?


Valerie: I think there should be a power stripping potion in your magical book.


Luke: (nodding his head) Okay, let's get a move-on though. We don't know how much time we've got to save Jake.


Valerie: Right. (takes the book) Let's get going!


(Luke, Valerie and Martin all three walk towards their kitchen with a new plan to get rid of the witch hunters.)


(Scene: The cave of the witch hunters, Jake is still tied to the pole as he can be seen smiling at Darius who is supposed to look after him. Darius frowns at him as Jake rolls his eyes.)


Jake: (mumbling) They had to have the biggest buzzkill of them all look after me...


Darius: (in an nagry fashion) What did you say?


Jake: That I'm so glad that they sent you to look after me.


(Darius smirks before turning back to his sour facial expression as Jake exhales deeply. The visual moves over to Cormac and Nicolas talking.)


Cormac: What's taking so long? You said they'd be in a hurry to save their friend.


Nicolas: I don't know. Maybe they aren't as good of friends as we thought?


(Cormac growls as he isn't happy with Nicolas' laid back approach.)


Nicolas: (calming Cormac down) Relax! They won't just let him die like this, they will come to his rescue eventually.


Cormac: Eventually doesn't seem good enough for me.


Nicolas: This is why Good always has the upper hand over Evil. They have patience, we don't. Trust me, they will be here any time now.


(Cormac nods his head as he seems really taken aback by the time that's passed without the guy coming. Out of red light, Tabitha appears next to him.)


Cormac: Tabitha, tell me at least you were successful.


(Nicolas frowns at Cormac's attitude.)


Tabitha: I was. I let the Underworld know that new Guardians have been established. Once we get the fourth amulet, we'll have so much power we'll be able to take over the Underworld ourselves and nobody will ever be able to challenge us, not even the Guardians.


Cormac: (waving his finger) See, that's where we're having a little bit of trouble.


Tabitha: (getting angry) You still don't have the amulet?!? What have you been doing all this time I was gone?!?


Nicolas: Patience is a virtue, how many times do I have to tell you?


Tabitha: If we don't get that fourth amulet, I'm gonna make sure you rot in hell's fires, Nicolas. It's all on you.


Nicolas: Very well.


(Nicolas smirks as Tabitha seems to still be really angry at him. Jake smiles at Tabitha who growls at him.)


Jake: (to Darius) She's a real pleasure, isn't she?


(Darius doesn't even move a muscle in his face as Jake nods his head and exhales once more at the boredom of having to talk to demons all the time.)


(Scene: Back at the villa, Valerie is almost done preparing the potion.)


Valerie: Now, all we need is the amulet and we'll be good to go. (takes off her amulet and dips it in the potion)


Martin: Okay, I'm gonna take the potion for Jake as well. I think we'll need his help with the vanquishing.


Luke: Good idea. Are we ready to go now?


Valerie: (takes out the amulet) Yes, you're good to go now. Here. (gives the amulet to Luke) Blessed be.


Luke: Thank you so much. And I promise we'll return this to you after everything's said and done, okay?


Valerie: Don't matter if you don't. If I have to choose between dying a witch or living as a normal human being, I think the choice is clear.


Martin: (hugging Valerie) Well, thanks for everything that you've done for us, we really appreciate it.


Valerie: Oh, no! Thank you! You're the ones who saved my life.


Luke: Might be a little early for that but let's hope everything works out just fine. Take care. (hugs Valerie)


Valerie: Same to you two.


(Luke then takes Martin's hand as the two disappear in white light, leaving Valerie alone and nervous for them back at the villa.)


(Scene: The hunters' cave, Jake is still bored with the four hunters as they are becoming more and more anxty.)


Cormac: My patience is really being worn thin, where are they?


Nicolas: I told you, they'll come around, we just have to wait.


Tabitha: (in an angry fashion) We've been hiding in the shadows of more powerful creatures for centuries! I'm really sorry if we've had enough of waiting on the world to change.


(Nicolas rolls his eyes. All of a sudden, Luke and Martin appear out of blue light a little further away from the witch hunters.)


Luke: (jokingly) Looking for us?


(The witch hunters turn around and see the two Guardians standing there.)


Jake: Freaking finally!


Martin: We're really sorry for making you wait so long. (pulls out the amulet) I'm guessing it's this you're looking for...?


Cormac: It very well might be.


Martin: Well, here you are. But, first, let Jake go.


(Cormac and Nicolas look at each other before confirming that they can steal the amulet from them even if they try something. Cormac waves his hand and Jake gets freed.)


Cormac: The amulet! Now!


(Martin throws the amulet at Cormac who catches it and smirks afterwards. Jake walks on over to the other two.)


Jake: (shocked) What the hell are you doing? I thought you were supposed to rescue me, not get us all killed in unison?!?


Luke: Doesn't matter now.


(Martin then throws a potion at Jake, undoing the spell that Jake used on him. The hunters all pick up their amulets and put it around their necks.)


Cormac: Thank you for coming to us for your death.


(Cormac then throws a light bolt at the three guys. However, Jake uses his power of deflection to sent the light bolt at Tabitha who explodes in fire. Nicolas and Cormac both look at Tabitha's dust on the ground in shock.)


Jake: Finally she shuts up.


Cormac: But how is that possible? We were supposed to be...


Luke: (jokingly) Invincible? Yeah, sorry. Not happening.


(Martin then pulls out a piece of paper with a spell that they are about to use to kill the three other witch hunters. Nicolas fires a bolt at them one more time as Jake deflects it and it kills Darius.)


Luke, Jake and Martin: (in unison) We call upon the powers that be to kill the terror that we see. Hunting for fun, seeking hell, this is their final farewell.


(Nicolas and Cormac both throw their hands up and explode in hell's fires like the other two witch hunters did. All that's left after them are the amulets.)


Luke: Goodbye.


Jake: (throwing dust off of him) Now thanks for coming, didn't think you were gonna make it. What took you guys so long?


Luke: (smiling at Jake) We knew that if one us could deal with really big jerks, it was you so we figured you'd be alright.


(Jake rolls his eyes as Luke hugs him. Martin walks on over to the amulets and picks them up.)


Martin: We should probably take these with us. Valerie should know what to do with them.


Luke: (nodding his head) Yep.


(The three guys all smile at each other.)


(Scene: Back at villa, at the front door, Valerie is about to leave the house as the three guys are there with her to give her a proper goodbye.)


Valerie: (holding the amulets) Thank you guys for helping me with everything.


Martin: No, we should thank you. You taught us so much about magic, stuff we'd never be able to figure out on our own. We definitely owe you more than you owe us.


Valerie: I doubt that. I owe you my life. But I am glad you brought these amulets back to me too. After thinking on it for a little bit, I couldn't really imagine a world where there's no magic for me. I'd miss being a witch too much to just let it go like this. Especially when I'm such a good teacher.


(The guys and Valerie laugh at her comment.)


Jake: (hugging Valerie) No, but really. Thank you so much for saving my life. I'm pretty sure these two knuckleheads wouldn't have figured it out by themselves.


(Luke and Martin both laugh as well as Valerie.)


Valerie: I'm sure they would. They really care about you. You should cherish your friendship, it's really special.


Jake: Oh, I will, thank you so much.


(Valerie then comes over to Martin and hugs him too.)


Valerie: And you, don't you ever doubt that magic is a good thing. Even though you may be new to it, you are really good at it.


Martin: Thank you. (smiling)


(Valerie then hugs Luke and picks up all of her stuff.)


Valerie: Okay, guys. See you. And whenever you need help with anything, just call me, I'd be very happy to help you with anything.


Martin: We will. Take care.


Jake and Luke: See ya.


(Valerie then leaves the room and closes the door behind her. The three guys then start walking towards their living room.)


Jake: See, all is well that ends well.


Martin: (taking a look around) Except for all of this stuff. We'll have to do some major outdoor selling. We can't have our house flooded with art. Why did you even use that spell on yourself in the first place?


Jake: I just felt like a mess compared to you guys. You both know what you want from life and I just don't.


Luke: Yeah, but that doesn't mean it won't come to you and magic definitely isn't a solution to our problems.


Jake: (picking up a small sculpture) I figured as much.


Luke: (giggling) I'm sure you'll find your way eventually. Remember, patience is a virtue.


Jake: Yeah, I guess that's one thing I'll have to thank those demons for teaching me. And in the meantime, I'll just take the pooper scooper job.


(Luke and Martin look at each other with weird facial expressions.)


Jake: (smiling) You guys said it best. If there's one of us that can handle dealing with a bunch of crap, it's definitely me.


Martin: Okay. Whatever you say, pooper scooper.


(Jake then fist bumps Martin's shoulder.)


(Scene: At college, in the history room, Luke walks in and can see Lucy sitting behind the desk, once again working on her project. He walks up to her and wants to apologize for the day before.)


Luke: Hey, Lucy.


Lucy: (smiling) Oh, hey. Hi, how's it going?


Luke: It's going good. Well, it could've been going a lot better had I not blown you off last night the way I did. I mean, we really had some unresolved issues back at the manor that we had to work through and I didn't ha-


Lucy: Would you please check your messages?


(Luke looks at Lucy with a weird look. He pulls out his phone a looks at a message from Lucy saying: ''Can't do it tonight, have to study. I'm really sorry, maybe next time. Lucy'')


Lucy: I'm sorry I blew you off last night.


(Luke and Lucy both giggle.)


Luke: Yeah, so that's what the phone is for!


Lucy: (giggling) Yeah, you should probably check your messages more often.


Luke: Right. Then I'm sorry I didn't read your message. I was just so flustered because I really like you and I didn't want you to feel like I just fluffed you off like that because I wouldn't do that to someone like you.


Lucy: You really like to mumble, don't you?


Luke: I guess.


Lucy: I like that. How about tonight?


Luke: What about tonight?


Lucy: Are you free for tonight? ''The Passengers'' are on tonight and I really wanted to watch it ever since it came out. Got an extra ticket so if you don't have any unresolved issues that need solving, I'm here.


Luke: Tonight it is.


Lucy: (smiling) Great. I'll send you the address when I get back to my dorm. And, please, do check your messages this time around.


Luke: Got it. Definitely.


(Lucy smiles at Luke for a little bit more before realizing he's just been standing there for no reason.)


Lucy: Wanna...take a seat?


Luke: Oh, yeah, sorry. Still a little taken back by this whole thing. I thought I had screwed everything up.


Lucy: Hey, all's well that ends well, right?


(Luke nods his head as him and Lucy continue smiling at each other before the camera cuts to black.)


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