The Girl Who Fell Down A Well

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Its about a girl named Allison who down a well. And about when her dad who left her when she was 7 saves her.

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



  Once there was a girl her name was Allison. Her dad left her when she was 7 but, she is not sad about it. But, its been about 5 years ago. She is actually a very bright girl. And she has a lot of friends. She goes alot of places with friends.


One day she was on Facebook and she found her dad. And she friended him and he replied yes. So the next day she got on Facebook her dad said. "What town do you live in? "And she said Medina same as always"! And he said,"I still live in Medina too!Then all of a sudden he stop talking to her on Facebook. No matter how many times she messaged him he didn"t message back.

So one day she was playing with her friends by an abanded well. And Allison fell and as she got up, the the ground under crumbled and she slipped in  to the well. The next day she woke up in the well. Allison stated sceaming HELP. Her father was near by and heard her. So he ran straight to the well, threw a rope down and brang her up. Allison hugged him in releif! He ended up moving back in and they lived happily ever after!


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