Kenning Poem Of Grendel

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I do try to be as imaginative as possible, hopefully that comes across in this poem I wrote.

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



 Kenning Poem of Grendel

A happiness-destroyer,

Who would ruin the joy of Christmas.

An enemy sent from hell,

With a mission from death.

Nothing can please this,

Violent, scaly-skinned creature.

Not even a child’s smile,

Though that would make it mad.

He’d use his body peelers,

To rip the limbs of the harmless,

To shreds.

However what would be left,

Would be the sent of the man-eaters,

Terrible perfume.


Blue-layers of flesh,

Thicken on his fish-face,

As his madness grows.

The furious wailer,

Could creep ever so elegantly,

To finish you off in a snap.

This giant-footed foe,

Could never stop for a break.

His eyes flashed blood,

Whenever the people’s ecstasy grew.

Destruction was his goal.

© Copyright 2019 Jaleel Hudson. All rights reserved.

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