The Clink Diaries

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The Clink Diaries are a group of short stories about a group of collective women. Each woman has her own story about love, work, partying and of course sex.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013




Love, Money, and Drinks can turn life into some crazy stories. These are The clink diaries. 


Week 1


A clink to start the night right. Five different colored women escorted by Christian Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. The night was fresh as a midnight cool summer shower. Candace, Darnel, Tiffany, Angela and Meghan were going out out. And everyone knew when these ladies went out they left the town in a panic. But as always Darnel’s lateness prevented them from arriving on the scene on time. Meghan never mind though, she felt the party didn’t start till they arrived so Darnell’s lateness just let the other women hold on to their men a little longer. This particular summer night, was a hot stare on the bright lights. A rooftop party where you could flirt with the sunlight’s gaze is where this group was headed and any trouble better had moved over because real trouble had arrived.


Candace was Native American with a touch of black. She had long black hair which never kept a curl but hung down her beautiful curvy silhouette. She was a top divorce lawyer, at A&T firm downtown. She never believed in love and never need to. She had witness love first hand as a divorce lawyer, so she kept to herself and just needed a good time every now and then. But her anti-love war begins to take a turn for the best when she meets Stephen the scorpio. She comes to realizes that he is about to knock the the lawyer into a con-tempting position.


Darnel was Brazilian but was considered black because her mama raised her that way. She was short but had the ass that could push over a NBA player when she stepped on the court. She didn’t take shit from nobody or no one, and she was gonna let it be known by her beautiful gaze. She could say so many words by just remaining silent, it would make u back down after you had said a million. She kept a man but not for too long because her high end job as a TV producer. Her job seemed to never allow her to really remain close to any man, at least thats what she thought, but in reality it was her cold heart and lack of feelings that keep her single. But now she was dating three men James, Bailey, and Seth and and could not keep up with which emotions to feel. Which one would she set free? and Which one would she settle down with? at least for the moment.


Tiffany was the Cuban sensation. She had a body of goddess, lips of ruby red but eyes of a deep blue sapphire, but she never knew it. Her head was always buried deep in a book. She was the writer of the group. Which means she wore her feelings with her designer shoes. She was the quite, calm “white girl” if you may, but never looked it. Men flocked at the sight of her beauty but would flee at the sight of her emotions. She never did quite understand how to keep the feelings to a minimum but never the less she was a paid writer for many leading fashion magazines, and never wanted the time to sit and think why the men flee, until Ryan the emotional gangster unexpectedly comes along.


Angela was haitian but never looked it. Her eyes were as green as the amazon, with sister locks that came shoulder length but they had never knew it because she always kept them freshly locked and tied up. Now Angie was different she walked with weight but to a island beat. She was the top promoter in town. If any celebrity came to town it was because she allowed it. She was the reason the girls had tickets to every exclusive party and concert. Raised by 6 brothers and a father she knew she couldn't bring no punk home to meet the family. She mostly dated bouncers and cops, but her life takes a toll when she meets Cory the sensitive but strong. How was she to bring him home?


Meghan eyes were as golden as the sun and her skin as red as a rose with and under line of brown. She walked with the Trinidad in her switch and Tobago in her smile. And if you were fortunate enough to kiss her u might of needed water because her kiss was as spicy as curry. Meghan was the privileged one of the group. Her father was a Real-Estate tyrant and when he passed left her the multi-billion dollar company. She went to school for fun, she felt there was never enough knowledge. She had her BA in general studies, license to cook, to become a vet, a barber and beautician, and was working on a Masters in fine Art. She wanted to make sure she acquired all of the knowledge she could. Especially since she had had a daughter in which she was responsible. And she made it clear she wasn't raising no dummy but an intelligent Black Woman. But Meghan had a black widow cloud over her head, at least thats what she began to believe. Every man she loved she lost, Her father,and Diana's father Marcus. She had given up in believing "till death do us part" until she met Tyler, the painter with a past.  


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