Digital mind jail

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A totally digitalized 30th century. Gredi Okki believes that the environment is created for each resident almost perfectly. He lives with a perfect woman Jean. Gredi has his way of career selected from childhood. External digital environment gives the most impressive architectural views and various entertainments that are individually suitable for each person’s brains.

Yet, idyllic life dramatically changes when Jean meets girl who saw real environment. Gredi attempts to figure out all details about hidden reality behind digital veil and gets into discovering secrets that changes his all overview. Gredi becomes like a stranger man in his own home.

“Digital mind jail” is futuristic science fiction ebook about masterpiece scenario of future world control. The text is written in a light style lets to feel each moment that characters experience. A human being is like awakening from ideal dream and perfect view of the world through digital ind’glasses veil.

The scifi book is like a history page cut from the future. Information is a notice about humanity life in reality which is being sold. WARNING it‘s already starting in Earth...

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



Third chapter


I return to a work hall. Junpa turns a palm to me and lifts it. This is a sign that everything goes well. I go to Jean’s workplace. She isn’t there, I’m told, that she went to a hall, where are doing researches with people. I march to its doors. My ind’glasses sends me a signal and doors automatically open. I see Jean crying and shaking. I saw her nervous, but I had never seen her crying such like that.

 - Jean, what’s happened? Darling, what’s the matter?

 - Gre.. Gredi… - she stammers shaking. I hold her. She puts her head on a shoulder.

 - So, darling, what’s the matter? – I softly repeat a question.

 - Gredi, I have to say, just you know without.. without it.. I straight away understand, that she means ind’glasses. I wipe her eyes. She was working without ind’glasses, but I’m wearing it. Detectors, fixed in ind’glasses’s frame straightly react and a signal about my stress is sent to main computer database, lately, this is analyzed by psychoanalytic.

 Of course, they got a view from camera, fixed in the centre of my ind’glasses frame. They will see what I’ve seen and will start to ask. As I still don’t know what and how happened to Jean, I must leave from ‘Centre of social researches’ as quickly as possible. I’m waiting for Jean to calm down and put her ind’glasses on. Jean sees a record about our holidays out of country bounds, where we are allowed to walk in nature reserves without ind’glasses and eat natural size apples. The record pulls her together and returns emotional balance. Going out of cabinet I send a signal that our vehicle Qovva would come. It appears mostly in one minute. However, when after several minutes I come to an entrance place, I see that it is not here. Suddenly, Professor Nick Azenbauer comes to us together with his two technicians.

 - Okki family, where are you going?

 - Hi, professor, me and Jean as always are going to Southern town food bar “LaLui”. And you?

Professor is a totally old genius person, who prolonged his life for 50 years. Now he is 142 years old. Though looks like a 75 years wise oldish. There are two muscular technicians near him. Sometimes I was thinking, what is their responsible for. Unfortunately, I and Jean understand this after a moment.

 - Let’s go with us – professor, whose grey hair reaches shoulders, surely speak to our couple.

Two technicians take us strongly on hands and we are marched to Azenbauer work hall. A dozen of people enclose me and Jean. The light is dimmed. Bright torches are diverted to us.

 - Does anyone explain, why are you acting so rough? You send us stress! The government strictly forbids acting in a state’s living territory like that! – I scream.

 - Calm down, Gredi, we just investigate your wife and you and do several procedures, then you can go. – Azenbauer answers with a cold and menacing voice.

He injects relaxing muscles medicine to my finger and I can’t move my body, just eyes. I see how Jean is sat down and investigated. Tears run from her lime-green eyes. I hear her moan. She is connected with a lie-detector and mind-reader. In a moment, I remember, how Larry told about the possibility to encode a video tape and send it to some friends. I switch a camera by thoughts in my ind’glasses and divert it to be sent to Valya, who works in “LaLui” food bar.

 - Why did you do that? Who really you are? – Jean asks with a raised voice.

 - What did you hear? Tell? What that girl has told? – professor investigates.

 - Nothing, nothing. She told nothing... – Jean continues to cry.

 - It isn’t true! Lie! Immediately tell the truth or you never see Gredi again. – Azenbauer keeps threatening.

 - Okay, Okay, but don’t do anything to Gredi. I’ll tell everything what I know. – Jean starts begging.

 - So, we’re listening, dear Jean, what that girl has told? – a grey professor’s head asks.

 - She has told that she had her head hurt the day before yesterday, when she slipped on wet floor. In the morning she had a lump on the brow. She is Vupya and she put her ind’glasses before going to work, glasses fixed wrongly to a scull form. Her workplace is a workshop of food powder distribution. Vupya goes to work on foot in the morning, because it is far from home for just a mile. – Jean continues telling with a branding voice. – The girl told that she likes walking outside, because a digital reality gives her new fresh thoughts to her mind and she loves every day new building view the most. That morning was cold and a lump started to shrink. At that moment the frame of ind’glasses disengaged and fell down on the ground. Then she had seen the reality of environment! – Jean sank to a chair. 

 - Enough to tell! – a professor screams. He perfectly knows that his team can not hear these words in no case.

 - Gre! Gredi! – Jean moans.

 - Okay, and then told, how did she appear in our sector? – Azenbauer investigates.

 - I will talk only if you tell what’s happened to Gredi...

 - We injected him relaxing muscles medicine. He can hear, see, understand, but cannot move. He’ll become the same after an hour. – professor responds.

Jean is looking into my eyes. Glasses of ind’glasses are clear, therefore, she sees how pupils of my eyes move. She understands that I’m still healthy. Then she continues telling:

 - Vupya was driven couple of hours ago today to our ‘Human emotions research centre’, because ind’glasses frame read panic attack in her brains in the morning. You can check, everything is fixed in main computer database.

Skinhead muscular technicians come to a professor and whisper to the ear.

 - Yes, she’s telling the truth.

 - Okay then, inject Gredi medicine, which delete events of the latest two hours, and of the whole day to Jean. – Nick Azenbauer requires his bodyguards.

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