Can the youth affect change?

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Felt inspired by the SBTV DB8 project which was basically a platform for young people to debate about issues that affect the youth.

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



Can the youth
affect change? 
A simple question,
A harder answer 
when reflecting on 
the truth, that
a choice can affect
a few million.

Everything we do
has a consequence.
but not doing anything
has no truth
to be learned and
unaffecting the world
has no apparent consequence,
common sense?

But apathy is a 
killer, because not
making a choice
limits those that 
come after, believing 
they have to follow
in footsteps, when
they should have 
a different voice.

Negativity is never
born from a promise,
but merely grown 
from a promise
unfulfilled, the remainder
of hope spilled on
the ground, and 
lost amidst the noise,
that drowns out
the sound of truth
that remains, from ever
Being found. 

So what do they care
for us, are we merely 
content to say that,
Dwelling in a constant 
State of pity?
poor us, 
for giving them our trust, 
forgetting that progression
Is found in us. 

Have a dream,
rise above.
Fulfill yourself,
and don't merely
accept that
'this is life', it can
all change in a moment.

But remember
you're young,
don't get to a point
and forget
they were once us,
And felt our pain.
This is regardless 
of how much we both say
'It's all changed'.

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