I can feel this

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Wrote this in attempt at spoken poetry - feedback appreciated and whatnot.

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012




I can feel this

So raw

So true

Plenty of leafs springing

From the bud of true knowledge

This isn’t your average draw


Marijuana metaphors

Lost in the smoke

Of thoughts that

Seemed deep at the time

Thoughts that immediately gelled

But when sober

And the haze is gone

No thoughts that remain

They are simply gone


I am a prophet

And you are a prophet too

But we got lost in our mediocrity

I came here to rescue you


In  a hazy maze

Of loners, lovers and lost ones too

The apathy

That they seek to characterize

Not just me and you

But a whole generation, too

The apathy that they seek to characterize

Us and label us with too

Seeped down into our souls

Became as routine to us

As the setlists of the musicians

Which we got high and danced our life

Away to


But dream, dear sleeper

And arise from the slumber

The high is rising

Like smoke in a burning house

We are on our hands and knees crawling

Not standing upright yet

Because before we can run or walk

We must pick ourselves up and learn to talk


Crawling like toddlers

Who know no better

because the youngens

are crawling

because their first step

is a means of progress-

and that is all they know

and one day they will be

standing tall,

trees in a forest

where there is no thought of falling

standing alone

yet supported

because no tree

falls alone in the woods

and if it does there is a sound

of mourning


so arise like a storm

full of lightning

and destroy all the

things that are blighting

come strong, full of fighting


against the armies

of mediocrity that

seek to tie us up

and fly us up

not to the moon

but to the sun

where they will burn us up


no more watching and learning

while the unscrupulous devour

and toy with the world,

this isn’t their hour.

No more numbering of places

that are seen as without faces

just places that we can

distance ourselves from and places

they placed below us in their ranking


but no man is better than no man

and there was only one man

of whom it was said

was as humble and blameless as Adam

who freed a people from slavery

and led them on the path to paradise

but it was in the nature of man

to label it a scam

and give in to fear

and their punishment

was to bear it, in the desert place

inbetween the face of God

and the place of slavery

Let us not live there.

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