The Power of Love....

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A Story which unveils the real power of pure love. An eagle falls in love with a dove imprisoned by a hunter. The story tells how an eagle achieve high position after falling in love. Hence the story denies Bacon's philosophy that to fall in love is an act of foolishness.

“The Power of Love”

“I want to see you successful” she said to him.

“Make promise you will come back to share my success”. He replied in hopeful manner.

After their meeting the golden eagle jumped to the window and flew away.

The dove was caught by a hunter few years ago with his little baby bird. The hunter had brought her to his residence and imprisoned her in a beautiful cage. Every morning the hunter visited her and gave her food and drink and took much care of her for few months. The dove was quite happy with this treatment of the hunter. Soon they became familiar and she got some liberty to come out of the cage and fly here and there with her baby within the room boundaries. But as the days passed by, the hunter started ignoring her. Now the dove had to wait for many many days to see his master. But she never complained.

One day the dove was sitting with his baby in the cage, a golden eagle landed in the window. The eagle looked towards the cage and beautiful dove with her baby bird. He felt that the dove is not happy though the door of cage was open.. He moved nearer to the cage and asked some formal questions. How you came here? Who imprisoned you? Why she doesn’t fly away in the air? She hesitated to give answers to him. She didn’t like to complain. But soon her heart agreed to share her secrets with the eagle. She told her story and her face was turned yellow. They both wept for a long time. Then the eagle tried to comfort her. He wiped her tears and in excessive emotions kissed her and flew away.

As the eagle left, the dove became worried and started thinking about herself and the eagle. She started thinking on practical basis. It was impossible for her to pass his remaining life with the eagle because of two reasons. First was that the dove was imprisoned and could not leave her baby and second was that the eagle was from another species. But she was not able to reject his selfless attachment to her. On the other hand she was much worried about her baby. There was a genuine cause of her worry. She could not leave her life, the baby because the baby was not able to fly with her. Once she had heard the hunter talking about her beautiful baby. He was talking to his friend that he has a treasure in shape of a young dove. Whenever the hunter came to home, he loved and kissed her baby. But he never showed any affection to the mother dove again. So she started hating him but she was compelled to live there just because of her baby.

With the arrival of the eagle, her life was changed. Now he had got a friend to share her feelings. The eagle was much attached to her baby. While she was thinking about the love triangle of herself, eagle and her baby, she didn’t know when she slept. And when she awoke, it was evening and her baby was sleeping under her arms.

The eagle came back in the evening. He had brought a bunch of flowers for her. The dove scattered all the flowers in her nest and they both sat on the bed of flowers. They talked for a long time and shared each and everything about each other. Both were very happy. The dove told him the realities and difficulties of practical life. The eagle was not ready to accept the bitter realities and was thinking to take her away from this jail forever. But he failed to do so because the dove had persuaded him with her strong arguments. They both expressed their emotions to each other. As the darkness prevailed outside, the dove said good bye to the eagle. She wished to pass her night with the eagle but it was not possible.

As the days passed by, their love grew deep and deep. They daily met and talked for long hours. The eagle had forgotten every other activity of life. Now his excessive and mad love became a problem for the dove. She began to think in another way. She observed his condition in love and decided to show a little cold behaviour. She was not changing her beloved but she didn’t want to see her beloved insane and mad. She wanted to see her friend as a successful creature. She was blaming herself for the condition of the eagle. Now the eagle had become a cause of anxiety. Many times she advised him to behave rationally but he didn’t understand. He was not ready to accept any argument. So she was compelled to use a middle way. She neither advised her nor expressed her love again. They daily met but their talk was one sided now. The eagle talked for long time and the dove just responded with short answers.

The eagle had heard about love and the many love stories. He thought that the dove might have found a new friend. That’s why she had started ignoring him. He often asked her why she didn’t talk. But she didn’t say anything except “I have nothing to say.”

When the eagle insisted her, she spoke at last. “You are saying that I am changed. Look for a while to yourself! Are you the same whom I loved? No you are changed. I had already told you to think practically. Don’t behave madly. But you didn’t keep your words. You are spoiling yourself. And only I am responsible of your condition.”

She went on and the eagle was astonished. “If you really love me you must take care of yourself. You must behave rationally. You must struggle for a successful life. If you keep on behaving in the same way, I will become mad.”

Her face was red with anger and pain. Sweat and tears were mixed on her face. Now the eagle had realized his faults. He said sorry to her and flew away. After some days the eagle came again. He was surprised to see that the dove was sitting in the window and waiting for him. The scene inside the room was also changed. He asked about the matter.

The dove said, “I have a bad news for you dear. The hunter who had brought us here has decided to visit the other islands. My baby is much attached to him. He decided to take the baby with him. So I have to go with my baby. I have to go away from you.”

The eagle could not utter a single word for a few moments. He just stared at her face in search of something. The dove understood the unspoken words of her eyes. She took his hand in her hand and kissed it. A tear fell on his hand.

“I want to see my same honey. I want to see happiness on your face forever. I want to see you successful.” She said.

“May you live long and may you both remain happy always.” “My dear, you will never forget me? I will be successful if you keep on loving me. Make promise you will come back!” the eagle said with mixed feelings of excessive love and pain.

“Honey I am always with you in each moment of life. Distance doesn’t matter in love. If our contact ends it doesn’t mean the end of our love. I will come back to you with my baby. I know you love him more than any thing.” The dove said and put her head on eagle’s shoulder.

The meeting lasted for two hours. They both hugged each other and the eagle kissed the baby many times. He jumped to the window, looked back for a while and disappeared in the depths of the sky.

After ten years the eagle had achieved success. He had built a beautiful palace. There was no one in the community who could compete with him in any respect. He used to visit the empty cage in the top room of hunter’s house daily.

This was the day when he had announced a celebration of his success. He was hopeful that the dove will come to be part of his celebrations. Every thing was incomplete without her. He had decorated the palace and surroundings with red roses.

Just before the celebrations started, a young dove came in from the open window and sat on his shoulder. After a while her beloved entered in the palace. They hugged each other without noticing the presence of all the community.

“I love you honey! I love you! You proved yourself the best. No doubt you are a real lover.” the dove said with excessive emotions. “Will you leave me again? Can you live with me in my empire? See, I have built a palace for you and little honey?” the eagle asked without uttering a single word. “I have come to you forever. No one can take me away from you, my dear!” the dove replied. The young dove was kissing him and he was mad with happiness. They were unaware of their surroundings.

The whole community was surprised with the achievements of a lazy eagle. But the arrival of the dove resolved their confusion and they realised the fact that it’s the power of love which worked for eagle’s success. As every society or community has some customs, their society also had many. The union of eagle and a dove was the first incident of its type in history of the community. Some members of both species started creating a misunderstanding between their types by saying it unnatural and unpractical. But soon the family of the dove reached there. The most respected elder of the dove’s family flapped his wings and addressed the whole community; “Everyone has his own view of power and love but the situation is the best proof of the power of love. Whatever the circumstances are, the most powerful of all the passions in world passions, is love. Love has no boundaries of creed, colour or species. It is common to living things and each living being owns a heart. We have proud that the proof is given by a dove.” He was looking the happiest of all the living beings present there. An old eagle who was monitoring the situation added; “This is the real love, we have applied each and every trick to make the eagle civilized but the dove has given him the most precious and rare power of love which turned the lazy eagle to the best of all. There is no power equal to the power of love.”

All the family members of the eagle and dove started singing songs of love. And the whole community joined them and became part of the ever best ceremony of the forest.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Matthew D. Hay (Tangible Word)

Great story :D Loved the metaphors and vivid imagery, you're a fantastic writer and storyteller :D

Wed, February 20th, 2013 9:59pm


thnx Tangible.its my first writing which i had written a year ago

Thu, February 21st, 2013 1:51am

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