The cloud, the storm and the light

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This is for the people who have lost hope, and are having trouble finding the way out of the darkness. I try to show what the mind can make us think, and how is controls us. I am just a noob so i dont know what else to say, but generaly the first 2 lines of each pparagraph are the dysfunctional mind, and the 2nd two lines of each paragraph are us, and our reactions. It is quite bipolar :) just like me. You are not your dark thoughts !

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



The cloud is coming,
Thick, murky, anti-life.
Who are you?
What are you doing?

The cloud blackens,
Your so worthless.
I'm such a mess,
What am i going to do?

The cloud has tooken over,
You are alone.
I am nothing,
Why do i feel so empty?

You are the cloud,
You are your unhappiness.
Why am i like this?
Why cant i be happy?

The storm is here,
They're all against you.
I am so pathetic,
Why does everyone hate me?

The storm loudens,
Just end it.
Why does my heart feel so bad?
Is this it?

The light peers through,
Your good at that.
Maybe i could do it,
I wouldn't be that bad would i?

The storm is broken by the light,
You are joy.
Im enjoying this,
Could this be real?

The light shines brightly dispersing the storm,
You are at peace.
There is no room for evil,
Who am i?

You are the light,
You are the peace.
This is you,
I Love me.

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