Cats..A Poem on Perspective

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A poem about life perspective, oh....and cats.

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011




by James Begert

Those goddamned cats!
They shit and piss everywhere.
But it was getting cold out.
So it was time to bring them in for the winter.
Hair everywhere!
Out of food
Another trip to the pet store...
Return home.
More shit on the floor.
These fucking cats!

Start to do the dishes and look out the window.
I see the old neighbor lady in her housecoat, trembling as she walked.
In her hands, a bowl of food.
She sits it on the ground
The next day she brings out more food.
Scraps it out into the the already filled bowl.
The next morning, the same thing again.
Every morning as I do dishes -  I see the woman outside.
After a week, the old woman stops brining the food outside.

I see her husband a few days later in his driveway and wave to him.
He's all dressed up in a suit and tie.
Probably on his way to church.
We start talking.
He tells me that his wife had died.

"Those cats" he said.
"We never knew where they came from.
Those were the only thing that kept her alive.
When they stopped coming to get their food
she couldnt take it anymore.
She died of a broken heart."

"Those goddamned cats!" he exclaimed.
"She died of a broken heart."
"Those goddamned cats"

©James Begert 2011

© Copyright 2018 James Begert. All rights reserved.

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