The Robotic Heart; Lonely Journey

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Genres and Themes: Science Fiction, Tragedy, Mystery, Thriller, Dystopia, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Robots, Morals.

In a future where the world is highly advanced in technology, robots technically take up the majority of the world's population. The world may very well be taken over by technology, hence the saying "Robots are taking over the world!". A young boy, or at least he believes he's a young boy, he is actually the latest super robot, although there's one thing that separates him as an eccentric individual, he was bestowed with emotions and human perception. His sense of perception composed of the ability to see, taste, smell, hear, and feel. The robot boy's name is Vella Verona. He believes he is human, even though it is obvious that he is a robot. Humans shunned him, cast him away from their civilization. The scientist who created this so called abomination was put to death for breaking the laws of science. The young robot boy was in denial, he wouldn't believe he was anything other than human. The young robot boy felt isolated or lonely, so he embarked on a journey around the world in search of solace, physical warmth, the joy of Love and so forth.

Submitted: January 31, 2014

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Submitted: January 31, 2014



Chapter 1
Lost Isolated Soul

In a future where the world is highly advanced in technology, robots technically take up the majority of the world's population. The world may very well be taken over by technology, hence the saying "Robots are taking over the world!". A young boy, or at least he believes he's a young boy, he is actually the latest super robot, although there's one thing that separates him as an eccentric individual, he was bestowed with emotions and human perception. His sense of perception composed of the ability to see, taste, smell, hear, and feel. The robot boy's name is Vella Verona. He believes he is human, even though it is obvious that he is a robot. Humans shunned him, cast him away from their civilization. The scientist who created this so called abomination was put to death for breaking the laws of science. The young robot boy was in denial, he wouldn't believe he was anything other than human. The young robot boy felt isolated or lonely, so he embarked on a journey around the world in search of solace, physical warmth, the joy of Love and so forth.
The young boy suddenly approached a crowd of people, he held up both of his hands in front of him. "But, but.. Robots are incapable of feeling these emotions." Vella said, as he glared into the ocean of civilians. A tear came down Vella's cheeks. The people continued to ignore him as if he had no existence.
In a world where humans are brainwashed to attune with the conformist society, is there hope for our young protagonist? Will he find happiness? Will he find the Love and warmth he so desperately desires? We shall see.. Vella can only wonder what future awaits him.

Chapter 2
A Female Companion


Vella meets an adorable ten year old girl named Reina. The young girl escaped from an orphanage called Scarva. The orphanage staff abused children and treated them as if they were slaves or animals. The girl begged Vella to allow her to accompany him on his journey. She explained how she too was searching for solace, physical warmth, the joy of Love and so forth. Eventually, Vella agreed to let her join him on his journey.
Eight years have passed since the two journeyed around the world. Reina had blossomed into a beautiful woman. Over the years that they spent together, they developed a bond, they cared for each other. One day, Reina approached Vella. "I've come to realize something. I am no longer a child, I am an adult. As I grow older, you remain the same. I feel as if it is inappropriate for me to continue having these feelings for you. Since I'm an adult, I must no longer be subjected to this childish way of thinking. I am sorry, but I must leave you. I have found someone, he is my betrothed. So long, take care." Reina said. Reina left and they never saw each other ever again. Vella continued on his lonely journey.



Chapter 3
The Mysterious Stranger

Vella met a shady looking man. The man offered to exchange a human heart for Vella's heart. Since the robotic heart was a very advanced piece of technology, it would go for a high price if sold. The mysterious man even offered to install the human heart. Vella hesitated because it sounded too good to be true. Right before Vella could say yes, an authority officer broke down the door and arrested the mysterious man, it turned out that he was a wanted criminal. Vella was paid a large amount of cash as a reward for luring the criminal.





Chapter 4
A Kind Woman or Not?

Vella meets a suspiciously kind woman. The woman welcomes him into her home. The strange woman offered a place to stay in her home, permanently. She had a son who looked just like Vella, but unfortunately, he passed away two years ago. The husband had become deceased during his active duties in the war between neighboring countries. 
The woman turned out to be mentally unstable. Over the years of isolation, her cognition had become warped. She constantly went through spontaneous, violent, and bipolar personality changes. One moment she would be serving tea and having a well mannered and polite conversation, then out of the blue, she would physically abuse anything within sight and swear consecutively as if she had Tourette's syndrome.
Why wouldn't she put herself out of misery? Well, it was because in her mind, she believed that her husband and son were resurrected and were reunited with her. One cold morning, the woman suddenly began to abuse Vella while he was cutting a piece of paper. She tripped over a leg of a rocking chair and was impaled through the throat by the pair of scissors. The young boy felt both relieved and guilty. Yet again, Vella continued on his lonely journey.


Chapter 5
Vella's Flash Back

It is still unknown, the location of the corpse that belonged to Vella's mother. Her name was Ariana Verona. Ariana was a young, female scientist. She was beautiful and kind, although she was unable to have children. All of the men that she partnered with left her because they were unable to plant their seed in her cracked vessel. Ariana created an artificial son, an android child who she proclaimed as her offspring. It was only a matter of time before she was ridiculed and persecuted.
Vella lived with Ariana for three years, they forged a bond of Love so deep that not even the end of the earth would separate their affection towards each other. Ariana taught Vella morals, manners, the art of science, literature, music, and mathematics. They were the sole definition of mother and son, except they were a bit eccentric. One day Ariana disappeared without a trace. A note was left that had cursive letters that read 'Ariana's death was gracefully tragic. Rest in peace, Ariana.'. The note was neatly written and folded, Vella found it on the front doorstep. Vella was sent to an orphanage shortly after. 


Chapter 6
Detrimental Solitude


It's a story of isolation, tragedy, and distrust of the world and it's inhabitants. Vella meets a man who grew up alone without the experience of friends, family, Love, and he had a severe psychological disorder. The man isolated himself on a deserted island in the far East tropics of Savia. Vella confronts the isolated man. Vella was surprised when he saw the terror in the isolated man's expression after coming within five yards of distance.
Vella became sympathetic and becomes interested in helping the man. The isolated man screamed at the top of his lungs as if he was being tortured to death. Vella's eyes struck him like a spear piercing an emaciated animal. The isolated man could no longer contain himself. After coming into physical contact with Vella, the man committed suicide in front of the boy, the isolated man's entire life flashed before his eyes. Vella puked up mechanical cogs after seeing such a horrible act. Vella couldn't sleep for two weeks. Once Vella recovered his stable cognition, he continued on his lonely journey.



Chapter 7
An Elderly Man of Sin


Vella meets an elderly man who has committed countless acts of sin in his past. The man was volunteering at a church. It was clear that he intended on repenting for his past actions. The man shared the story of his sinful past. The man was a murderer, a thief, a drug addict, and a sex offender. Vella spent an entire day alongside the elderly man helping him with chores for the local church.
Suddenly, the elderly man falls to his knees and has a heart attack, his entire life flashed before his eyes. His latest lover was the reason why he rendered his tyranny. She was an intelligent, passionate woman, she would visit him in prison every single day to provide him with counseling. They planned to elope once he was released, but she was murdered one month before that could happen.
The man was devastated, he went on a rampage committing even more horrible acts of sin, until one day he broke down in an emotional, apathetic way, he realized that what he was doing was not what she would have wanted. For the past twenty years, the man wallowed in misery. The man decided that for the rest of his life, he would devote himself for the good of the world. The man made up for his past life by doing good deeds and helping the community. The elderly man passed away. Vella attended the elderly man's funeral, then he continued on his lonely journey..


Chapter 8
City of Sin


Vella arrived in an infamous city of sin called Las Hysteria. Vella met two harlot twins from a brothel. The two twin sisters became residents of the whore house five years ago. The twins told the story of their past, their struggle to survive in the cruel world. Their parents disappeared and never returned, in other words, they were abandoned. They grew up without proper manners or guidance. They were raped, abused, and used as tools for extorting money from other civilians. Vella gave them a farewell and wished them the best of luck, then he continued on his lonely journey..




Chapter 9
A Story of Revenge and Betrayal


Vella meets a fellow traveler, it was a young, handsome man. Vella asked why he went on a journey. The man told him his story. The man's parents were murdered by his friend who betrayed him. The man was on a journey, hunting for his ex-friend. The man and the betrayer were childhood friends. The betrayer was a delinquent who lived in a less fortunate household, his family was living in a depressing state of poverty.
The two boys were good buddies at one point, although their friendship was built on a bundle of lies. The betrayer only became a provisional companion for the benefits. The betrayer boy stole from the boy without him knowing, until one day he found out. After a brawl within the house, the betrayer was cornered in the room of the boy's parents. The betrayer locked himself in the room with the parents who were in the middle of slumber.
The betrayer warned that he would kill the parents if he didn't calm down. Sadly, he killed them anyway, and fled out the back window. Ever since that fateful day, the boy who was now a man journeyed in search of the betrayer to exact his vengeance. Vella wished him luck and they went their separate ways. Vella continued on his lonely journey..


Chapter 10
The Village of Robots


Vella stops at a village called Ariosah, he spends an entire day in the village. There wasn't a single human being in this place. All that flourished were the animals from nearby forests. Vella meets a robot named Driniper. Vella asked Driniper why there were only robots in the village. 
Driniper explained that the villaged used to be a home to humans until one day, a mad scientist created robots. The robots were used as companions and extra hands for work until a computer virus hit the community. The robots went berserk and committed homicide toward their owners. The robots continued their meaningless existence, doing the chores they were assigned by their deceased owners. Vella was no longer interested in the dull village, so he continued his lonely journey.




Chapter 11
The Bond of Love


Vella meets a widowed lady and her ten year old son. They enjoyed a cup of tea while they conversed. Vella was told their story of how their little family came to be. The husband passed away from a cardiovascular disease eleven years ago. The ten year old boy was not related to the lady by blood. The ten year old boy was abandoned when he was a newborn. The lady cared for him as if he was her own child. They forged a bond of Love. They cared for each other like mother and son. Vella was jealous of their affection towards each other. They bid their farewells, then Vella continued on his lonely journey..




Chapter 12
Nothing Good Will Come of Weapons


Vella arrived in a city that was in the middle of a conflict, a war had broken out between two countries, the majority of the cities were destroyed. Vella met an injured soldier who was on the verge of death. The soldier regretted that he ever joined the military. His morals were all for righteousness. He rescued as many civilians as he possibly could, he risked his life to rescue a five year old girl right before his latest injury. Blood was constantly flowing out from his wounds.
Enemy soldiers invaded this small town. The injured man fought as hard as he possibly could. The injured man began to question himself and the cruel world. "Why must this world be so cruel? Why do we have to suffer? Why can't we live in a world of peace?" The injured man said, as he looked up at Vella. The injured man was satisfied with his sacrifice, he saved someone with his own life, and it pleased him, he died with a smile on his face, he ran out of blood. Vella buried the soldier, then he continued on his lonely journey..



Chapter 13
A True Friendship


Vella arrived in a large country called Weyward. Vella met a twelve year old boy and an eleven year old girl. They were friends for six years. More than friends, but not quite lovers. They loved each other in a platonic way, almost like brother and sister. The boy protected her from any possible danger, the girl helped him with his studies. They relied on each other. He was her muscle, and she was his brains.
Vella befriended the two buddies. They played on a jungle gym, they played hide and seek, and they even played card games. For the first time in ages, Vella felt joy and happiness. Vella wished that he could stay with them forever, but he couldn't. The strict law for visitors of the country, they may only stay for one week. Outsiders were not allowed to become residents of the country. Vella spent the entire week in Weyward, he wished them eternal happiness, then he continued on his lonely journey..



Chapter 14
The Girl Who Died


Vella stopped at a beautiful country known as Savonia. The people of this country were kind and humble. The country was surrounded by beautiful plants and animals. The civilians of Savonia were having a traditional gathering known as the Savonia Festival. They all ate food, danced, and conversed for hours on end. 
One night during the Savonia Festival, Vella met a girl who was about age twelve. Vella introduced himself, then he asked for her name. The girl's name was Evana. The girl danced with Vella, then she disappeared into the shadows of the night. Vella asked a few civilians if they knew who Evana was and where she lived. When he described her complexion and stated her name, terror suddenly engulfed their expression.
The civilians said that it was impossible, Evana died seven years ago in a tragic accident. Vella was disturbed by what he had heard. He remembered the touch of her cold pale skin. Vella left the country of Savonia, then he continued on his lonely journey, the memory of the revenant girl stood in his mind..



Chapter 15
The Homeless Man


Vella arrived in a city filled with conservative businesses and sophisticated civilians who normally wore suits and ties. Vella meets a man in an alley, the man wreaked of urine and an endless cycle of wet and dry dirt. Vella conversed with the homeless man. The man told a story of his past. The homeless man was once a Vice President of a well known, successful business until he was peer pressured into doing drugs by his coworkers.
The man regretted taking the route of sin and lust. He committed fornication, got into street brawls, disrespected his supervisor and neglected his work duties. It eventually led to him being fired from his job and later kicked out of his luxury apartment. Vella gave the homeless man some money, then he continued on his lonely journey..




Chapter 16
The Orphanage

Vella came across an orphanage in the middle of small village. The orphanage was called Future Harmony. There was a young, twenty-four year old woman who cared for the children. She was a kind hearted, gentle woman. The woman only recently started caring for the children. Her aunt had recently passed away from natural causes, so she took it upon herself to take over the orphanage. There was at least a dozen of orphans living on the property.
Vella used to live in an orphanage himself, although when he realized that no one was inclined to adopt an android, he decided to go on a journey. The lady welcomed Vella as a guest in their orphanage. The lady was skeptical when Vella said he felt emotion and physical pain. "if you bestow someone or something with emotion, does that not make them human?" The lady asked. The lady sipped her cup of tea. Vella nodded, although in the back of his mind, he could hear the painful words of those who saw him as a freak of nature and science. The woman wished the best of luck to Vella. Vella left the orphanage, then he continued his lonely journey..



Chapter 17
The Prophet


Vella arrives at a shrine temple known as Vanna Grail. He meets a priestess who has the ability to read fortunes. The shrine maiden's name was Avina. Avina forecasts Vella's future. Vella was warned that he was treading a dangerous path, and he will stumble upon the truth of his past.
"You will be approached by a mysterious woman who may be the key to unlocking the questions to your tragic past." Avina said, as she lit a bundle of incense. Vella was disturbed by her words. Avina gave Vella a silver bell, it was a good luck charm. "May it bring you luck, where ever you go. Take care, young one." Avina said with a mellow tone of voice. Vella left the shrine, then he continued on his lonely journey..




Chapter 18
The Blind Girl


Vella meets a girl who had recently gone blind. The girl introduces herself, her name was Shina. Shina was thirteen years old. Shina lives with her elderly grand mother on a small farm. Shina shares the story of her past.
Shina's mother died giving birth. Shina lived with her father in the city. Her father owned his own manufacturing business. All was well until Shina's father was struck by an illness that he was not able to recover from. The business began to lose customers.
Shina's father lost his business, then they lost their home. They were forced to live in a cheap hotel. Shina's father was bedridden in a hospital for five months until one fateful day, he passed away due to his weak immune system. Shina moved in with her grand mother shortly after. Vella wished her the best of luck, then he continued on his lonely journey..



Chapter 19
The Thief


Vella encounters a man who was robbing a wealthy family's home. The thief held a blade to Vella's throat, but when he realized that he was not a human, he sheathed his weapon. Vella asked the thief why he resorted to this sinful life. "Even if I tell you, it would be meaningless." The thief replied with a monotone voice. Vella insisted by repeating the question with a serious expression. "So be it, then I shall tell you." The thief replied.
The thief began to tell the story of his past. As a boy, he lived a relatively normal life. He lived with his loving mother in a cozy little apartment. One night, bandits suddenly broke into his apartment and raped his mother. The bandits tied the boy up and had him witness them have their way with his mother. When the bandits were satisfied, they killed his mother and took all of their belongings. Thus, began the boy's life of sin. Vella wished him luck, then he continued on his lonely journey..



Chapter 20
The Liar


Vella sees a lethargic man who was at a park sleeping. Vella smiled and said. "Seems like you're enjoying your nap, sir." The man continued to enjoy his mid day slumber. An elderly man suddenly appeared and he began to strike the lethargic man with his belt.
"You lazy, good for nothing fool!" The elderly man shouted. The lethargic man immediately rose to his feet and begged for his forgiveness. After ten minutes of scolding, the elderly man left. Vella asked the lethargic man what had happened. The lethargic man was embarrassed, he explained how he was slacking on his work duties, he lied about going to see a doctor. The elderly man was his grand father. Ever since the man was a boy, he had a bad habit of not telling the truth. It was as if lying was an addicting drug to him, he thought that he could get away with anything, he thought wrong. Regardless of the consequences, he continued to lie to all of his friends and family. The man was now alone, no one would trust him, let alone, hold a serious conversation with him. Vella wished him the best of luck, then he continued on his lonely journey..



Chapter 21
Bird in a Cage


Vella arrives in a country known as Van Halia. Van Halia was a traditional country that followed strict laws and guide lines. Vella approached a large series of buildings that resembled that of Medieval castles. Vella caught a glimpse of a beautiful Princess sitting at the top of a tower. Vella became curious, so he continued onward through the town.
Luckily, Vella was allowed to visit the King and Queen. Vella asked who was the lady at the top of the tower. The King showed a grin on his expression when Vella mentioned his daughter. "Her name is Princess Seren, unfortunately, I do not have a son to wed her, only that of my blood is worthy." The King exclaimed. Sadly, the blood line will come to an end. The King confined Princess Seren to the top of the tower ever since she was a young girl. Princess Seren never knew the joys of a normal girl, friendship, or Love. The King guarded her as if she was a precious gem.
Suddenly, the sound of flesh being struck against a hard surface came from outside. When they went to investigate, terror engulfed the King and Queen's expression. Princess Seren committed suicide by jumping off of the tower. Princess Seren's skull hit the concrete floor a few moments ago. Vella puked. The King and Queen allowed Vella to rest until he recovered his mental stability. Four days passed, Vella left Van Halia, then he continued on his lonely journey..

Chapter 22 
Ambitious Child


Vella meets a five year old boy at Arima Bay. Arima Bay is a small village located beside the Great East Ocean. The young boy agreed to show him around the village. The boy led Vella through the market, he showed him the local museum, then he showed him the school that he was attending.
As the young boy guided Vella through the city, he mentioned that his father was the lead fisherman and hunter of the village. The young boy was proud of his father. "When I grow up, I'm going to become a great fisherman and hunter, just like my papa." The boy said with much enthusiasm. Vella smiled at the small boy and told him that he was a lucky person.
The boy decided to show Vella his house, when they arrived, they were stricken with trepidation and horror. The boy's father and mother were butchered in their home. The entire living room walls and floor were covered with fresh blood. The boy was traumatized by what he saw, not only that, but the thought of losing his future dreams struck him when he was down. 
The boy's father was supposed to teach him the art of fishing and the proper way to hunt. The boy's mother was supposed to tutor him on his studies and feed him the food that his father caught. The boy was now alone, he was left to wander the earth as a lost soul, just like Vella. The boy no longer had a raison d’être', in other words, he had no reason to live. "Please put me out of my misery, Vella. I don't want to live in this cruel world." The boy exclaimed. Vella was speechless, he couldn't respond to that. Vella's mouth opened, trembling at the thought of murdering a boy. "I.. I.. I can't." Vella mumbled. The boy began to shed tears. The boy shouted at the top of his lungs, then he immediately jumped off of the boardwalk and he was swallowed by the waves of the ocean. The boy never came up, he drowned alone, isolated, and scared. Vella began to bawl, tears constantly flowed down his cheeks. Vella left the village and continued on his lonely journey, as he left, he continued to cry..



Chapter 23
Lady in Need


"Help!" A lady shouted. Vella was on a dirt road, he heard the lady scream, he could see her in the distance. "Someone, please help me!" The lady shouted. Vella began to run toward her. There was a man holding a kitchen knife, he was standing above the lady. Vella was scared, he froze for a few seconds. In Vella's mind he imagined the man continously stabbing the lady. Vella couldn't stand the thought of witnessing a homicide, he was tired of the constant deaths of this world. Vella sprinted toward the man and tackled him to the floor. The man lost his grip on the knife, and it was thrown five yards away. The lady immediately grabbed the knife and pointed it at the man, the man fled the scene.
The lady helped Vella to his feet. "Thank you so much, I am forever in your debt." The lady said, as she hugged Vella. Vella smiled and told her he was glad to help. The lady led Vella to her small home, it was located one mile before the next country border. "Please stay as long as you like, my home is your home." The lady said, as she pointed her right hand into the home. They both passed the threshold of her home. Vella heard the sound of an antique clock go off, the clock sat at the end of the hall. Vella's attention was on the clock. Suddenly, he felt the sensation of cold metal on the back of his head. The cold metal was the barrel of a silver pistol. 
"I'm sorry that it had to come to this.. Give me all of your money and belongings." The lady said with a cynical smile. Vella gave the lady all of his money and the silver bell that Avina gifted him. "I would have gave you money, if only you had asked. If it means anything to you, I was glad to help." Vella said. The lady was unable to utter a word, she felt the guilt impale her from the inside of her body. Vella left the lady's home, he did not look back. The lady watched him as he left, she held her hands in front of her face and cursed herself for being a horrible person. Vella continued on his lonely journey..







Chapter 24
Life of Greed


Vella meets a girl named Dalia. Dalia is eight years old. Dalia is the daughter of a man named Vasku. Vasku is the mafia leader of the infamous nefarious group called Savage. Vella asked the girl why she was crying. "I want my daddy, he's always busy. I'm so scared of being alone." The girl said. Dalia had wandered away from home, in search of her father, Vasku.
Vasku was a thirty year old man, he conceived a child with a prositute. Dalia never met her mother, she disappeared when Dalia was born. In truth, Vasku cared for Dalia, although he cared for money just as much. Dalia was well fed, although father and daughter quality time remained neglected. Vasku was always busy committing crimes for the sake of making wealth.
When Vasku was a boy, all he could think about was money and sexual pleasure. As he grew older, his compulsive behavior only worsened. Vasku was raised by his father, who was also a criminal. Vasku's mother was a gangster's wife, so his morals were wrongfully guided down the path of corruption. Vella walked Dalia home, he told her that it wasn't safe to wander off alone. Vella left Dalia at her house alone, then he continued on his lonely journey..


Chapter 25
Until Death Do Us Part

Vella passed the border, he was unable see through the thick fog that surrounded him. As he continued to walk along the stone path, the fog slowly began to subside. After thirty minutes of walking, the fog finally subsided, Vella was aware of his surroundings. Vella found himself in the middle of a cemetery. He noticed an elderly woman a few yards away.
Vella approached the elderly lady. The elderly woman stood beside a grave stone that had bold letters that read 'Rest in peace, Revon Genova.' on it. Vella asked the lady why she was crying. The lady told Vella that her husband had recently passed away from natural causes. Tears were constantly flowing down the elderly woman's cheeks.
"I'll never forget the time we shared together. One day we'll meet again at the crossroads of fate." The elderly woman said. She looked down at Vella and smiled. He stared straight back at her with a curious expression, an expression that she saw as a question. The elderly woman began to tell the story of how their Love came to be..
The elderly woman's name was Risa. Risa and Revon started off as friends, they met in a private school when they were seven years old. The two children became good buddies until they entered high school, by this time they started dating. Once they graduated from high school, they became married. Their parents were not so happy with the decision that they had made. Marrying at a young age was frowned upon, they were unable to focus on the ideals of their parents.
One day they decided to have children, although things did not go as they planned. Revon was unable to have children because of his narrow urethra, in other words, he shot blanks. Risa went through a stage of depression for several years. They contemplated over adopting a child, but they chose not to because they felt as if it was unnatural.
Risa and Revon experienced several years of poverty, they were forced to work full time jobs, they hardly had quality time together. Their debt had accumulated to a point where they would be confined to labor for the rest of thier lives. Regardless of how much they struggled, their pinkies were bound by scarlet thread, they proved how their bond of Love was eternal by sticking together. Vella paid his respect for her deceased husband by lighting incense, then he continued on his lonely journey..





Chapter 26
The Mysterious Woman

Vella arrived in a large city known as Ravena. Ravena was the most advanced city when it came to technology. The majority of the residents were involved in a great religion that worshiped the art of science. Skyscrapers surrounded the city in all directions, they pierced the clouds with their sharp tips. Ravena had a reputation for housing the most corruption in the world. The ominous atmosphere was most comforting for the common criminal.
"Vella, I've finally found you." A mysterious woman said, as she appeared from the shadows of an alley. Vella flinched. The lady began to approach him. Anxiety filled Vella, he wondered how she knew his name. A light bulb went off within Vella's subconscious. 'You will be approached by a mysterious woman who may be the key to unlocking the questions to your tragic past.' The words of Avina recollected within his mind.
"How do you know my name?" Vella asked. The lady grasped Vella by the shoulders with both of her hands and stared straight into his eyes, then she smiled. "It's not safe here, follow me, I'll answer all of your questions momentarily." The lady said, as she grabbed Vella's hand and guided him into a dark alley..


Chapter 27
An Aunt, Tragedy, and Mourning


Vella was brought into a hidden underground shelter. It was dark, Vella was startled and confused. "My name is Elan Verona." The lady said, as they took their seat on wooden benches facing each other. "You have the same last name as me." Vella said with a curious expression. "Indeed. I am the older sister of Ariana. If you think about it, that makes me your aunt." She replied. Vella's eyes became wide, he was surprised.
"Aunt Elan." Vella said, as he stared straight into her eyes. They both smiled at each other. Vella asked Elan many questions. Elan shared her past and fed him answers that quenched his curiosity.
Ariana and Elan grew up together. Elan was two years older than Ariana. They were very close, they cherished each other, they shared the bond of Love. They lived with their parents in a mansion located on a private mountain side. When Ariana reached age twelve, she had surpassed the intellectual capabilities of the top college science professors of the world. Elan was not a prodigy like her younger sister, although she made up for that with her willpower and strength. Elan was trained in the art of combat since she was five. Once they became adults, they moved out and went their separate ways.
Ariana was eighteen and Elan was twenty years old when they reached their prime. Ariana was recruited by an elite group of scientists known as Vanica. She was provided with the finest tools to test her theories. Elan entered a secretive brotherhood of mercenaries that administered detrimental discipline jobs for wealth. Elan kept a close eye on Ariana, she guarded Ariana in the shadows as she conducted her research. Ariana was not aware of Elan's intent.
At the beginning of Ariana's career, she enjoyed it. Ariana made a vast amount of wealth in the process with her inventions. Ariana was enjoying her career, but she felt as though something was missing. If Ariana had a companion to share her thoughts or feelings with, she would have remained content. Ariana was not able to have children, but that didn't stop her. After a year of work on a private project, Vella Verona was born. Ariana had created the first artificial android with human perception and emotions. 
"I was the one who left that note. I'm sorry that I was unable to protect her. I failed. I regret accepting that tedious contract. If only I had declined, She would have been alive right now." Elan said, as tears began to flow down her cheeks. Vella comforted her, he told her that it wasn't her fault. "Do you want me to share the tragic truth of your mother?" She asked. Even though Vella knew that her incoming words would be painful, he said yes.
Nelan began to tell Vella how his mother died. Ariana was murdered by a critic group of scientists, the scientists were jealous of her achievements. The critic group ridiculed her way of thinking in hope of discouraging her. As soon as she was successful in creating the first human-like android, the critic scientists went berserk. They claimed that Vella was a freak of scientific nature. Her actions were against the laws of science, although the government of the country made an exception for her because she was a prodigy inventor. If she could create Vella, she was more than capable of guiding the world with her avante-garde of science, thus, advancing to an even higher technological society.
Vella felt both anger and anguish when Elan shared this information. "To be honest, I was afraid to confront you. I felt as though I was incompetent and not worthy of meeting the son of my sister. I worked up the courage to leave a note on your doorstep to pay my respects, although, in my mind, it was not enough. Over the years, the guilt began to consume my cognition. After contemplating, I decided that I was going to find you and grant you closure. I went on a journey to search for you, I was unable to find you until this day." Elan said.
Vella was speechless for a moment. He had no idea that someone was searching for him. "Vella, I know the location of Ariana's corpse. Her body is being held in the basement of my home, it is located in the country of Pangu. Please come with me, you and I must bestow her with a proper burial." Elan said, as she rose to her feet. Vella immediately nodded in agreement.
Elan and Vella entered a levitating automobile and drove off. After two days on the road, they finally arrived in Pangu. They stopped beside a large home. They exited the vehicle, then they entered the house. As they passed the threshold, Vella saw pictures of Elan and Ariana when they were children. They climbed down a staircase until they found themselves in the basement. Vella saw a transparent ice coffin. With a touch of a button, anything within the coffin would be frozen instantly. Ariana's body was preserved, she looked like a surreal doll incased in ice.
Elan and Vella carried the coffin outside the house, it was surprisingly light, modern technology allowed them to negate gravity. They brought the coffin into the backyard. They began to dig a hole in the dirt. After two hours of digging, they were able to fit the coffin into the hole. They buried Ariana. Elan pierced the dirt with a wooden cross that had the the letters 'R.I.P.' on it. Vella and Elan paid their respects by praying and lighting incense above Ariana's grave. "Vella, there is something that I must show you." Elan said, as she left the backyard. Vella followed her, they entered her vehicle, then they drove off.


Chapter 28
Vella's Decision

Vella could only wonder where she was taking him. They drove for another two days. Vella looked out of the window, he realized that they were back in Ravena. For some unknown reason, Vella felt uneasy. Clouds were gathering in the sky above them. It began to rain. They drove up a hillside, then they suddenly stopped. "We're here." Elan said, as she exited the vehicle. Elan opened the trunk of the vehicle and pulled out a black suitcase. 
Elan walked toward a bundle of bushes, then she got down on her knees. She opened the suitcase. Within the suitcase, there was five pieces of a sniper rifle. Elan quickly assembled the sniper rifle, as if she was preparing for war. Vella stood beside her with bewilderment. In the distance, there was a giant building. The sign on the building read 'Flein Scientific Labs' on it. Vella and Elan could see five men dressed in lab coats, they were drinking tea and conversing in a conference room.
"Those five men are responsible for your mother's death, they hired mercenaries to dispose of her." Elan said. Vella's eyes became furiously dilated, he clenched his fists. For a moment, he nearly grabbed the sniper rifle and executed them himself, but something within his subconscious held him back. Vella remained silent. "You were close to my sister. You two shared a bond of Love. In the name of Ariana, I hereby grant you the decision on administering vengeance. The decision rests with you. They will die by my hands, if you allow me." Elan said, as she stared straight into Vella's eyes. Vella was filled with anxiety and anger.
Vella closed his eyes for a moment to contemplate. He saw a visualization of bullets piercing the skulls of five ruthless scientists, chunks of brains and blood splattered all over the walls and floor. Vella's heart began to race. Time felt like it was standing still. His uneasiness caused him to perspire. "No! We can't, it's Wrong!" Vella shouted. "So be it, I shall withdraw my weaponry." Elan said. The voice that Vella heard in the back of his head was Ariana, she always told him not to stoop to a negative person's level. "Murder is immoral, we musn't resort to sin." Vella exclaimed. "Wise choice, Vella. I misjudged you.You remind me of my sister." Elan replied. Elan and Vella entered the vehicle and drove off.
“Vella. You mentioned that you were isolated or lonely. I am more than inclined to allow you a permanent place in my home. I too, am in need of a companion. Care to join me in this cruel world?” Elan asked. Vella was ecstatic, for many years, he wandered around the world. Was this the end of his long journey? Vella immediately turned his head toward Elan. “Yes. Yes. It would be a pleasure, aunt Elan.” Vella replied. Elan and Vella continued their ride toward Pangu.




Chapter 29
A Family’s Bond of Love


A year had gone by since Vella moved into Elan’s home. Their bond of Love had become strong. Luckily, they were able to avoid casualties in the time they have spent together. Despite being a masculine woman, Elan had one thing that most would consider feminine, it was her hobby of tending to her rose garden. During the long, scorching summer, Vella assisted Elan as she cared for the nature that surrounded her home.
Elan decided to retire from her mercenary occupation, apparently it was immoral. Elan may have not been a homicidal maniac, although inflicting detrimental damage on any living creature was against Vella’s ways. Vella took after Ariana. Vella remained true to the morals that Ariana had taught him.
There was something that recollected within Vella's reminiscence. It was a specific lecture that Ariana had covered with him. ‘Vella. Nothing in this world should last forever. Humans are fragile creatures, eternal life would be painful. There is one flaw that the majority of robots have in this world. Their life is eternal. You are unique. I have bestowed you with an ephemeral life. Keep in mind, the bond of Love is hard to come by in this world, If you ever unite with another companion, cherish them.’ The voice of Ariana went off within Vella’s subconscious.
Vella’s robotic heart had a special feature, once it reached a certain time limit, it would self destruct. Vella was currently twenty years old. It was common for humans to become deceased by the time they reached age forty in this world, only a few made it past that age. As for Vella, his heart had forty years left.

Chapter 30
Essential Part of Life


Thirty-nine years have gone by since Vella and Elan forged a bond of Love. Elan’s exceptional combat skills were used several times to defend herself and especially Vella. By this time, Elan was an elderly woman, she was practically knocking on Heaven’s doors.
Elan was sent to the hospital after suffering from a stroke. Vella sat by her side. Tears flowed down both of their cheeks as they held each other’s hands. Elan went into a coma for two weeks until one fateful day, she passed away. Vella attended Elan’s funeral. After three months of mourning, Vella’s heart self destructed, shortly after gazing at a sunset, his body suddenly went limp. Was Vella content? Did he truly enjoy his life? Did he regret his journey? Vella was indeed content, he cherished life, his family and friends. He did not regret his journey, he learned a lot from his encounters. Vella understood the essential part of life, and that was the inevitable end.

The End

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