A Dying Football Dream

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this is a short story I wrote in about 10 minutes and I thought id upload it. I may turn it into a proper story and carry on the plot... :)

Submitted: February 17, 2015

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Submitted: February 17, 2015



~~Chelsea need to find a goal from somewhere.
They’re going to have the last chance of the game as injury time is coming to an end.
Hazard picks up the ball at the half way line, he dances past Gareth Bale. The stadium is erupting with cheering fans for both teams. Hazard still on the ball bursting into the Madrid half. He finds James Felton, the new boy 16 years old straight from the youth academy. Suddenly Felton turns round his marker Sami Khedira, leaving him in his dust. He darts through the Real Madrid defence and the Bernabeu halts to an eerie silence. He drops his shoulder and swings his leg, but it never makes it to the ball. Felton hears a whistle in his ear. The games over. He turns around expecting disappointment as they have to go to extra time but no, the referee is pointing to the penalty spot. Sergio Ramos had shoved Costa to the ground and referee had no over choice but to give the penalty. James couldn’t believe it. Hazard was going to step up and take it. Felton could already smell the fresh new sports cars and that sweet, sweet feel of the Champions League trophy. Eden Hazard slowly walked to the penalty spot where the ball, was waiting. Iker Casillas had a nervous smile on his face. You could feel the intensity in the stadium. “Hazard runs up to the ball!” 400 millions televisions blurred around the world “ He hits it towards the…”

“C’mon James you’ve gotta get up school starts in half an hour!”
“Well I’ll be earning 100 grand a week next year so why should5 I have to go to school anyway?”
“Its only a trial you know, and it is Chelsea so don’t be expecting anything to big. I’m sure there’s hundreds of kids and teens they want in their team”
“Whatever mum, you don’t even understand football anyway”
“Just get ready would ya!”

The school bell rang loud as the final lesson came to a close.
“Oi, Felton you really think you’re gonna get into the Chelsea team? Ha! I’ve already got a signed contract at West Ham when I turn 16!”
Reece Keane, shoved James against the lockers out of the teachers sight. All the students around cheered him on.
“Who would want to sign you anyway? You’re just a lump of weird body odurs and bad breath.” James harshly replied.
Reece had a quick sniff of his armpits when no one was looking but wasn’t going to take it lightly.
James quickly sneaked underneath his raised arm and sprinted out the door. All 15 students who saw the fight chased him including Reece at the front of the pack.
“I’m gonna beat you till you’re blue, twat!”
The long line of teenagers stopped traffic and knocked over bystanders.
James stood at 171 cm giving him the agility advantage he needed.
His house was only 1 street away

Suddenly a thin, lanky boy appeared from a tree ahead of James and he was trapped.

They beat him until he shined like bright blue waves in a Mediterranean Ocean. They only left when a man walking past shouted them away. James sat up but his body was covered in cuts and bruises and his body was filled with broken bones. He lay crying.

His dreams were shattered.

But he didn't know his life would shatter with them.


-James Felton(Age 13)

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