12 Horsemen

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This is an old poem I didn't finished which I came back to. I hope everyone is able to understand the message and the deep meaning behind it.

12 horsemen were sent by the king

To find the most rarest of things

A Thing of man’s highest dreams

So precious indeed is this thing



6 of the horse men go to the south

2 of them got to the east

While the rest goes north

To find the precious thing



If 2 horsemen in south were to die

2 of them will surely ride away in fright

And the 2 reaming would give up surely

 Leaving no one to find the precious thing in the south



But the rest of the 4 which rode in the north

Would get lost on the trip

But would be found by 1 of the 6

This 1 of the 6 who left the search



But even being found they were still lost

In confusion the 1 who found the 6 led them back

Back to a kingdom to which the 12 left

But returning without the thing left them to be shackled by the king



Now only the 2 of the east remain

The 2 who would surely find the thing

But when this precious thing was found

Found, was also Greed which possessed 1



Leaving the loyal 1

Who now has to kill the greedy 1

But with such pain was unable to

Leaving him to return to the kingdom



Now 1 left among the 12 approaches the king

Who spoke

What happen to the 12

And the precious thing I sought



In tones of red and blue the one said

What happen to the king?

Who sought precious things

Instead of precious people



12 who sought for this thing

For their king

Not out of loyalty but love

Submitted: July 22, 2013

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