Learn From My Death

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Just a though i had while laying in bed

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012




This may be the last time I say Goodnight or Hello
This may be the last time I see the light
Or the last time I dream of those green vibrant meadows
But it is nice I found a piece to fill this hole tonight

I may cry I might rage but there is peace tonight
Like the lion I have pride but I cry for those I have killed
Or the turtle who rages for he can only hide from his fight
Or maybe the mistaken snake who can find peace in the smallest field

But in reality I die with a song
A song’s words which keep hitting me
“ I Was Just” it said so strong
“ I Was Just”

I Was Just to naive
I Was Just to proud
I Was Just have to much greed
Or I Was Just to SMALL

Learn from my Window Pain
That Window Pain which does not haft to follow you
So, gain
Gain the wisdom to learn of what I am and you are to you

For it follows so closely
waiting for it chance
the chance when you will now longer be busy
For it smiles at your death

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