The Thought In The Back of My Head

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I have huge dreams which I wish to accomplish, but his thought always comes to mind no what time of the day or whatever I'm doing.

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012




It's hard to believe how huge your dreams can be


But how little you have accomplished to meet those dreams


You wish you could do something


But in the end there is truly nothing you can do about it.


Life is just hard


But Dreams are suppose to be easy


 It's just window pain you can't do anything about it


But just except it


You could try with all you might to make it


You Just Might


But truly it rarely happens


Dreams are like fog you truly can’t see until its gone


For nothing is what it seems


There’s always something between the fine print of our contract of life


Something, we all wish we could change for now, and the future ahead of us


“Like Window Pain” those great R&B singers say


“Like Window Pain”


The pain of seeing the tears of the rain outside just makes you sad beyond all thought


But I will continue to dream and work toward my dream


But this thought still lingers in the back of my head.


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