AUTIMOBILES, and a few trucks

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Submitted: January 01, 2008

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Submitted: January 01, 2008



AUTOMOBILES - and a few trucks

My 1952 Plymouth sedan,
resurrected from a farmer’s field,
fifty dollars a good price for both of us.
Oil, gas, new sparks, a battery,
and off I drive;
retread tyres eventually,
lasts me a whole year.
In the end I give it to a highschool
mechanics class so they can learn
what automobiles used to be.

Ignoring blizzards,
on our way back to uni,
plowing down I-94,
passengers are speechless,
but my 1960 V-Dub Bug,
gets us there regardless.

Learning right-hand drive
was a snap in the Anglia
that I rented.
Back and forth from
Ocho Rios to Montego Bay
more than enough to master
pedestrians and Rastas,
trucks and cool-drink push carts.
So many K’s now a lifetime done
I can’t remember how to steer
a lefty anymore.

“The Bin-utang”;
Bedford 5-tonne flatbed truck,
we drive it to Lae and back.
Headlights fail late one night,
and we keep driving mountain
roads in the dark.

Toyota Stout;
drive from school into Goroka
to shop at Steamships
and the open market.
Students in the back,
pregnant wife and
female headmistress in the cab
with me -
“Look, look!” villagers point,
“Master has two mistresses!” –
Maiden Philippina headmistress
she turns crimson,
shocked at the very thought of it. –
Stout has a foible,
wears out tyres badly.
Toyota workmen assembled it
front axle half-assed backwards.
Easily repaired, but -
so much for vaunted
Japanese quality control.

All these were fun,
and had their purpose.
But now, thank you,
I’ll take a modern Holden
to go from A to B
and stay alive
to drive again another day.

James Gagiikwe © 2008

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