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Honey moon in the Maine wilderness

Submitted: January 08, 2008

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Submitted: January 08, 2008




August sunshine
in the afternoons,
water flat and reflective.
Trout seeking cooler, shaded depth,
have ceased their jumping after insects.
We sit now upon the hillside
on which our cabin rests,
overlooking this largish pond,
reading scriptures to each other.

Nearest neighbours –
loggers working in a coup ten miles away.
Their machinery echoes faintly
through the trees.
Otherwise it’s very quiet,
the way we want it
on our honeymoon.

Moose cow emerges from the forest,
wades into the waters below,
ignoring us,
and swims her way to the other side.
She has this routine
same time
each day.
Its our entertainment
in these northern woods
of Maine.

Each morning I collect
water from the outflow
of the lake;
cool, refreshing water
flowing quickly through
the rapids.
Bull Moose stands there
feeding of a morning,
watches me watching him,
and with a snort
trots away imperiously.
I think he is saying –
‘My mate - My woods - My lake ––
humans go away.’
We named him “Nehemiah”.

We took a walk along
an old logging trail,
flushed a Grouse,
and let her leads us
with a simulated broken wing.
The dance is to entice us
from her hidden nest.
We’re not fooled -
its only subterfuge -
but wish to see how far
she will carry us away.
We are no real threat to her,
and are enjoying her feathered fan dance -
when suddenly
she takes wing.
We keep on walking,
knowing she will return when we
are no longer visible.

We take canoe and go out fishing.
‘Fish are safe’ my new
mother-in-law predicted,
but I catch three at once.
Larger swallowed smaller,
and largest swallowed both,
providing a fish-fry that night.

But we did not hike
into this forest
for the fishing.

And soon enough
at any rate,
Mr. Nehemiah Moose
will get his wish –
I will take my life-mate
from his woods,
and go.
And his life will settle down –
while ours has just begun.

James Gagiikwe © 2008

© Copyright 2018 James Gagiikwe. All rights reserved.

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